August 29, 2012

Rakion's September Event

Curious of what’s the next update for the strategic action MMO Rakion?

Well, you’re in luck. We have an exclusive sneak peek for this September. Dubbed as a unique MMO with dynamic and strategic gameplay, Rakion will have a major update: new armors, cells, rings, necklace, stage, and a rumored game update that brings back the nostalgia of a classic MMO.

Gunbound at 10!

Online gaming has been history for years and only a few games are left standing. Time has passed and things have changed on what gamers wanted to play. Most gamers these days would want those which are very much popular in Social Networking Sites and very much advertised.

Over the years, Gunbound made his own history in casual online gaming for staying in the spotlight for ten years. Over 300,000 gamers are still attracted with Gunbound's gameplay and for some, built their passion on it. This is just one proof on why Gunbound has been one of the best enjoyable games since its existence.

Dragon Nest SEA Releases Level 50 Cap and New Job Advancements

Dragon Nest SEA celebrates their first anniversary with a whopping update that includes an increase in the level cap, a new town map, second job advancements that will definitely pump up every DNSEA fanatic and attract new players to the field!

So read on for the full patch notes and download links as we all venture into Lagendia and come one step closer to defeating the Archbishop!

August 20, 2012

Razer Deathstalker Ultimate: The Gaming Keyboard Awesomeness

Remember the Switchblade concept?

Experience a new level of game interaction and control with the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate gaming keyboard, designed with Razer’s award-winning Switchblade User Interface. It features ten adaptive tactile keys so that you can configure an unlimited number of key binds, macros, skills, and spells from any game. With customizable iconography to match your personalized control layout, you’re getting the most immersive gaming experience from your keyboard.

August 17, 2012

Scammer Alert! Warning to all Dragon Nest Players

I have received an email from someone who claims to be from Cherry Credits, stating that in order to decrease the lag in-game, I would have to give them my account details or else my account would be deemed inactive and therefore would get deleted.

Fortunately, I am smarter than I look.

Here's a screenshot of the email:

First off, GMs would never ask for any player's account details. Why? Because they don't need to. They have a database for that. They don't even need to send out emails to know which accounts are inactive because that would appear in player logs.

Second, why even bother asking for my "registered email address"? If you really are from Cherry Credits, the only email address you would know would be my registered email address, nothing more, nothing less.

Third, Cherry Credits does not use as their email address. They use "". Good luck registering an email in their site.

Lastly, any mass account deletion would have been announced in the Dragon Nest website beforehand, notifying all players regarding this move. I frequently check the site and there's nothing there related to what was stated in the email.

This does not only apply to Dragon Nest and Cherry Credits but to all game companies as well. Please keep this in mind, everyone.

Be smart enough to know how to distinguish a fake from a real one. Protect your online accounts. Never give your account details to anyone.

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August 13, 2012

Site Under Construction!

Ohai everyone! My apologies if the site rather looks bland at the moment. I'm on the process of fixing the layout, I just can't get seem to get this "thing" that I'm trying to do. Bear with us for the mean time.

August 10, 2012

Satisfy Your Hunger: Hunger Games Cosplay Tribute and DVD Release

Nothing can dictate a Pinoy’s mood and decision-making more than that gastric rumble. A subtle illustration is arguing with someone who has skipped both breakfast and lunch. You’ll see my point right after the argument. Hunger can, and will control you.

So much potency in a six-letter word – something that can drive a movie with hunger in its title to top the box office worldwide. Did I get you salivating for some Tribute action now? Your starvation for a blockbuster will come to an end on August 18, 2012 as C-Interactive Digital Entertainment releases The Hunger Games Home Video in the country.

Dragon Nest: Destroyer Skill Build

Dragon Nest Mercenaries will be taking things to the next level when the Destroyer starts cleaning house with the upcoming level 50 cap!

Compared to the Barbarian, the Destroyer is more of a PvP character, with skills that were perhaps created to cater to the PvP-loving players (please read further to know what I mean :P )

Dragon Nest: Barbarian Skill Build

Along with an increase in the level cap comes a time for us to make choice: What's going to be my next job class?

Dragon Nest SEA is already giving teasers for the level 50 cap, posting in their social networking sites stuff that would definitely excite anyone who's had an awesome time in Lagendia. And because my character is a Mercenary, it is only self-serving for me to check out my options, whether I'll be a Barbarian or a Destroyer.

As early as now, I'm sharing to you what I have found online and hopefully it will be useful to you, too.

Einherjar Incorporates World Chat Plus Discounts Galore!

After collecting players’ comments and requests for developing Einherjar The Viking’s Blood, the game’s developer Appirits has just announced that the World Chat function has been completed and will be added as a live channel for all players since 8 August 2012 (SGT or GMT+8).

August 1, 2012

Cabal EP9 Arcane Trace: Overhauled Crafting System

Say goodbye to those old school Formula Cards for the Basic Crafting System. Cabal's upcoming patch, Arcane Trace, revamps the entire system by discarding the Formula Cards and using an all-new system: The Amity System.

Cabal BM3 Combos Guide

Maximize your newly-acquired BM3 by knowing what combo works for you.

You are going to read little guide for bm3 combos and in what sequence of synergies to use.

As we all know each class has 3 different synergies. We definitely can divide them (by overall dmg/dps given) into: Good; Medium; Bad.

For example BL:
Frontal Attack - Good
Increased Fighting Spirit - Medium
Accumulated Dagamge - Bad

Explode Anger - Good
Increased Fighting Spirit - Medium
Break Armour - Bad

For each class you can find out yours ones by using BM3 damage calculator:

Cabal BM3 Quest Guide

I've been asked this question several times already since the update went live, and I understand that it is perhaps not clear from the patch notes.

So, how?

You need 3 things:

  1. Stain Clone
  2. Trance Force
  3. Minesta Craft Stone (Recipe)

Dragon Nest SEA: Summer Party Fun Game Patch

It may be all storms and floods here in the Philippines but Dragon Nest SEA is all about fun fun fun in the summer sun and it will be well-spent in lovely Lagendia!

Along with a new patch are exciting events, new Cash Shop items, and a new PVP map!

Cabal PH Releases List of Banned Dungeon Abusers

You may have heard the news — and today we’d like to confirm it. We have suspended more than a thousand users last July 27, Friday— all of which are confirmed dungeon hackers.

Below is the complete list of banned players according to server: