April 16, 2014

Dragon Nest Assassin Light Fury Skill Build

The Assassin finally gets the Bringer skill tree in Dragon Nest SEA!

Cherry Credits, the official publisher of Dragon Nest SEA, and Mr. Addison Kang, its producer, recently announced that the Assassin will be having its other second job real soon as it will be released during the game's 980 Mark.

So in light of this announcement, I immediately went to work right away to try and shed light on what could possibly be the best skill build for the Bringer types, namely the Light Fury and Abyss Walker, and what better way to do so that to first work on Light Fury!

Light Fury is the next support class to join along side the healers of Dragon Nest. Light Fury has some really cool skills that allow it to support real well and buff and debuff allies and is a good companion in whatever you do. A Light Fury is supposed to stack on VIT items like an Elestra always remember you are there for support and not damage. Only deal damage if your party has done their burst DPS skills, most of the time you just need to observe and cast summons to help you deal damage throughout the raid.

NOTE: Bringers can only use Dagger as their main weapon, if you use a Scimitar you would be unable to cast any Bringer skills. All Assassins stack AGI and not STR. STR is their second stat.

  • One of the best supports we have now in Dragon Nest.
  • Considered DPS but not really needed for damage.
  • AIs are much smarter then Academics.
  • Insufficient MP is no longer a problem for Bringers or other classes.
  • Could be boring as you don’t get to deal damage most of the time.
  • Stacking elemental damage could be hard.
  • SP constraints for your skills.
  • You really need experience to be a good Light Fury.

PVE Type

PVP Type

Credits: DN to Play
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