October 3, 2014

The Shame in Filipino Online Gamers?

I have always been proud of being a gamer - specifically an online gamer - but have always been hesitant of admitting that I am a Filipino gamer.

Before my fellow Filipinos start bashing me with their usual Pinoy pride, please allow me to explain why.

In my long years of online gaming, both locally and internationally, Filipinos have always been generalized to be rude and obnoxious players and are the number one suspects whenever there are incidents of scamming and cheating in-game. It's not something that bothers me when I'm playing a locally distributed online game but if I'm in the SEA server, it's like an arrow to the jugular.

Philippine Gaming Festival 2014

The Philippine Gaming Festival is largest ensemble of the top names in the Philippine gaming industry, sharing their expertise to gamers, enthusiasts, newbies, and curious ones alike, through various conferences and workshops. PGF is not just all talks and workshops, of course. The event also showcases exhibitions and game development competitions for students, to further enhance our country's growing techie talents and encourage others to join the field.

Hosted by the Game Developers Association of the Philippines, PGF 2014 starts today, October 3, 2014 until tomorrow, October 4, 2014 at SMX Mall of Asia in Pasay.

Ticket Prices: 

All-access Conference Pass PHP4,000.00
Conference Day 1 Pass - Oct. 3 PHP3,500.00
Conference Day 2 Pass - Oct. 4 PHP300.00
Workshop 1 - day Pass PHP2,000.00
For GDAP Members:

All-access Conference Pass PHP3,600.00
Conference Day 1 Pass - Oct. 3 PHP2,800.00
Conference Day 2 Pass - Oct. 4 PHP300.00
Workshop 1 - day pass PHP1,600.00


All-access Conference Pass PHP2,000.00
Conference Day 1 Pass - Oct. 3 PHP1,750.00
Conference Day 2 Pass - Oct. 4 PHP300.00
Workshop 1 - day Pass PHP1,000.00 
For more information, please go to the official PGF website

Credits: http://www.gamefestival.ph/
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