February 15, 2014

Dragon Nest SEA Gives 70 Reasons for Cities to Rise

Okay, the title's definitely not as clever as I'd want it to be.


Yes, that deserves to be typed in all caps because that is more than enough reason to celebrate and get back to intense DN gaming time! And why wouldn't you? The latest update from Dragon Nest SEA, The Rise of Cities, introduces a whole new zone with 5 dungeons, 5 bosses and countless skill updates. Aside from that, this will also serve as a backdrop for the soon-to-arrive-and-much-awaited-7th-class, the Assassin.

Don't you just love the folks working for this game?

The game got this cool update last February 11, 2014 and the valiant heroes of Dragon Nest SEA who are looking to max out their character levels, and take on the role of defender for peace in this epic game couldn't help but rejoice. Shanda Games International (SDGi) announced the launch of the game’s Level 70 content update and everyone's been very excited about it.

February 10, 2014

Rakion's Valentines Day Event

Whether you have someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with or not, Rakion's got you covered! Why go through the hassle of driving through heavy traffic, getting a seat in a restaurant or lining up for a romantic movie when you've got a great online game ready to make your heart pump faster than an adrenaline rush?

Read on for details!

February 3, 2014

Dragon Nest 2.0: More Than Just The Level 70 Cap

While this may be old news to some people, Dragon Nest 2.0 will no longer have suffixes and potentials for weapons and armour, instead; a new system known as the "Dragon Jade System" will be implemented.

Furthermore, Dragon Nest's level 70 cap a.k.a. Dragon Nest 2.0 also includes some other new features to the game, including:

The Auction System (you can now put your items on auction and the highest bidder will receive the item which marks the end of the "S> [insert item here] BO NONR No Noob" days.)
Talisman (not sure what this is about, but it seems as though they are, basically, heraldries/suffixes.)
New Accessories (of some kind)
5 New Abyss Dungeons (Sand Sea, Lost Moon Desert, Golden Steppe, Bronze Forest Path and Lunar Eclipse Canyon.)
Higher-Grade Gems (for level 70 gear)
New Fairies (probably like the dogs/cats/manticores/etc. that can give you some extra stats.)

Enough babbling! Let's get to the update's features!