April 30, 2009

Sharing Your Gaming Life With Your Love Life

Since the dawn of MMORPG, it has been a perennial problem for couples to enjoy each other's company. Before, one only has to compete with a partner's family or friends when it comes to spending time. Now, gaming time has been included into the mix and has caused more problems than anyone outside the gaming life could ever imagine.

Before I proceed, I have to admit that I honestly do not know why I suddenly have this idea of telling you people how to enjoy gaming and the company of your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband when I myself have lost my girlfriend to some guy he met through playing an online game. But fret not, for I will also give you the pros and cons of such a set-up.

Let's continue.

There was once a saying that went "DotA: Breaking Relationships" (Defense of The Ancients is one of the popular games in the local gaming scene since its release in the market) because most guys would forget picking up their girlfriends after school or always being late for a date whenever they are completely engrossed into playing. Fortunately, some brilliant guys figured they can just teach their girlfriends how to play the game and turn their former solely gaming life into a dual-purpose activity: personal recreation and a date.

I have dug up a video on how guys can turn their girlfriends into gamers but the tips enumerated herein are also applicable to girls who want to make gamers out of their men:

Now, for the pros:

1. You are now united in a single "world".
2. You get to spend time with each other by playing together, either by having him/her beside you (game consoles) or in each other's house (online gaming).
3. You get to know each other.
4. You have fun together.

The cons:

1. Like my story, there is a risk of having him/her be flirted with by a random online person. This won't be a problem if he/she is loyal to you. Otherwise, note that you have been warned.
2. There is a possibility for either one of you to be completely focused on individual gaming. Remember that it is still a "partner activity". It wouldn't hurt your score or EXP if you talk to each other while playing.

People in a relationship are supposed to bridge the gap to help each other grow and learn. They should lessen the division and distinction between "his activities" and "her activities". Instead, create an atmosphere that will make both of them feel that they can simply crash into whatever you're doing because they want to know and understand why you're having so much fun with it.

And gaming is no exception.

April 28, 2009

Cabal Blader: STR or DEX?

Cabal Bladers have been dubbed as dual purpose killing machines, having the ability to both be good in PVP as well as PVE. This means that they can withstand one on one combat against other players and at the same time go head to head with mobs in dungeons and maps.

With this in mind, several players have created a myth about Bladers concerning stat distribution. It has already been a practice in Cabal that a Blader who prefers PVP should invest in a higher Str for higher attack and defense while one who enjoys killing mobs is to have a higher Dex for higher defense rate.

Throughout my gaming experience as a Cabal Blader, I have spent millions of alz (Cabal's in-game currency) buying extract potions as per advice of my friends and guildmates to "fix" my character's statistics. I have changed back and forth from being a so-called Dex-type to Str-type for countless times.

On my personal experience, I have proven that there is no difference whether you have a higher Dex or a higher Str.

First, take note of this Stat Distribution Variablity Table:

Based on the table, you can easily notice and realize that the attribute given is the same whatever statistic distribution you prefer. However, this will not be applicable for a Blader who, for whatever reason, actually decides to invest on Int (please DO NOT ever do this if you are a Blader).

As per the case of wearing an armor set against a martial set, it is best that one merely meets the requirement for the set.

As an example, here are my current stats at Level 144:

Str: 520
Int: 64
Dex: 550

With those stats, I can wear both the armor set and martial set (although I still need 3 stat points for my Int to use a +7 mithril blade or katana). It is also more than enough to withstand mobs and win PVPs. Obviously, it is because Str and Dex give the same attribute whichever way you put them.

Misconceptions are created by players themselves. Therefore, only players can clear them up and perhaps break a few myths surrounding the game.

Credit to Bale_Fire of E-Games Forum, Cabal Blader Section for the image and the idea for this article

April 24, 2009

Off-topic: Drum Lessons


My sempai, Xley (drummer of local j-band Do'ahou, CAB Story, and indie band Neruda) will be accepting students starting May. Rate is 250/hr.

PM me or reply to this entry if interested.

April 12, 2009