January 16, 2014

The Razer Ouroboros and Why I've Always Wanted to Have It

You need only one look at the Ouroboros to tell it’s marketed as a premium product from Razer. There are no cardboard boxes (however sturdy) for this mouse: it comes in a see-through cube, replete with a little stand, with its packaging and manuals tucked away in the base. It’s like an expensive airplane model, made with love and mounted in a fibreglass box for the world to admire.

The Ouroboros is named after the serpent forever doomed to eat its tail, and it’s easy to draw some similarity between that cyclic symbol and the ambidextrous mouse. Unlike some of its cousins, Razer’s Ouroboros mouse is for both left and right handers, which makes it a good buy – if you’re willing to drop the cash on it.

Yulgang 2 SEA Review: Open Beta

The sequel to the original Yulgang (Scions of Fate in the west), Yulgang 2 forgoes the originals anime style graphics in favor of a more realistic take. The events in Yulgang 2 take place 30 years after the original Yulgang in a time where the Factions of Order and Chaos are at war. Players will have a chance to participate in Yulgang 2′s open Realm vs. Realm combat.

Yulgang 2 uses a free-aiming action combat system which allows players to chain abilities together for more powerful attacks. Players can even perform aerial combos using the Air Dash system which allows players to leap into the air and glide. Players may even find themselves standing high above the ground in the branches of a tree.