December 29, 2014

Bonding with Cousins at Sandbox and Camalig

Let's take a break from the usual gaming stuff that I post. This entry is a must: I have never had this much fun in a very long time.

My cousins and I have an annual post-Christmas bonding time and for this year, we decided to go to Sandbox in Porac, Pampanga. We were all very excited for the trip, since it was out first time to go out-of-town together as a group.

See how psyched everyone is?

There were a lot of people, thus very long lines starting from the entrance down to every single attraction. But hey, we went there to have fun, and how much fun we did have!

December 20, 2014

Rakion PH Unleashes Hot New Updates for December and January

Silver Christmas Event
Event period: Dec 9 after maintenance ~ Jan 6 2015 before maintenance


Silver Dragon is updated
 Know as the Shield Dragon are the second most powerful of the metallic dragons. Close to humans and live among them for the majority of its life.   It should be noted that silvers, like all dragons, believe themselves the most superior creatures in the world. This amazing Dragon can be acquired on the Gacha system.

Take advantage of creature combo
 Check out! The status of creature possession and take advantage of various rewards.
Creature Combo: Silver Dragon / Gargoyle / Green Soul Cannon
 Benefits of Creature Combo
  1st: + 100% EXP Rewards
  2nd: + 100% Gold+ 200% EXP Rewards
                  3rd: + 200% Gold+ 200% EXP+ 200% Event Point Rewards

Lava Set is updated
 This coming Dec 9 a new weapon and armor set will be release with the power of the lava shock. Armor and weapon that created by the hottest lava that continue burning flame while wearing it. Let see how magnificent this set when it was release.
Try out this new set for the best warriors and get extra EXP and gold rewards~

Special event in commemoration of updating lava set
 Play wearing full set of Lava during the event period and get +150% rewards.


Attain target No. of round played and get free great items~
 Sick of playing the game without getting any reward, now! Here is your lucky day because Attain target era return to give you more reward. Great free items will be rewarded for every 10 round played (accumulated) in battle mode during the event period.
Don’t miss out on this great chance to get your desired cash (some great gold) items by playing the game~

For: Battle Mode (Zombie mode is excluded)
 Condition: Upon attaining every 10th round. (Only up to 4 times reward per account a day will be made. Only playing more than 3 minutes per round will be counted. E.g. playing/finishing a round within less than 3 minutes will not be counted)

Reward items: 1 random item from about 25 item list including PU Card, PU Stat +1, Unique Creature Capsule, No level limit, Lucky Box, Core, Growth Necklace, Win quest scroll will be rewarded.

Take Note: Count for played round/target round will be displayed in game. Upon attaining target count, notice will be shown in the chat screen and received item will be informed via the pop up message when moving to the lobby. 

Try to gain a certain No. of kills 
 Another great event will be release this month it is the obtain number of kills and rewarded with various items. You can check out total no. of kills achieved for the characters in game. Grade of the kill count can be confirmed with different colors.


Kill Count
30 kills
Item Change(1200 Cash)
100 kills
Random Point Bag(1000 Cash)
500 kills
70% discount coupon
1000 kills
Stat Buff(300) (3500 Cash)
1500 kills
Level 10 Insane(10)
3000 kills
Level 30 Grim reaper

       Take note!
 *Attained no. of kills of all the battle mode, zombie mode, and clan war will be included.
 *These kills will be activated during the event period only and are separated from original kills.
 *Total kills of all characters of an account will be displayed.
 *No. of kills can be confirmed at the top of character’s name in game.
 *All kills including top kills will be considered as 1 kill.

Achieve target levels!!! 
 Create a new character during the event period and set a target level of the character. Once attaining target level, various items will be rewarded.

Target Level
Stage Unlimited(7 days periodic)
Wind Set(7 days periodic)
Pirate captain
Pure white main/sub weapon(7 days periodic)
Honor necklace, Honor ring
Dragon Knight
 * Only characters newly created during the event period can join.
* Only one character per account can join the event.
* You can’t change character while in a challenge.
* Item Class is depended on the character class in a challenge.
* Rewarded items can’t be posted.

One-day bonus pack is on sale 
A special item that will give +300% EXP and Gold reward and extend max acquirable EXP for the creature to 500 for 1 day! This item will only be available during the event period, so what are you waiting for?

Get free items at specific time   
In the celebrating for the coming Christmas Rakion will giving Night Watch Set for free! All you need to do is just logged in during some specific time then you will receive the reward Night watch item for free!!!

Reward item
15th Dec

Night Watch item
16th Dec
17th Dec
18th Dec
19th Dec

 * Given time is not made public.
* You must select character to get above reward.

Defeat Christmas event monster!!!   
We will release a special item in game during the event period, it is the Santa Bag. The Santa Bags are hidden everywhere. There are many types of ways to get the Santa bag too

1. You might get it as a reward of the log in gauge.
2. Inside the box which is created when defeating cells in the event round.
3. amongst the random potion in the battle mode.
4. Inside the Lucky box that’s purchasable at the shop.

Inside the Santa bag, there are various items including OldNecroManKing, Medusa, Random Gold Bag, PU Stat+6, Santa bag, Santa lucky bag, S Class Random Gem Box, Dye Capsule and etc. And from the Santa bag, you can also get the ’Santa lucky bag’ randomly. From this, you can get a ‘Lava’ set. (Class is random/all parts set item) Try your luck now!

 * Santa bag will be deleted as the event ends.

How to get the Santa bag: Random Potion / Event Round / Login Gauge
How to use: Move the Santa bag received in the post to inventory and open it up. Then, one random gift will be given

Alphabet collecting event!!!   
Collect alphabet letters that randomly drop while you play the game.
In each game mode, different alphabet letters will drop and you can get extra 50 event points when you complete the words!

Death Match (Solo/Team) : FELIZ | Golem : NAVI | Zombie Mode : DAD
           How to get the event point
 * Get 1 extra event point whenever you get an alphabet.
* When you complete a word, it will flicker in your screen for a few seconds. You will also receive 50 extra    event points.
* Get 1 random alphabet letter whenever you purchase an item worth more than 100 Cash. 

Exchange items in the event shop using your event points~ Go Go!!!   
Rewards will be given for cash uses/charges.

- Every 1000 Cash charge = 3000 Gold.
 - Every 1000 Cash charge = 30 points.
 - Every 1000 Cash used = 30 points.
 - Receive free items with random levels when you charge cash.
 *Purchases less than 1000 cash are not eligible for event points.
 (For example: If you buy an item that worth 1900 cash, you will only receive 30 points)
* Bonuses are rewarded within 30 minutes after the charge.

* Event point will be reset after the event period

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