March 1, 2011

ESTsoft's Latest: Howling Sword

Howling Sword is the first game published by ESTsoft, developed by a third party. ESTsoft will provide the Action RPG game with the experience and know-how gained from servicing CABAL Online. The game offers various series of linked skills that are unique to each characters, allowing the gamers to experience fancy and superb actions. It is also a game with easy control that anyone can enjoy. There also is the fabulous transformation system which adds more color to this fun game.

Howling sword focuses on providing enjoyable gaming experience even for low-end computers, and has kept the interface as simple as possible to make it accessible to everyone. The adorable characters and monsters in the game will attract all the gamers regardless of gender or age. Also, the story of the game is elaborated by cut scenes throughout the game – a storytelling mechanism used by package games that helps players to be deeply immersed into his/her characters.

About Howling Sword

The greedy and chaotic nature of mankind has at last revived the forbidden ancient civilization; the axis of destruction. To stop this, the light from Gaia awakes new powers of the heroes. The player has to become one of the heroes and defeat the Reyments that have been resurrected by the powers of ancient civilization, and has to defend the peace of the continent from chaos.

Howling Sword features a uniquely character-centric quest. Scenario Quest follows one of the four main characters: Alfonso, Chris, Merlin and Ruinell. The game heavily focuses on battle action that specialized with Combo Skill and Transformation System.

Its easy-to-use Combo Skill allows a low level player only to push specific keys other than maneuvering a complex combination in a certain order. Charge Skill that enhances power offers a twist in a gameplay.

Howling Sword offers a non-targeting combat system that sweeps off multiple monsters. The system enables a new player to fully enjoy the game with a simple Combo Skill.

Howling Sword promises a non-stop fun till you can take no more. “We are confident to move up the OBT,” said Young Hwan Min at ESTsoft. “We will deliver as they did with our first RPG game, Cabal Online.”

ESTsoft began its OBT earlier than planned after two successful closed beta tests (CBT) last January. User feedbacks from two CBTs were all positive about optimized check environment & stable service.

The Seoul-based program & game publisher announced an open beta testing (OBT) for its second free-to-play role-playing game (RPG) Howling Sword. The OBT began at 2 pm last February 22nd.


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