July 31, 2009

OP 7: E-Games Explores the Realm of First Person Shooting

Philippine online gaming distributor E-Games announced an upcoming title to be released soon entitled Operation 7 (OP7). This is the company's first take on the action-filled world of First Person Shooting Games (FPS) and their selection shows much promise.

With features that range from weapon and character customization to realistic graphics and sounds, OP7 can give currently leading Philippine FPS, MyGame's Special Force, a run for its money.

July 25, 2009

Cabal: New Dungeons Altar of Siena B2F and Panic Cave Coming Soon

Although most Cabal players still haven't gotten over Episode 3: Soul and Siena, ESTsoft, the company responsible for bringing us this top sci-fi fantasy game, has given previews of an upcoming update to the great MMORPG Cabal.

The Cabal KR website has features about Altar of Siena B2F, a follow up to the already released AoS B1F. Also, a new dungeon called Panic Cave is bound to be introduced into the game soon.

Cabal will keep us playing with their cool game updates and latest patch.

Credits: Cabal EU, Cabal KR and YouTube

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July 22, 2009

Rohan Online: The Story Behind A Great MMORPG

Rohan Online has inched its way to the local online gaming community, slowly getting past most of its competitors. It has only been three months since its commercial release. More and more people have been hooked to the game since.

Level Up has successfully made Rohan a distinct part of the MMORPG-loving Filipinos.

History of Rohan

Omen of Great Chaos - The Main God Disappears.
Ohn, having created the world, entrusted it to the five lower gods who created races respectively and allowed them to thrive. The first five races to be created--Humans, Giants, Elves, Halflings, and Dark Elves--developed land conferred upon them by the gods with the knowledge and skills acquired from the divinities. Ohn created dragons to station at the borders of each territory, and prevented cultures from blending with each race maintaining autonomous cultures.

Soon thereafter, a serious incident unfolded in the Human kingdom. KrauteDel Lagos usurped the throne upon assassinating the reigning king, his reprobate older brother. Kraute's 13-year reign drew to a close after the late son ousted him with a military subversion.

The prophet Haillok, an assistant to Kraute, left Human territory with a number of Humans, and headed to Bahran Island in northern Rohan Continent. They were the forefathers of the Dhan race.

Thereafter, peace ensued for a time. All races erected countries and constructed capitals perpetuating growth. In the Human kingdom, the Paladin system was institutionalized rooted in devout faith, and Giants cultivated warriors to protect their motherland from harsh nature. Elves trained in magic healing and spearheaded cultural development, and Halflings opened the path to cohabitation by living among animals. Dark Elves maximized magic power as a means of self-defense. Perfecting such autonomous cultures respectively, each race would ostensibly exist in quietude.

One Privy to the Truth - Turns Sword at the Gods.
With the dragons gone from obstructing territorial borders, the Human kingdom led an exploration and investigation of foreign territories. Human envoys visited the capital of every race, and interracial diplomacy with Humans as principals was launched. In the interim, Dekans, having settled in Bahran island and amassed power, encountered Dhans who'd settled in the island earlier. Upon the unanticipated encounter, the two races clashed escalating to all-out war terminating with an armistice only after a decade of profound destruction.

Having realized main god Ohn cannot be resurrected by merely obliterate the dragons, the five lower gods decide to annihilate all races on the continent and implement their intent. While countless animals and plants metamorphosed into monsters, fairies and a number of races, acting on the gods' orders, began to wage attack on the major continental races. Even in the midst of such turmoil interracial diplomacy continued and between Humans and Elves, two races who grew relatively close, the mixed-race Half Elves were born. Half Elves, who were looked askance at by both Humans and Elves ultimately were unable to dwell in either country. Instead, they sought a quiet refuge by constructing an independent village located between the two nations. Harboring profound animosity against both Humans and Elves, they cultivated their power with an independent character not relying on anyone.

In the meantime, paladins standing guard at Gratt Fortress, built to deter attacks, had a chance to encounter Roha, the god of the Human race. Having learned the intent of the gods to annihilate all races, paladins pleaded to Roha to retract the decision, but were possessed by Roha instead. Edwin, a paladin able to resist possession, roamed the continent, assembled colleagues and mounted resistance against the gods to no avail.

Jealousy and Wrath - Darkness Shrouds the Continent
Their failure, unforgotten, began to propagate among the masses along with the truth. The rumor reached far and wide by way of hushed whispers. The gods have abandoned the world. The gods have turned their backs on all races. The gods are trying to obliterate life as we know it. Fear grew pervasive and ultimately, suspicion and wrath latent in the hearts of all organisms surfaced throwing the world into deeper turmoil.Beholding the world growing increasingly murky, Elf Queen Sila Mayor Regenon dispatched urgent messengers to all races to propose a round of peace talks.However, only Humans and Halflings appeared at the roundtable."

Dark Elves, vexed by the passive and weak temperament of the Elves, and Giants, chafed by preeminent Human prowess, brokered a clandestine alliance to drive Humans and Elves out of the continent. With only three nations, Elves, Humans and Halflings having entered into peace accords, the Giants' premier extends a hand to Half Elves who've been maintaining a neutral stance. In the interim, Dhans and Dekans, on standby upon declaring a truce, kept each other in check while observing continental maneuvers. But with the continental atmosphere escalating to impending warfare, and monsters emerging on Bahran Island, the two races were forced into cooperation.

With time passing, the world grew bogged deeper in a murky inferno, and all races unwittingly engaged in strife against all other races.To those who have not abandoned hope on the gods, those prepared to fight albeit waiting for a change of heart on the gods' end, and to the ones willing to fight as long as survival was ensured, the advent of an era of misery and darkness was dawning.

The era of yearning for fertile earth and prosperous life in the name of divinity has passed and the last inheritance of the earth ensconced in the abandoned land emerges from all corners. Now, it is time to till the earth with our own hands and wield tools to realize prosperity. Gathering Ohn’s blessings, we retaliate against the rage of the lower gods!

When the five lower gods, created by central god Ohn, spawned their own respective races, Ohn learned the appearance of those creatures were less than perfect, unlike his creations. Humans would vanish into thin air if the balance of the five powers conferred upon the five lower gods were upset. Ohn, deeming human life pitiable, extended his hands to land’s end and newly created grass, trees and rocks. Replicas of primordial nature, human effort could transform them into sturdy and utilitarian tools to enrich human life.

While most lower gods were moved by Ohn’s gesture to fill the fissures of imperfection lurking in the fibers of their creations, Roha, God of the Sun, demurred alleging the marriage of human intellect and Ohn’s gift is sufficient to pose material threat to the lower gods and argued that the natural resources must be usurped albeit to no avail. Abundant natural resources created by Ohn ultimately sowed the seeds for rapid continental growth, and mortal races waxed sufficiently powerful to present a threat to divine decisions.

Upon central god Ohn’s demise being torn asunder, Sun God Roha, the highest ranked of the lower gods, ordered Silva, Goddess of the Wind, to perpetuate decay of natural resources potentially threatening to the lower gods, and commanded Gail, God of the Land, to render the earth barren. However, as Silva grew increasingly depleted of her powers, concealed natural resources began to resurface one by one in all corners of the continent. As the shrewd races of Rohan detected the resurgence, collection and production techniques, having fallen latent for more than a century, were being roused from darkness. Now what utilitarian form the earth’s inheritance will assume and impale the lower gods hinges on human acumen.

Character Classes

HUMAN Knight

Del Lagos was established with Einhoren in the center as the capital. The paladin system is the foundation of the human nation's military expertise. Paladins trained in facilities with great temples as their groundwork. Battles showed their pledge to uphold their "Love for the Gods, Loyalty for the King, and Service for the People". Possessing the largest population and most powerful, Humans serve as the continental benchmark.

The human race is perfectly suited for the Knight class. Bound to chivalrous conduct, humans are predisposed to fight for what they believe to be right.

A brute of a soldier, they are often the center of a battle party due to their strengthened defense. They can also cast stun spells and excel with ranged attacks.

These steadfast warriors boast refined attack skills. They can successfully reach their targets even if well-protected, and can even increase the amount of damage with each attack.

ELF Healer

After having lost their capital Regen to monsters, their civilization flourished under the rule of the King and Prophets of Vena, becoming their second capital. The Magic Academy was located in Via Marea, the Elf nation. There they conducted research on Magic, surpassing all the other cities. The academy developed into a magic training facility where they could prepare for war. As advocates of peace, Elves value intellect over physical abilities and utilize magic for healing.

These gentle-souled elves are proficient at healing others in their party. But do not be fooled, they can also pack a wicked wallop in the form of magical attacks.

Specializing in healing and protection using a range of powerful magic spells. They assist in party members recovery, defense and also vitality.

Quite the aggressor, they are capable of both magical and physical attacks. But their healing powers are keen as well.


Active diplomacy between Humans and Elves resulted to the birth of the half-blood race Half Elf. They emerged as a new race possessing characteristics of both Humans and Elves. They are naturally intuitive of the forest enabling them to be experts in bows and arrows, helpful when hunting. Endowed with strengths and stability of Humans, combined with agility inherited from Elves, they possess the best ranged offense on the Rohan continent.

Offspring of Human and Elf, these forest-dwellers are masters of ranged combat. Be it bow & arrow or mechanical crossbow, their proficiency is unmatched.

Masters of multi-targeting with their bows (and magic), they often choose to fight all enemies at once rather than one at a time.

Well versed on the crossbow, Rangers dominate their opponents with swift and precise arrow and dagger attacks.

DEKAN Dragon Fighter

Unlike other races who were created by main god Ohn, Dekans are descendents of Blue Dragon Armenes, which their nation is named after. Inhabiting the North, with capital Rev'Deca at the center, Dekans maintain an odd rivalry with the nearby Dhans. Profoundly proud of their provenance as dragon's descendents, Dekans despise other races created by the lower gods.

Nearly incomprehensible, these changelings defy nature. Dekans are born with the nascent ability to transform from humanoid to a fiercely violent dragon!

Dragon Knight
They evolve more quickly in the form of dragon rather than humanoid, and employ a unique bloodsucking skill to weaken opponents.

Dragon Sage
Specialized hunters that can attack large areas at once. Pray you do not cross them underwater.

DHAN Assassin

Kraute Del Lagos, took over the throne by defeating the king, but only to be overthrown. Pursued by humans, he fled to an island in the North with supporters, which became the founding fathers of the Dhan race. Their difficult past drove the young Dhans to master the ways of the assassin for survival and enemy disposal. Remote from the continent, they possess an entirely different culture compared to the mainland, being able to produce unique weapons.

These killing machines are serpentine in their deadliness. Because of their bias for butchery, they are the most feared (and despised) class in Rohan. Dhans can acquire experience by killing other players rather than completing quests if they choose.

Can achieve invisibility and dismember opponents with no warning. By the time you see them, your eyes may no longer be connected to your face.

The quickest of the Dhans, they deal blows so swiftly that anyone within striking distance may not even be able to take a single swing before death.


Dark Elves are cultured, but their aristocratic disposition and implicit disdaining appearance cause tension with other races. Most Dark Elves spent long years in conspiracy and secret strife in concealing massive magic energy, but are now ready to utilize these powers to their advantage. However, their true intentions are gradually surfacing from their secret alliance with Giants, in a conspiracy to keep a strong grasp on Human and Elf powers.

The mysterious Dark Elven Mages employ strong magical powers to weaken and dispatch their enemies. They also have transportation powers. Not much else is known about them to date.

Thrives in group battles, they seemingly are able to weaken opponents before the fighting even starts.

Expert hunters, they employ powerful area spells to fight off multiple opponents simultaneously.

GIANT Warriors

A race created by Earth God Gail, they dwell in Draht, a country of arctic terrain, with Etton as their capital. The Giant race is more agile than they appear. With a quiet and calm disposition, Giants are accomplished in stone craftsmanship constructing many elaborate and delicate stone buildings. Endowed with deep pride and a profound sense of fraternity, they show no mercy to enemies. Using these traits to their advantage, they underwent extensive training in a warrior guild as a means to secure their town. The Giant nation formed as a group of small independent villages instead of a unified state. After a long period of isolation, they have begun to venture out at last, as the gigantic warriors they were born to be -- the brutal Savages and Berserkers they've trained to become.

With their hideous horned appearance, the Giants have come to wreak havoc through the Rohan continent with their polearms and dual-wielding swords. These gigantic warriors use their size to their advantage while remaining agile.

Specializing in PVP combat, wide-ranged skills enable these Giants to live up to their brutal names as Berserkers.

Savages provide Buffs to allies and Debuffs to enemies inside Totem Castles, ideal in party play with their wide-ranged attacks and party buffs.

Rohan: Blood Feud is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game is a rich and expansive persistent online world, set on the continent of Rohan. The land is full of quests to embark upon, from simple to glorious. Friends and enemies will be made and lost, spectacular battles will be fought, and an abundance of unique game features will keep players on the edge of their gaming seats. There are many features of the game that set it apart from more traditional MMORPGs, including:

* REVENGE: Players who have been slain in-game by another will have their killers automatically recorded on their "Hit List". Once resurrected, the slain can teleport to their killers for a chance at revenge.
* TOWNSHIP BATTLES: In-game groups - called 'guilds' - have the opportunity to rule each town within Rohan. Other guilds may wage civil war with the ruling guild, with the chance to gain control of their own. In addition to treasure & riches, the right to tax all commercial exchanges within the town for one week goes to the winner.
* BUY & SELL SAFELY: There are several ways in which players can buy and sell goods within the game, including a website specially designed for player-to-player transactions.

Credits: PlayRohan

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July 19, 2009

Cabal: Essence Runes Drop Locations

As Cabal players engage themselves in the world of Soul and Siena, only a few still know exactly where to loot the Essence Runes which are equipments necessary for Soul Ability ( Please refer to this post for more info on Soul Ability and Essence Runes )

Please note that drops may be random but these so far are the common ones based on player experiences.

Level 120 Runes

* Exp
1. Lakeside: Iron Golem / Bloody Orc
* Skill Exp
1. Pontus Ferrum
2. Forgotten Temple B2F
* Party Exp
1. Altar of Siena
2. Mutant Forest: Ectoleaves/Brannies/Gnolls/Mossites
* Pet Exp
1. Lakeside 3: Iron Gargoyle/Golem
2. Forgotten Temple B1F: Vice Velichra
3. Pontus Ferrum: Brachium

Level 123 Runes

* Alz Drop Amount
1. EoD B1F: General Zombie Pit
2. EoD B2F
* Alz Drop Rate
1. Forgotten Temple B1F
* Alz Bomb Rate
1. Lakeside: Bloody Ogres
2. Pontus Ferrum: All Mobs
3. EoD B1F
4. EoD B2F

Level 126 Runes

* Attack Rate
1. Volcanic Citadel: Dark Knight/Phalanx
2. EoD B1F
3. EoD B2F
4. Forgotten Temple B1F
* Defence Rate
1. Lakeside : Gargoyle / Orc
2. Forbidden Island
3. Forgotten Temple B1F

Level 129 Runes

* Down Resist
1. EoD B2F
* Knockback Resist
1. Lakeside: Dark Minotaurus / Iron Golem
2. Forbidden Island
* Stun Resist
1. Volcanic Citadel : Dark Assassin / Dark Priest
2. EoD B2F
3. Forgotten Temple B1F

Level 132 Runes

* STR increase
1. EoD B1F
2. Forgotten Temple B1F
* INT increase
1. EoD B2F: Chest (last)
2. Lakeside: Harpy Warrior / Dark Minotaurus
* DEX increase
1. Lakeside: Iron Gargoyle
2. Volcanic Citadel: Chest

Level 135 Runes

* HP increase
1. Pontus Ferrum: Cornus, first mobs, Palida
* MP increase
1. Forgotten Temple B2F
2. Lakeside: Bloody Orcs/Mages

Level 138 Runes

* Attack increase
1. Altar of Siena: Chest (last)
* Magic increase
1. Altar of Siena: Chest (last)
* Defence increase
1. Mutant Forest

Level 141 Runes

* HP Absorb Limit
1. FT B1F
* MP Absorb Limit
1. Mutant Forest: All mobs
2. EoD B1F
* HP Absorb
1. Forgotten Temple B2F: Chest
* MP Absorb
1. Mutant Forest: All mobs
2. Altar of Siena
3. EoD B1F

Level 144 Runes

* Sword Amp
1. Pontus Ferrum: Trickor
2. EoD B2F
3. Mutant Forest: Branny
* Magic Amp
1. Forgotten Temple B1F Last Chest
2. Forgotten Temple B2F
3. Pontus Ferrum: Cornus

List will be updated every now and then.

Keep exploring Soul and Siena to experience Soul Ability.

Credits: Cabal EU Forum

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July 15, 2009

Cabal Altar of Siena Final Boss

Cabal's latest update, Soul and Siena, made its way to the local gaming scene yesterday, July 14. With the latest patch came a new dungeon, Altar of Siena which is one for high level characters to explore.

Altar of Siena is located right smack in the middle of Mutant Forest and entry to the dungeon is limited to high level characters, specifically level 135 and above. Veteran Cabal players already know how difficult the level 125 dungeons are, namely Forbidden Temple B2F and Forbidden Island. Even level 140 characters have a hard time finishing those two aforementioned dungeons, so you guys probably have an idea just how tough the Altar of Siena might be.

For those who have already braved the new dungeon and successfully finished it, it must have been quite a fulfillment to do so. The dungeon boasts of its exclusivity as the only location where the Sig Metal Armors can be looted, pretty much like the Forbidden Island wherein Sig Metal Weapons are dropped.

For those who have attempted to enter the Altar of Siena yet failed to complete it, here is an idea of how fighting the Final Boss feels like.

watch more Game Trailers and Videos

Explore the Altar of Siena! Cabal Episode 3: Soul and Siena is an adventure no gamer should miss.

Credits: Gamerstube

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July 14, 2009

Cabal Soul and Siena Now Implemented

Today marks the Philippine release of the latest patch country's top sci-fi MMORPG to date, Cabal Online. Cabal Episode 3: Soul and Siena has successfully taken the local gaming scene!

Soul Ability System
Ability EXP known as AXP can be earned along with EXPs. AXPs is converted to AP, and these points can be used to learn passive skills.
- AXP is a sort of EXP that will support the game play to be more exciting as character levels up. Earning AXPs is same as earning of EXPs. If 10K EXPs were earned from the mobs then AXP can be gained around 10K. However, different from EXP, AXP has a different conversion rate by levels.

AXP (Ability EXP)
- New Ability EXP that can be gained just as the EXP.
- Not that AXPs can be gained instead of EXPs, it is an additional point system that is gained separately with EXP or Skill EXP. However, there is a minimum level requirement for it.

A. Minimum AXP Earning Requirement: Level 120
- From the fields, dungeons, and Mission Wars.
Based by the calculation of EXP earning when attacking the mobs, AXP earnings are calculated.
AXP Bonus is also valid with Platinum Services. (AXP Bonus 25%) . Earning AXP(EXP to AXP) conversion rate is different by levels.

Level Tiers Conversion Rate
120 or lower 0%
120 ~ 129 75%
130 ~ 139 80%
140 ~ 149 85%
150 ~ 159 90%
160 ~ 169 95%
170 100%

AXP by Mission Wars
- It is calculated by personal scores.
(Destroying Structures, Guardians, Building Force Towers are not calculated separately to AXP for they are applied to the personal scores)
- 1 Personal Score equals to 100,000 AXP
(If personal score is 100, then you are earned with 10,000,000 AXPs or 1 AP.
- It is calculated at the end of the Mission War. If character is not there at the time of the calculation, AXPs are not applied.
- WExp cannot be used to earn AXPs nor it cannot be earned with the WExp to EXP conversion.
- AXP Limitation

AXP cannot be earned if character AP exceeds 500.
- Note that EXP is something that is gained from attacking mobs and which is used to calculate the level up point. The higher levels the characters get, the total amount of EXP to level up increases which makes harder for characters to level up.
AXP is something that is earned as same amount as EXP but its total amount of AXP for AP conversion stays the same, but the conversion rate from EXP to AXP or the rate that characters earn from attacking mobs changes as the levels gets higher.

AP (Ability Points)
- The point that is converted from AXP when a certain amount AXP accumulates. It is a unit that is required for Soul Ability System.
- AP Conversion Details
A. 10,000,000 AXP equals to 1 AP. AXP returns back to 0 when converted to AP.
- AP Limitation
B. Up to 500 AP can be accumulated. (Expansion of its limit is planned in the future)
- AP already consumed to learn skills cannot be returned.

Essence Runes
- Items used to learn passive skills or upgrade skills using AP and upgrade items such as cores.
- There are total of 26 Runes available. You can only equip or learn maximum of 13 Essence Runes or skills.
- Essence Runes are tradable items and already equipped or learned Runes can be removed.(Once the Rune is removed, it has to be learned again from LV. 1)

Ability Types and AP costs

Sub Password
- Safety measure to prevent account theft

A. Sub Password Mechanics
When logged in with the same IP during the configured time frame, the password check will not appear.
Sub Password check will appear when logged in with different IP.

B. Sub Password Locks the following:
Character, Equipment slots, Warehouse

C. Sub Password Configuration
Create Sub Password button to create (set) password

If password is already set, the Create Password button will not be active (Gray colored, non-clickable)
Sub Password is a combination of 4 numbers from 0 to 9. (Using the same numbers are not possible)

D. Sub Password Icon Location
Character: Character selection window
Warehouse/Equipment: “Lock” icon on the top right corner of the UI

E. Sub Password
When opening up a Sub Password UI, numbers from 0 to 9 are arranged randomly
Unable to input using keyboard when Sub Password UI is up
Input numbers will show as * (Asterisk Mark)
Clicking on ‘←’ button will act as like a backspace
Client is forced to end the session upon failure of 5 counts (Account Block by default)

F. Account Block upon Failure: 5 Counts
When the number of inserting incorrect password exceeds 5 times, account will be blocked. Please access the Helpdesk in case you want to request for unblocking.
Blocked accounts have to make a new password after the block is released.

G. Time Configuration
Character: 1 Hour to 3 Hours
Equipment / Warehouse: None

Cabal PH Password: CABALrocks! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the password and it is case-sensitive)

Player Reactions

So far, the complaints regarding the new patch is the depreciation of Chaos Lamps and lag. Chaos Lamps are now sold at NPCs for only 1000 Alz. Before the implementation of the patch, Chaos Lamps were sold at 1M Alz at NPCs. This used to help Alz-less players in saving up some in-game cash by farming for the said item and selling them to fellow players for at least 500K Alz. With regards to the problem of game lag, it is deemed unavoidable due to the system probably still "adjusting" to the additional bandwidth that the game currently carries.

Credits: Cabal PH Community Blog

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July 10, 2009

Cabal Altar of Siena Videos

Cabal's latest expansion, Soul and Siena, will be released in the Philippines this coming Tuesday, July 14. With promising features such as the Soul Ability (more fondly referred to as Battle Mode 3), new armors called SigMetal Armors, and a flamboyantly impressive new dungeon, the Altar of Siena which provides an entirely new adventure for high level players, Soul and Siena is a great way to take a break from a very busy day.

Because guides for the new dungeon are still not complete, here are a few videos to keep the excitement.

watch more Game Trailers and Videos

watch moreGame Trailers and Videos

I'll keep looking for dungeon guides and will post them as soon as I can.

Watch out, Pinoy Cabalists! Cabal Soul and Siena is coming!

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July 4, 2009

TwelveSky 2: MyGame's New Take on MMORPG

MyGame has proudly announced their latest game acquisition to be Twelve Sky 2, an internationally popular game that has been making quite an impression on foreign gamers.

Twelve Sky 2, developed by Korean firm ALT1, is an MMORPG set in Ancient China in a time of war and conflict. Players get to choose to among four clans, with each clan composed of three unique types of disciplines or weapons. Skills are based on mastery of Martial Art Techniques with the addition of the ability to use Inner Chi to be infused with the weapon.


Wander and explore an intense and vivid world

Participate in adrenaline-pumping action that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Immerse yourself in rich game lore and follow your favorite characters in compelling side stories

Join one of four playable races and master their own unique style of martial arts

Fight for honor in massive Player versus Player battles and raids

Raise dozens of beautiful pets that not only provide ascetic value but also offer remarkable assistance in your travels

Fiercely ride into the battlefield on a noble steed

Become an artisan and sell your wares with a new crafting system

Strike it rich as a miner through the resource gathering and harvesting system

Built-in badge system

Brutal death animations for monsters

Make a difference and vote in elections for a player-ran government

Free to download, Free to Play


Imperial Dragon

A relatively balanced society, the Dragon Clan has some of the most well-rounded warriors. While Northern Dragons typically practice with both Light and Heavy Sword, those from the South defeat foes by projecting their Spirit with a weapon called "Marble."


01. Heavy Sword
The original form of Sword fighting for the Dragon Clan, the Heavy Sword is strong and dependable. Able to slash at a foe’s throat and sever a limb clear off. It is quite good at what it was designed to do.

02. Light Sword
The Light Sword was developed out of the Heavy Sword by those who believed that strength was not everything and the only true way to win a fight was through quickness and agility. This art was shunned for many years until Sliver Blade Bao won a duel against the notorious Furious Fire Doa who was a master of the Heavy Sword.

03. Marble
The South-East monks dedicated their lives to transcendence and the mastery of their Spirit. Soon enough, one priest discovered the way to materialize one’s soul. Through years of practice and research, the monks soon realized that by focusing on a local relic, they were were able to amplify and even project these manifestations.

Royal Snake

Although physically weak, the Snake Clan is more than "just" an opponent. Due to their quick reflexes combined with their superior weapons, enemies swiftly fall beneath their feet!

The Snakes are renowned for their unique weapon, the Lute, preferred weapon amongst coy and devious assassins. While friendly in appearance, the sound wave from the Royal Lute can be manipulated to cause tremendous pain.


01. Saber
The Saber is a civilized weapon, for a civilized age – or so claim the city elders. This weapon was first designed by Snake Master Artisans as a gift to the second Chieftain. Due to its sleek design and quick response, it quickly trickled down from the Royal Guards to eventually the common people and to this day, stays a local favorite.

02. Dual Blades
A traditional weapon amongst professional assassins, the Dual Blades were the original art of choice amongst the Snake Clan. Since then, they are still renowned as the deadliest and cunning of the four Major Clans.

03. Lute
Mistress Fairy was a great musician. She was loved far and wide; her musical brilliance was the top of the town. But one winter she became ill and bitter. The once sweet composer was now twisted. Using her knowledge of music from generations past, she was able to formulate a method to manipulate sound waves in order to slaughter pests safely from her home. This cunning technique has become popular with female assassins.

Fierce Tiger

If there was a Yin-Yang in the forces of nature, the Fierce Tiger Clan would be the polar opposite of the Royal Snake Clan. Far superior in terms of sheer strength, the Tigers even outmatch the Dragon Clan in stature. Nevertheless, do not be deceived by their slow response, as their massive weapons can dish out massive damage -
something too many unfortunate challengers have overlooked.


01. Blade
Blacksmith Fuiju woke up clamoring about a dream he had. This dream was the answer to the problems that the Tiger Clan had been facing for decades. A blade... fabricated from the Southern Hills ore, was able to produce a lightweight yet sturdy weapon. This schematic was eventually constructed and dubbed the Blade, a quick solution to the slow Tigers

02. Long-Spear
The Long-Spear and Short-Spear were two arts developed at approximately the same time. The fifth Chieftain, Lord Jao Wei, had been a practitioner of the Long-Spear variant. After losing a duel to a former rival, who happened to be a master of the Short-Spear, out of rage, Lord Wei banished the teachings of the short variant. To this day, this ban has not been lifted out of respect to his rule.

03. Phurba
The Phurba was a technique perfected by the Monkey Clan. After their defeat by the Tiger Clan over three generations ago, Tiger disciples have taken on the art rather religiously.

Ancient Sky

Led by Lord Kian, one of the few remaining Twelve High Masters of the Sky Clan, he is the one and only wielder of the legendary blade that once belonged to Saga Swordsman Lord Chen. This true descendent of the Ancient Masters holds the last key to the “Battle That Will End All Battles”. However the path to peace is a brutal one and only those who possess the courage, stamina, and skill to rise above all else are able to claim their right to join and learn the ancient secrets of the Sky Clan.

Local gamers are under the impression that MyGame is hoping to increase the company's popularity following the success of Special Force, the online version of the classic LAN game Counter Strike. This also increases the company's chances of at least having enough action to stay toe-to-toe with other local game distributors, especially in the MMORPG scene. Their casual MMORPG, Fiesta Online, did not get enough attention compared to its competition.

Close Beta Testing starts on July 12, 2009.

Credits: IGN.com, Craveonline, MyGame, and 12sky2.com

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