April 19, 2010

ESTsoft Follow Up to Illusion Castle

Haven't explored the Illusion Castle Underworld yet? Still no sign of the Mergaheph ring? Make your move because ESTsoft has just released a new update for an upcoming Cabal patch!

New GUI and Party System for Cabal

Illusion Castle brings a lot of changes for the Philippines' top MMORPG. Along with new dungeons and weapons is the complete facelift of the User Interface and an easier to use Party System.

New Cabal Items and Weapons

To start out there were some particular situations when you are joining or rejoining a dungeon that needs a bit more explanation. The first one is where for example two people went to a dungeon, and then a third friend logs in and wants to join their dungeon run as well. Yes, it is completely possible for one of the two inside the dungeon to log out, then let the third person join the party before re-entering. The third person will now be able to join the first two inside, with no problems.

April 6, 2010

Latest Cabal Dungeons

April 8 marks the target release of Cabal's latest patch, Illusion Castle, in the Philippine server. E-Games CGM Raven has announced it as the tentative schedule, provided that no problem occurs prior to its release.