March 15, 2016

Luna Chronicles Pre-Sign Up Commences

To start off the entire mobile gaming venture, we got something from our good friends at Cherry Credits, the same guys who brought us the epic online game Dragon Nest.

Set to be launched for iOS and Android devices in Q2 2016, Luna Chronicles is a 3D turn-based tactical fantasy RPG in which players must lead an expedition deep into the heart of darkness to assassinate Erega, a young boy who became corrupted by evil and wrought madness and chaos on the once idyllic realm of Luna.

Eyedentity Mobile and Cherry Credits recently announced the start of the global Pre-Sign Up phase for the upcoming mobile game Luna Chronicles, via the game’s official website:

Check out Luna Chronicles.

Some of the key gameplay features are:

·         Dominate with your skill and not luck by controlling your squad’s ability use.
·         Formulate your squad’s formation for critical bonuses and choose your combat style.
·         Experiment with and hybridize your allies with skill books that grant powerful new abilities.
·         Over 100 allies, from knights to She-Vipers and Killer Pandas await your order.
·         Dazzling and fluid 3D visuals feature detailed characters and jaw-dropping combat.
·         Loads of game modes, from the PVP Arena to the utter chaos of Fortress Siege.
·         In-game languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia

Upon launch, Luna Chronicles’ Pre-Sign Up program will reward players with these exciting in-game rewards: 

·         One 4-star Lilcy, a rare and powerful balanced character.
·         10 Entry Keys that will allow players to enter various areas and dungeons.
·         50,000 Gold, in game currency to enhance units and equipment.
·         2 Ally Stones to upgrade star level of Allies.
·         Additional 4-star Artisan Robe armour, for every pre-sign up registrant who invites 10 of their Facebook friends to pre-sign up program. 

Luna Chronicles is developed by Korea-based CL Gamez Inc., published by Eyedentity Mobile and powered globally by Cherry Credits (excluding Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau). For more information on Luna Chronicles, please visit the Official Website ( and the official Facebook Page (

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