November 28, 2009

Blade and Soul: New Video Features The Classes and Races

NCsoft's next generation Martial Arts MMORPG Blade and Soul released a surprising 11-minute gameplay video today at Gstar 2009. The video begins with the chase between 'Lyn' race and 'Kun' race. Subsequently, four classes including Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master, Force Master, Destroyer and four races including Jin, Gon, Kun, LYN debut. They showcase their skills and weapons through the whole video.

November 23, 2009

Cabal Blessing Bead Guide

Want to speed up your EXP increase? Need that extra boost for more AXP? Stuck at G. Master skill level?

The Blessing Bead is the item for you!

November 22, 2009

New Look For Easier Access

For consistently putting my game blog in the Top 30 List of Video Game category, I decided to give the layout a facelift.

It is not one I personally made (I admit I am not good in dealing with HTML Codes) although I also admit that layout contributions from avid readers are more than welcome.

November 16, 2009

Blade and Soul: New Trailer for Gstar 2009

NCsoft's most anticipated title Blade and Soul launched its brand new teaser site on November 13th, for the upcoming Gstar 2009 in Busan.

Cabal Change Up for More Hyped Gaming

This is to formally introduce the upcoming BIG GAME UPDATE for CABAL Online PH. The new game update is called CHANGE UP.

This update contains a lot of changes that will upgrade your online gaming experience giving you more reasons to stay, invite you friends to come back and party up!

1. Added new quests to gain Honor Points and AXP

(1) New Honor Quests
(2) New Honor Donation Quests
(3) New Soul Quests

2. Added new D.T. Dungeons

(1) General information

A.Dungeon Name
Weakened Lake in Dusk*
Weakened Ruina Station*
Weakened Tower of Undead B1F*

Level Requirement
35~50 (BSLV 4+)
45~60 (BSLV 5+)
55~70 (BSLV 6+)

Entrance Item
Copied Map Part*
Copied Muster Card*
Copied Epaulet of the Dead*

4th gate in the first warp center

Gives double Skill EXP

November 8, 2009

Cabal: Altar of Siena B2F Guide

Kept on dying inside the Altar of Siena B2F? Wondering how it is to face the Queen herself?

First of all, click the statue when you are warped inside the dungeon:

Then, kill all Cannibal Murshid for you to be able to use the first warp door

November 3, 2009

Cabal: Developer's Notes for the Upcoming Patch

EStsoft has done it again!

Cabal's developer ESTsoft again aims to wow its players and lure more gamers into the world of Nevareth as they come up with another patch to follow-up the astonishing Siena the Queen.

There is no title yet to this upcoming patch as the Korean developers are still working their way into perfecting it for their avid gamers.

For a glimpse into what is in store for all Cabalists, read on!

November 1, 2009

Runes of Magic: A World of Warcraft Clone?

Runes of Magic is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by the Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment and adapted for the English and German speaking market by German company Frogster Interactive. After going through an open beta phase, the game was launched on 19 March, 2009 and Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy was launched on 15 September, 2009 in the US. The game client is free to download.

Players create a character from one of eight character classes, such as warrior, rogue or priest, and explore the fantasy world of Taborea while undertaking quests and fighting enemies. Characters can create items by practicing their crafting skills, avoiding combat altogether if the player wishes to play non-violently. Upon reaching character level 10 players are able to choose a secondary character class to increase their character's abilities. Core abilities from the secondary class are usable when the player remains in their primary class and vice versa, for instance a warrior with a mage secondary class is able to cast attack magic while still equipped with warriors' more effective armor. Runes of Magic currently features more than 2000 quests for players to attempt. Players may swap between classes by speaking with the housekeeper which lives in their accommodation, each player has their own private dwelling. Each character's home functions as a meeting place where other players can be invited. Additionally it serves as a visual demonstration of their progress within the game since it increases in size as character levels are gained.

Runes of Magic has been compared to World of Warcraft and also referred to as a clone, but Eurogamer's Daniel Etherington discounted this and stated the view "misses the point." Etherington stated that World of Warcraft "was a success because of how well it built on MMO conventions, how it refined them", adding it was unsurprising that World of Warcraft is so influential "but conversely it's got no great claim on gameworlds defined by cod-medievalism and pick-and-mix mythology". Wesley Yin-Poole of stated "The guys at Runewaker have clearly constructed Runes of Magic with World of Warcraft running in the background." He stated that despite being "somewhat of a WoW clone" and free-to-play, Runes of Magic contains elements which World of Warcraft does not, and that the latter's developers "would do well to consider." Online gaming website Massively's Shawn Schuster highlighted the range of crafting abilities in the game, as well as the ability to gain proficiency in them all without penalties.

Or is it really a clone to WoW?