March 15, 2016

Luna Chronicles Pre-Sign Up Commences

To start off the entire mobile gaming venture, we got something from our good friends at Cherry Credits, the same guys who brought us the epic online game Dragon Nest.

Set to be launched for iOS and Android devices in Q2 2016, Luna Chronicles is a 3D turn-based tactical fantasy RPG in which players must lead an expedition deep into the heart of darkness to assassinate Erega, a young boy who became corrupted by evil and wrought madness and chaos on the once idyllic realm of Luna.

Eyedentity Mobile and Cherry Credits recently announced the start of the global Pre-Sign Up phase for the upcoming mobile game Luna Chronicles, via the game’s official website:

Check out Luna Chronicles.

Hello From The Other Side


Pardon my very long absence; I'm sure you missed me as much as I missed all of you. I must also apologize to the PR Teams of various game publishers whom I have failed to accommodate during my hiatus.

So, what have I been up to?


Saving lives is fun, fulfilling, and fantastic, of course. But just like any RPG character we have encountered, each adventurer must prop up a tent or rent a room in an inn and rest to replenish his HP and MP. During the course of eight long months, my life was pretty much like that. I eat, sleep, and save lives (hopefully, saving the world in the process) each and every day and it took a toll on me, something had to give in.

Unfortunately, it was my gaming that suffered.

After upgrading my PC specs and all, it became a dull paperweight, used mainly by my parents to play solitaire and check their Facebook accounts. It became a constant reminder of how my medical career chewed on my gaming life.

I then had no choice but to compensate for the lack of gaming. Hence, I resorted to mobile gaming.

Sure, I wrote about Brave Frontier a year ago, but that was the only mobile game I actually featured here. I still am playing it though (and enjoying it a lot), even if I have failed to follow through with anything else for the said game.

I have since then attempted to venture back to my online gaming roots by playing Grand Chase M. I may or may not do a full feature on it (I really want to!) but let it suffice to say that I also am hooked on it. Unfortunately, my phone can only fit one game at a time, so I'm alternating between Brave Frontier and Grand Chase M, installing and uninstalling both of them as the need arises.

Yep, that's how low my salary is. Go figure.

The point is, I won't be focusing on online games anymore. I am now fully opening my loving arms to mobile games since that's what is most accessible to me right now, given the whole medical superhero saving lives gig I got. So, bring it on, everyone!

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