May 31, 2014

Movie Stars Cafe: Let Them Entertain You

When I pick a place to satisfy my appetite, a buffet is usually the last thing on my mind.
But if I’m with friends or family, I prefer a place where there’s plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company with plenty of food to pass around, all while having good clean fun.

Movie Stars Café has easily fulfilled those criteria.

Princess Cow and I first saw this restaurant at the Mall of Asia Bay Boulevard a few months ago. The giant gorilla head protruding from the wall is more than enough to get our attention. The place was packed, mostly with kids. What caught my eye though is that there were a lot of cosplayers inside, giving me the impression that perhaps there was an event at that time. It took a second look for me to realize that it was in fact a restaurant with cosplayers as their actual performers, putting a show for the crowd.

I promised myself I’d go there someday.

Fate pulled a couple of strings and got us an invitation to dine there.

May 12, 2014

Rakion PH Brings in Machu Picchu

Rakion PH once again comes up with fun events and updates for all its players for the month of May!

For this month, Rakion releases a new map called Machu Picchu.

For those who are not familiar, Machu Picchu is a real place which can be found in Peru. It is an Inca site believed to be have been around since the 15th century and can be considered as a historical sanctuary. Now all Rakion fans can experience Machu Picchu without having to go to Peru and still have that same fun and excitement!

Read on for more details.