September 25, 2014

Rekindling Soul Update Changes Everything You Know About Dota 2

You want change? Then change you will get. Maybe this is what IceFrog was thinking while putting together the Dota 2 6.82 patch, the Rekindling Soul update. We once said that 6.79 was crazy, but if you check out the 6.82 patch notes, the Rekindling Soul update takes the crazy cake right now. Check out some of the major changes that you need to know:

September 19, 2014

New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Rocks!

When the Tokyo Game Show 2014 was announced, every Final Fantasy and Square Enix fan was at the edge of their seats (including myself!) from the excitement of a Final Fantasy update. Of course, Square Enix did not disappoint. Showcasing a nice quiet car ride along with a glimpse of the battle system, Square Enix shows that while they have been mum about this upcoming installment for more than a year, they were perhaps quietly controlling their geeky gamer and programmer selves just so they could all blow us away with this new trailer. The latest Final Fantasy XV trailer shows promise of brilliance, that it's at least at par with its predecessors. Watching the trailer alone is already making my hands itch - you definitely want to play that! But we just have to wait a little while longer. According to, a Game Informer report indicates that a playable demo entitled Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae will be available March next year, which will come along as voucher codes with each copy of Final Fantasy Type-0. In short, FF fans will be getting their hands on both Type-0 and FFXV at the same time! (almost). There is still no release date for FFXV. But hey, if the game's going to be as kickass as that trailer, I don't mind waiting. Credits:
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September 11, 2014


No, my name's not there, but I assure you, I passed.

I passed the Philippine Physician Licensure Examination.

A huge "Thank you!" to everyone who prayed for me and/or wished me luck. Two thumbs up to everyone who had the patience and understanding as to my lack of posts.

An even bigger "thank you" goes to the PR folks of various companies who continued to furnish me with publicity articles and ad offers.

Thank you all for your support!

Yes, this is now a legit Doctor's Online Gaming Life. :)

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September 4, 2014

Night Terror Available on PC and MAC in 2015

With so many zombie games dropping on us gamers like dead bodies during wartime, it has already become such a huge part of the growing gaming culture that it has transcended its roots of lore.

Now here comes another zombie game - except that it's an MMORPG. Yes, my friends, an MMORPG.

Troy Bowen of CEO of Interactive Entertainment is proud to announce that his company is just creating and will release, “ Night Terror,” which will be available on PC and MAC in 2015. The game will be an open world sandbox MMORPG with Oculus Rift Support.

In this game of survival the possibilities are endless. Your own individual character will come to life with fearsome and endless possibilities awaiting them. All quests are optional and random which makes the game even more fun and challenging. Players can travel to many places seeking even more quest to complete.

Night Terror is a first person game where you can use weapons, build traps, and also find hidden treasures to purchase more weapons, vehicles, clothing, and shelter.Night Terror gives players a chance to survive the night. Can you?

Rakion PH Rocks September

Rakion PH wreaks chaos as it makes September a month to remember for all the avid players of the game.

Softnyx Philippines, distributor of Rakion PH, once again cooks up a special monthly treat to keep all the players hooked to the game. With a new map, the Volcanic Zone, further expanding the vastness of the game, it sure is more than enough to excite all Rakion fans. But why stop there? Playing in this new map also gets players an additional 50% reward! Just how cool is that?

Read on for more information!

September 1, 2014

Dragon Nest World Championships 2014


Yes, I'm back, after quite a hiatus. The board exam's now over and I'm just waiting for September 3 for the results. Hopefully I pass. *crosses fingers*

I sincerely apologize to all the emails I failed to reply to, ad offers and game articles I had to reject simply because I didn't have the time to accommodate the needs of this simple blog of mine. But hey, I'm back and ready to catch up on gaming news!

First off of my email? DRAGON NEST! I am honestly surprised and happy to have a DN-related article on my email on the very first day after my examination. You guys know how crazy I am about DN, right?

Here we go!

SINGAPORE – September 1, 2014 – Gamers from the world’s No.1 MO action game, Dragon Nest SEA will have the opportunity to represent their country at the Dragon Nest World Championship (DWC) 2014 Global Finals, held in Bali, Indonesia from 4th December 2014 to 5th December 2014!