March 27, 2011

T3fun’s CardMon Hero and WYD In-game Events for April

T3fun raises the bar this April as they proudly announce the in-game events lined up for April for the games CARDMON Hero and WYD. Next month, expect the unforeseen as more than 5 events are waiting to happen for each game filled with exciting prizes. April is the high time you get your T3fun experience in an ultimate thrill! Ready your weapons, set your cards, and fight for your destiny!


There’ll be more action and clamor in CARDMON Hero for the whole month of April. Get summoned in “The Trial of Time”, kill the monster waiting in dungeon in the best time possible. Fastest one to slay the monster wins. If it isn’t enough to gratify your hunger for endurance test, get listed on the “The Rise of Heroes” tournament, ready your cards and battle your way up. And because heroes are more than just physical superiority, it’s time you reveal your brain power! Join CARDMON Hero “Pop Quiz”, answer the GM’s questions and be a real hero in and out. Want to know more of CARDMON Hero events for April? Visit


With Your Destiny is on a hectic mode starting this month! How famous of a Hero are you? Gather your friends and have them register a new account and answer question “Who is your Hero?”. The more they answer your name, the more chances you get to win the ultimate prizes only the famed heroes get. Not the fame-hunger type? Then maybe “My Masterpiece” is for you. Brag your artistic prowess! Submit a picture of your character in the most creative way possible and get rewarded. And if you’re lucky enough, you may also stumble upon some of the Easter boxes strewn around the place courtesy of “Easter Egg Hunt” event. Move forward, know more about WYD events this month; check out!

This April, you’ll never run out of reasons to celebrate as T3fun spices your global game experience with two-fold FUN! Visit today.

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March 26, 2011

Kim Hak Yu's New Title Project R1 to Be Published by NHN

Kim Hak Kyu, developer of the hot Korea-made online game Ragnarok Online (RO), director of Korea-based IMC Games and "Father of RO", has recently signed a 2-year agreement with NHN and announced that NHN's Hangame will be the publisher of its latest online game Project R1.

March 25, 2011

Cabal 2 Revealed 6 Classes and Background Story

ESTsoft has released several trailers for Cabal 2 before, and today they unveiled the world of Cabal 2 as well as the classes to us. There are Western Federation of Nations that led by Reinfeldt and Eastern Federation of Merchants led by Echsteel. The class system seems to be the traditional warrior-mage-healer type.

Final Fantasy III for iPhone

A revamped iOS version of classic NES RPG Final Fantasy III is available now on the App Store, publisher Square Enix has announced.

The optimised port of the 2007 DS remake of the 1990 original will set you back a princely £9.49. Take a look at the trailer below and judge for yourself whether you think it's worth 16 copies of Angry Birds.

Aika Global's Latest Dungeon Prison Despero: The Dark Labyrinth

Within the Tower of Giovanni lies an ancient Labyrinth frequented by The Great Prophet himself. Long ago, it was once used as a prison for all the traitors who have rebelled or plotted against the goddess Aika. Now, it had been invaded by some of the most powerful members of the Zereca and the entire labyrinth is under control of the evil Queen Azu.

March 24, 2011

Cabal's Next Update Already in Test Servers (Updated Weekly)

Last updated: April 22

Cabal KR has recently posted the Test Server's Patch Notes for the still untitled follow-up to Episode 5: Mercenaries. Major changes are about to be implemented, especially regarding dungeon drops.

AMD Phenom X4 Black Edition 3.7 GHz 980

AMD is looking to give its Phenom II series a finale, with a new quad-core Phenom II X4 model, the Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition. The new chip will be clocked at 3.70 GHz out of the box (18.5 x 200 MHz). It achieves this speed while staying within the 125W TDP envelope. Based on the 45 nm "Deneb" silicon, the X4 980 BE features four x86-64 cores with 512 KB dedicated L2 cache each, and a 6 MB shared cache. Compatible with AM3 and AM2+ sockets, the chip packs a dual-channel memory controller that supports DDR3-1333 MHz or DDR2-1066 MHz memory standards.

Radeon HD 6990 Eyefinity 5×1

Eyefinity is something that PC gamers can brag about. Being able to have a GPU powerful enough to render a game on 3 or more monitors brings along some pretty sweet bragging rights. If you’re unfamiliar, Eyefinity technology allows gamers to play games on multiple monitors. If you have a top of the line video card you may not have to sacrifice resolution or graphics in order to game like this. But if your video card is Eyefinity capable and not top of the line, I guarantee you will have to turn down your resolution and or in-game Display Settings in order to play at a reasonable frame rate.

March 23, 2011

Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 picks up after the events of the original game, dropping you in the middle of a near-future NYC, which is stricken by not one, but two disasters: a viral pandemic and an alien invasion. At the beginning of the game you inherit the new and improved Nanosuit 2, which the game describes as a piece of combat technology so complete that "the divide between man and weapon disappears." Crysis 2's science fiction feels a bit familiar at times, but the experience itself is really what makes Crytek's multiplatform sequel stand out amongst others in its class. It's an exhilarating action game, both in single-player and multiplayer, that sets a new standard for sci-fi themed shooters.

Interestingly, Crysis 2 doesn't exactly fit into either group. While it has aliens, futuristic weapons, and other sci-fi elements, the universe Crysis 2 presents is more grounded in realism than shooters with similar subject matter like Halo or The Conduit. The game does such an exceptional job of combining real-life (New York City, existing weapon technology) with fantasy (aliens, fictional weapons, skintight suits that grant superhuman abilities), that I think it'll appeal to a lot of shooter fans in both camps.

What really sets it apart from other online shooters is how (in most multiplayer modes) everyone is battling in Nanosuits -- unlike the campaign, where you're the only one taking advantage of its unique abilities. Multiplayer matches become frenzied and intense due to the limitless ways you can adapt to and take advantage of your own Nanosuit. And the more you play you begin to develop new tactics to engage the enemy with, who likely have their own unique style of Nanosuit fighting.

PROS: Gripping campaign that plays out across 10+ hours; looks incredible in 3D; great balance of sci-fi and real-world; multiplayer is awesome.
CONS: Uninspired alien designs; campaign loses steam midway through; requires too much reloading and weapon-swapping.

Credits: GamePro

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TERA March 17 Update Patch Notes

Here's the patch notes to the recent TERA update.

Final Fantasy XIV and XI Servers to Reopen on March 25

Square Enix shut down Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV servers on March 13th for power conservation after the big earthquake. Today, the company announced to restore all servers for the two Final Fantasy MMORPGs on March 25th.

March 21, 2011

A Gamer's Approach to Surviving Medical School

This is lifted from my personal blog. I wrote this two years ago and apparently, it still works. I'm posting this here for the benefit of those gamers who want to pursue a career in medicine (or any other career that is time-consuming) yet are worried that it will get in the way of their gaming.

First English Version of Dragona Coming to SEA in May 2011

Last week Korean developer Liveplex announced that Dragona Global will be released in the international market in the 4th quarter of 2011. Today, Dragona Philippines (SEA server) is teased to come in May 2011. That's to say, the English version of Dragona will land in Southeast Asia first.

Enigma Online Announced for Asian Market

Run Up Interactive is pleased to present Enigma Online as their 5th title release in a 2-year stint in the country. It was made available to the public on March 16, 2011 as it entered the CBT phase. OBT will then follow on March 29. Players looking for a new breed of MMORPG will definitely like the game.

March 20, 2011

Innovating the MMO Industry

For every game I have ever played there has always been specific things that have caused me to keep going or to delete it from my hard drive, it has never been a case where neither existed. So the real question is to what these reasons are, because it has nothing to do with the grind, which is what many people claim is what causes them to quit. To be honest, it has always been the features of the game. However, how do we define what is a 'feature'? We all have seen the tab at the top of the game's website, claiming it has things like a crafting system or player vs. player action. As far as I am concerned, a feature is anything that would not be included in the standard mold of the game. So saying things like the game supports a massive amount of players is redundant to being a MMO, and is not a feature.

March 19, 2011

Review: Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy

Dissidia 012 is a tough game to review. In short bursts it can be quite fun as a good, though not great, portable fighting game. The various aspects generally work well, but the game's primary single player mode seems designed to show its worst aspects as effectively as possible. Still, though sometimes in spite of itself, Dissidia 012 remains an enjoyable experience all told. It's just a shame that the ideas it presents aren't as well done as they could be.

March 17, 2011

A Closer Look at Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood returns you Renaissance Italy and puts you back in the shoes of master assassin Ezio in a game that is worth the cost, despite how familiar it feels.

Review: Mass Effect 2

If you only pay attention to the PlayStation 3 scene, you might be confused as to when the original Mass Effect came out and why you never heard about it or played it. Unfortunately, 2007's Mass Effect never made it to the PS3. The series' first entry came only to Xbox360 and PC, and due to Microsoft having published the game, PS3 owners will never see it on their native console. Mass Effect 2, however, is another story entirely.

Final Fantasy XI and XIV Servers Shut Down

In accordance with local emergency provisions to conserve energy, Square has decided to temporarily pull the plug on servers for the two Final Fantasy MMOs.

Virtual Real Estate

Online gaming has come a long way since its inception. Multiplayer gaming may have spawned from the highly-imaginative tabletop roleplaying games; all with just the use of a few pieces, dice, pen and paper. From there, it evolved with the demand to connect with more players located in other parts of the world. MUD games were invented, and LAN parties via a now-outdated telephony protocol became the buzz during the infantile years of the internet. As the years went on, we came to experience a broader sandbox experience from the likes of Ultima Online, Everquest and other early predecessors to MMO gaming. Since MMORPGs were meant to somehow replicate real-life adventures in a fantasy setting, virtual economies arose from intra-game and inter-game (within the game, and between different games respectively) currencies and trades. Real properties or solid assets/acquisitions in these worlds soon came into question, particularly the inclusion of an in-game housing system.

March 13, 2011

Taking A Shot At DD Tank

DDTank is a 2D Chinese browser-based MMO game, which was previously published on Friendster under the title of Boomz, and BoomZ Hall.

DD Tank lets you fight against your friends or with them. Stock your arsenal with a variety of weapons. Personalize your characters with awesome costumes and power-ups. Win battles to earn EXP and level up! Dd Tank is very similar to Worms and Gunbound, but runs on a browser window. There are multiple game modes, and plenty of different weapon types to use. The game also provides players with tasks and quests to complete which gives the game direction. DDTank has two game modes: Adventure and Sports. DDTank supports up to 4 players per match.

DDTank, more well-known by its nickname as Donald Duck Tank is a legendary piece of WWⅡ military invention, which, after such a long time of going rusty in the arsenal, has somehow managed to roar back into life again and is all ready to dive into water for new military tasks against anyone you deem as a possible threat.

Forsaken World: A Review

Forsaken World is a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Eyrda. The game offers 5 races, 8 classes, guild battles, and over 10 occupations. Forsaken World is published by the same studio behind Perfect World, and is inspired by European mythology.

It is the sixth MMORPG by Perfect World Entertainment for the North American market. The game officially launched into open beta on March 09, 2011. Original features in Forsaken World include a Vampire race called the Kindred, the ability for up to 10 players per server to become Gods, a unique PvP system, floating fortresses which guilds can fight over, and map-wide skill effects.

Unlike previous Perfect World games, Forsaken World is set in a Western fantasy world rather than the usual oriental setting.

TERA(KR) to Introduce the Political System on March 17

The next-gen MMORPG TERA published by Korea-based NHN's Hangame and developed by Bluehole Studio is going to carry out an update called "Arousal" on March 17.

March 11, 2011

What Can Be Changed to Make the MMO Industry Produce Stronger Games

Currently, we are looking at a foundation for every single MMO game that has become outgrown. Developers see the genre as a three stage process consisting of an early-game phase, a mid-game grinding phase, and a late-game phase. We are going to be looking at the three phases and analyzing them. First we have the early-game phase.

Nearly every game will now start you off with a brief tutorial and some cool cut scenes, and this is done simply to make the transition smoother and keep you drawn into the game. Developers believe that if they can keep you interested past a certain point, you are less likely to abandon all of your progress and quit. As an example, let us look at Aion Online. When you start off in Aion Online, it is like your typical MMO. The graphics are still beautiful, yet no longer anything too special. You begin by completing your average quests and reaping the rewards to gain experience. Eventually you get into the meat of the early levels, developing a storyline of quests that must be completed to advance, along with your sideline quests from random NPCs throughout the world.

March 10, 2011

“Funmily Texas Poker”: Now Ready for the Grand Open Beta!

From the finest Chinese developers, this 100% original poker game, “Funmily Texas Poker” is now open for the world! Both the Chinese and English versions would be available online so that all players around the world would not be facing any language barrier and enjoy the most popular game. We are now ready for “Funmily Texas Poker”!

Let’s Enjoy the Royal Treatment
“Funmily Texas Poker” is different from other games with the same concept. We have designed a royal set-up right from the start, from the grand living room up to the gambling tables and suites that are patterned after different views from all over the world, making sure that everything would give you a warm feeling. This part of your journey into the fabulous world has been fulfilled by “Funmily Texas Poker”.

March 9, 2011

When Should You Quit?

I'm not encouraging gamers to quit. I'm encouraging gamers to step away from their computers and take a look at the real world. The time we are spending infront of the computer monitor could be spent instead on something more worthwhile. Don't miss out on life because you decided not to miss a guild war.

Why Granado Espada Sucks

This one is way overdue, but allow me to just point out why I quit this game aside from the personal reasons my close friends already know of.

While Granado Espada sounds like it sits in the Spanish wine section next to Ponche Caballero, it's actually a land named after its discoverers, Ferrucio Espada and Gilbert Granado. This "New World" offers adventurous 17th-century families a Club Med vacation -- from hell.

One thing's for sure, Granado Espada won't waste anybody's time. It's all about grinding away at killing monsters and gaining levels from the very moment that it begins. Despite interesting design twists and an offbeat storyline blending swords and sorcery with the colonization of a fantasy-tinged new world, the game collapses under the sheer weight of its monotonous gameplay.

AIKA GLOBAL March In-Game Events!

AIKA Global enters March with 6 in-game events with other offline events to watch out for!

It’s a manic March getaway in AIKA Global as T3Fun, together with Hanbitsoft, brings the best of this month as eight major events roll in the field. Brace your selves daring Elters, as major in-game events such as “March Mayhem”,”Suppress the Thief and “Elter’s Battle Royale” take AIKA Global to a mixture of electrifying battle of madness and massive attacks.

March Mayhem
For the whole month of March, get ready to defend your allies and defeat the deities of MAYHEM! At 3 forked Halperin, a party of GMs (3) will bring havoc to a nation where all Elters in sight will be killed by Mars, Diety of War with his 2 sons, Terror and Fear. Defeat the party of GMs(3) and get one day 2X Experience rate Modification for your nation.

Suppress the Thief!
For all Saturdays of March, Elters will be called upon to capture a thief and protect Lakia from an impending doom! An important item from the vault of treasures has been stolen from the Lakia Congress’ Treasure Trove. A warning signal from the Intel squad shall be announced to Elters to give the whereabouts of the thief. The criminal should be captured and killed in order to get the prizes. Otherwise, monsters will be summoned in front of Regenshein’s gate.

Elters’ Battle Royale
On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of March, a blood-spilling bustle will take place in the Elter Battle Grounds. Participants will be asked to go to Hero Square 15 minutes before the event starts to wait for the GM’s instructions. Elters should battle for their lives for 10 minutes. There should be just 1 last standing Elter in the battle grounds or else the round will be considered a draw.

More events!
You think you’ve heard enough? Think again. Along with the exciting line up of AIKA Global March Events are “March to Glory”, “Looking for Password”, “Ancient Boss Monsters Time Attack” and “Elter’s Battle Royale”. Apart from that, offline events such as “Best Pic Badge!” and “Comicstrip Contest” make up an even more unmatchable March! Check out their website and find out more about this month’s events!

You can check out other event mechanics by clicking here.

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March 7, 2011

It is Too Early to Say TERA is Successful

After a silent week, South Korean media have recently expressed their point of view that TERA is now stable but it's still too early to say the game is successful.

In the opinion of South Korean media, TERA saw the number of its simultaneous online players, which kept at 170,000 after Aion 2.5 was updated, slightly drop as its first batch of monthly subscriptions expired on Feb. 24. Though TERA successfully proved its capability of standing longer than one month, problems like the class imbalance and endlessly repeated quests are still criticized bitterly by players.

March 3, 2011

Cabal 2 New Gameplay Video

Cabal online, an MMORPG that is almost as old as WoW, has released the latest update Episode V last December, and its sequel Cabal 2 is under development. Today, the developer ESTsoft released a new gameplay video for Cabal 2, the CryEngine 3 MMORPG.

In last year's G-Star ESTsoft showed Cabal 2 to the world for the first time and the debut video they brought to Korea at that time just a walkthrough of some areas. This time the developer gave us combat footage! You can find different classes in the video, and what we know about the classes is that each of them will have distinctive scenario. Besides, you'll have various choices on character customization and growth.

Credits: MMOsite

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Gaming Laptops: Because Every Hardcore Gamer Needs One

Every year, there appear to be fewer and fewer differences—in terms of capability, at least—between laptops and desktops. Until recently, we never took notebooks seriously as gaming platforms; their smaller size generally limits the space for components and cooling—two things no true gamer should ever be without.

With high-performance dual- and quad-core processors, high-end graphics cards (some with two), plenty of memory, and speedy hard drives, today's gaming laptops prove that gamers need not be tethered to their desks (or desktop PCs) to engage in high-performance gaming. And the best part: they're not all ridiculously expensive.

March 2, 2011

What to Expect in Blade and Soul's OBT Next Summer

From Blade & Soul's concept art that has been unveiled, we can see that the mass, magnificent scenes and the comparatively small characters do bring impressive visual impacts at some point. But such visual impacts seem hard to be fully realized in the gaming world, which's also where developers put great energy in order to present players with perfect visuals as Kim Hyung Tae said. However, Kim expressed that they wouldn't introduce insignificant settings only for the sake of maximizing visual impacts, but would exert themselves to make the scenes featured in the concept art accessible to players in the game.

March 1, 2011

ESTsoft's Latest: Howling Sword

Howling Sword is the first game published by ESTsoft, developed by a third party. ESTsoft will provide the Action RPG game with the experience and know-how gained from servicing CABAL Online. The game offers various series of linked skills that are unique to each characters, allowing the gamers to experience fancy and superb actions. It is also a game with easy control that anyone can enjoy. There also is the fabulous transformation system which adds more color to this fun game.

Howling Sword Review

Howling Sword is another freaking awesome non targeting MMORPG developed by Estsoft with pretty anime-styled characters. Basically, this game is on the list of the next-gen non-target MMORPGs and is one of this new year's best MMORPG. To some extent, the target MMORPG age is over (or at least there are new modes of playing). So for those who want to try an MMORPG different to the usual Howling Sword is a good option.