April 16, 2014

Dragon Nest Assassin Abyss Walker Skill Build

Dragon Nest SEA certainly knows a thing or two about keeping players on the edge. This time they did it by holding back a little bit on the Assassin excitement by releasing only the Chaser job type. There's nothing bad about it since Chasers are really cool and the Assassin's a welcome addition to the DN SEA character roster.

But of course every DN SEA player knows just how more cool the Bringer job type is.

To be specific, what makes the Bringer cool is the Abyss Walker branch of it. Abyss Walkers are the next Bringer class that can deal both DPS and support. Depending on the skills you allocate will also depend on the role he will play as a Abyss Walker. If you are really into PvE then I suggest buying the dual skill tree and just making them one Support and one Damage build. The both builds will determine if you can heal in the nest or raid.

Abyss Walkers can DPS and deal insane amount of damage but what they cannot do is what the Light Fury can do. Light Furies will still outshine them just that he is more versatile and can deal both damage and support if he wants but still remember if you are playing Support please play as one and not start dealing damage in the middle of the nest.

  • Considered DPS but not really needed for damage.
  • Not really discriminated due to the role he plays.
  • Stacking dark attack is really easy.
  • AIs are much smarter then Academics.
  • Insufficient MP is no longer a problem for Bringers or other classes.
  • Good for PvP as EX really helps in chaining skills together.
  • Could be boring as you don’t get to deal damage most of the time.
  • SP constraints for your skills.
  • Takes experience to be a real good Abyss Walker.

PVE Type

PVP Type

Credits: DN To Play
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