December 24, 2013

League of Legends' Holiday Mode

First up, Happy Holidays, everyone!

What's been up and happening since I got swallowed by internship's hospital duties? Let's just say I have somehow cured myself of my online gaming addiction - only to move to PSP addiction, particularly Dissidia and NBA Live (Perhaps I will delve into other platforms eventually and rename this blog?). But that's not the point I'm posting here.

Riot Games has unveiled the temporary Snowdown Showdown mode for League of Legends. The Snowdown will be around until January 2nd, during which players will be able to compete in 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 duels on the Howling Abyss map. In addition, tons of holiday festivities have been added to the free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

For those who want to show their Snowdown spirit, champions including Lulu, Singed, and Sivir all get festive holiday skins this year. You can even purchase a few Legacy Snowdown skins from past celebrations. Riot's also spreading the holiday cheer with free seasonal sight and vision wards that look like snowmen and a gingerbread Teemo.

If Snowdown is your favorite holiday, completing various achievements during the event will earn you Snowdown Summoner Icons that you can use all year. Things like participating in a five-man pre-made and purchasing various gifts will unlock the special icons.

Speaking of gifts, since Snowdown is a time for sharing, Riot has implemented a gifting feature to the League of Legends store, allowing folks to send mystery skins and champions.

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November 6, 2013

Cabal II SEA Coming to the Philippines in 2014

Heads up, Pinoy Cabal fans! Your prayers have been answered!

ESTsoft and Asiasoft, the Cabal II SEA publisher, has recently decided to expand and include the Philippines, giving us Filipinos the chance to go head to head against the Malaysians, Singaporeans and Thais.

The two aforementioned companies did not mention anything about having a PH-dedicated server. The announcement only mentioned an amendment of the contract for an expansion of the SEA server. This therefore means that us Filipinos will be spared from whatever trouble a local distributor could possibly give.

There is no news of an exact launch date, but reports claim that the Southeast Asia and North America English versions will go live next year. It has been some time since the game launched in South Korea, and any massive delay will be a pity for this CryEngine 3-crafted title.

Credits: MMOsite

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November 4, 2013

Level 70 Cap Coming Soon to Dragon Nest SEA

As we know that DNSEA has been constantly updating the content every single month which was a big difference from the 50 cap in which we only had major content added to our server every few months. That whole content took 1 year to be implemented before we went on to the 60 cap. As the 60 cap took about one year to be implemented into CDN and KDN loads of stuff were removed and they had also took the time to update.

Once in the 70 cap it was different ever since the release in June we have been seeing almost 5 months worth of continuous update that is implemented in the 70 cap. DNsea could be taking the route of this since maybe they found a better translator and developers to make our version of DNsea even better and faster. Judging by the amount of content we left to level 70 its just about 2-3 months away.

November 3, 2013

Elsword Makes A Name For Itself

Elsword is a free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG. In Elsword, players choose from 6 customizable characters with varying degrees of difficulty. Elsword offers gamers quests based on interesting storylines and quick join-and-play battles. Extensive player-versus-player (PvP) battles add excitement by pairing competitive fighters against each other.

Dragon Nest: Labyrinth Bound for 2014 Release

According to the latest news from Shanda Games, the publisher of Dragon Nest CN, Dragon Nest mobile game - Dragon Nest: Labyrinth will be released for iOS and Android at the beginning of 2014.

Here is the first trailer for Dragon Nest: Labyrinth provided by Eyedentity Games. Players can play as a single player as well as real-time multiplayer with friends over a wireless network.

Sporting various community features, the game will looks more like Dungeon Striker at first glance. However, Eyedentity Games confirm that Dungeon Striker will also be getting its own mobile game in the future as they step up the push into the still-lucrative market.

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September 12, 2013

Final Fantasy Redeems Itself With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

In the beginning there was Final Fantasy XIV, and it was not good. For most games, the story would’ve ended there. But Square Enix, perhaps feeling that its prized franchise's name was in danger of becoming too literal, undertook a mammoth effort to keep Final Fantasy’s legacy from being marred by such a disaster. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the resulting do-over, and it’s a huge success on both PC and PlayStation 3. Beautiful, fun, and only a bit uneven in the late game, this dramatic reinvention easily establishes itself as one of the most sincere and effective apologies in gaming history.

August 15, 2013

Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming to Southeast Asia in 2014

Six Southeast Asian (SEA) countries will soon be able to experience the world of Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) as Asiasoft brings Japan’s biggest RPG to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Sherman Tan, chairman of Asiasoft says:

Since its first conception in 1987 on Sega Master System, Phantasy Star has been one of the most renowned gaming franchises in the world. In PSO2, Sega has developed exciting, unique and polished online action RPG experience.On behalf of Asiasoft, we are proud to carry on the legacy of Phantasy Star franchise to the current generation of gamers and to provide the best online service for this exciting title in Southeast Asian countries.

July 26, 2013

Cabal Online Rising Force Extreme Official Patch Notes and Manual Patch Download

Rising Force: EXTREME is a complimentary update to the recent Episode 10 update that aims to provide users with new skills, achievements, and expand the equipment variety with the introduction of the extreme upgrade system. This update went live last July 25, 2013.

The patch features the following updates:
  • New Transcender Skills
  • Extreme Upgrade System
  • New Awakened Dungeon
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • Intro of Weapon and Armor Box
  • New BM3 Synergies
  • New Cash Shop Items
TOP 3 Features:
1 New Trancender Skills
The battle between the difference classes intensifies as new offensive and passive skills are introduced!

2 Introduction of EXTREME Upgrade System
Upgrade your end-game gears to become the most powerful soldier inside the game.

3 New Awakened Dungeon and Achievements
Discover new treasures and gain new titles by conquering the new Awakened Dungeon and accomplishing new tasks.
Read on for the full patch notes.

June 28, 2013

How to Top-up Your Dragon Nest Account If You're in the Philippines

We all know that we lost a little (perhaps a lot to others) convenience when LC never renewed their whatzits galore with our beloved Cherry Credits. This, however, is not the end of Lagendia!

They offered other channels wherein we could still enjoy those plump maraschino cherries for our Cash Shop needs, such as 7-Eleven and AllServe. Other than that, I do not recommend using Level Up Cards. Aside from the fact the LU is unreliable, players who have once played an LU game knows that the company is messed up.

By the way, I would like to concentrate on 7-Eleven electronic reloading process since it is accessible to some, if not most, people as well as it's a familiar sight in most populated areas. Some stores don't carry Physical Scratch Cards as of the moment so this is your last resort if you happen to be inside the said convenience store and got no other place to grab those cherries.

Warning though, some of the shop staff might not know that they could sell the cherries that we all want to purchase any time so here's what I did.

June 25, 2013

Wolfteam Assembles and Rises for July

No matter who you are, whether a user who never has met the werewolves or someone who quit battling the swarm of wolves, Wolfteam is ready to meet and greet all of you! From the very 1st day of July, a total of four big events with the slogan, “WE WANT YOU FOR WOLFTEAM” with various contents will be started and updated for you.

Among the four events, “Welcome Back, Wolves!” is something for those who left Wolfteam for quite some time. If a user who didn’t login since June 1st logs in during the event period, he/she will get various items such as weapon, character, and other freebies.

June 22, 2013

Dragon Nest 2.0: A Welcome Change

Eyedentity Games is still working hard on Dragon Nest despite recently releasing Dungeon Striker and also unofficially announcing Dragon Nest 2. Dragon Nest 2.0′s core content now will be the increment of the level cap to 70.

Some features are going to be deleted in the new update, such as Hidden Potential and Suffix. This is done to simplify the whole game. Gears with such upgrades will not see any bonuses deleted, but the newer items will need to use Dragon Jade to upgrade (read further below).

This was recently implemented in the Korean Server last June 13 and was well-received by the player population.

I personally can't wait to have this update on the SEA Server!

June 12, 2013

Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One: The Clash Goes On

I believe many of you concern about the PS4 and Xbox One at this year’s E3. As PS4 finally shows itself at the E3 press conference, the PS4 vs Xbox One battle may rage even fresher than before.

Check out the chart below for more details on the consoles' hardware.

Toycon 2013: Every Geek's Dream Come True

It’s a clash of two gigantic events in the metro! A crossover event you’ll never dare miss. Collectibles Unlimited and HERO TV present TOYCON 2013 Year 12 and HERO FACE OFF 2013: The Ultimate Cosplay Battle!

Worlds will collide when two of the biggest events in the country meet in a spectacular fashion and merge to make one mega crossover celebration. The biggest pop-culture event in the Philippines, the 2013 TOYCON, now on its 12th year, joins forces with the biggest Cosplay event in the country: the HERO Face-Off, the Philippines Cosplay qualifier to the World Cosplay Summit. Get ready to witness true awesomeness as your senses are bombarded with the best of the pop culture scene in film, animation, comics, gaming, toys and collectibles, art and music.

The event culminates in the best of anime and cosplay as HERO TV gathers high caliber cosplayers all over the country to face off onstage and compete for the top prize to experience an all-expense paid trip to Nagoya Japan to attend the World Cosplay Summit 2013 in August.

HERO TV Face Off 2013: The Ultimate Cosplay Battle, now on its 4th year celebrates Pinoy creativity through costume playing and annually sends globally competitive cosplayers to prestigious cosplay events outside the country. Watch out as cosplayers from all over the Philippines duel each other in three categories: The Kids Squad Category, League of Heroes Category and Face Off Category on June 16 at SM Megatrade Hall 3.

June 8, 2013

Cabal Online New Character Stats System Guide

In line with the recent Rising Force update, Cabal Online's character stat system became somewhat complicated. Everyone got confused and messed up with how they should now allocate their stats between STR, INT, and DEX, and have started to flood different Cabal forums with inquiries regarding the new system.

As usual, good ol' GM Viral of Cabal EU came up with a quick guide and explanation to this new system to help out all Cabal players all over the world.

Read on and be informed!

June 6, 2013

Granada Espada Adds More Femme Fatales

This June, Redbana will be releasing three of Granado Espada Online’s Femme Fatales, such as the beautiful and dangerous Valeria Vendetta and the chance to get another Sharon and Grandies.

When the harsh light of truth shines upon her past, the castaway princess Valeria sheds her naïveté and innocence to fulfill a new goal: revenge. Valeria Vendetta enters the stage of Granado Espada’s colorful story with a single-minded determination to defy her birth family’s plans for her.

Aika Online June Events Lineup

Redbana comes out with a month filled with events and contests for AIKA Online players. From accomplishment rewards to PVP challenges, AIKA has a plethora of events tailor fitted for every type of player.

AIKA Online is a PVP-oriented MMORPG set in a fantasy medieval world called Arcan. In AIKA, players are immersed in Nation politics, where Nations are constantly warring against each other but everything, from the money earned and the clothes on their avatars’ backs, are earned solely by the player.

June 5, 2013

Dragon Nest Barbarian Level 60 Skill Build

I know the level 60 cap in Dragon Nest has already been released for quite some time. However, since I have only reached level 50 recently (yesterday, as of this writing), it was only now that I had the urge to actually look for a really good build for a level 60 Barbarian.

What I have posted here is, of course, the best build that I found while scouring the worldwide web. This build, although mainly for DPS, and thus PVP-focused, has some PVE elements in it so you can just mix up your skills to find the combo that can suit you in both PVE and PVP.

June 4, 2013

RF Online PH Closes, Offers Migration to Cabal and Ran Online

It is with deep grief that earlier this afternoon, Level Up Games announced that RF Online PH will permanently close down its server on June 25, 2013.

Below is LU's official statement regarding the said server closure:

June 2, 2013

How To Find The Perfect Game

I chanced upon this funny yet creative algorithm in while I was looking for MMO news. It was fun tracing my path towards the next game I'd probably play but it's weird I kept landing on games I know I wouldn't play anyway (HAHA!).

I won't say it's useless, but hey, you wouldn't know what you'd enjoy unless you actually try it. :P

This flow chart has all sorts of games and it gets pretty interesting. So go on and try it out!

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June 1, 2013

Chaos Online Opens Its Doors To South East Asia

Heads up, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) fans! Chaos Online has recently opened its SEA server last May 29, 2013. This now allows players from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar to battle it out against the South Koreans in this free-to-play MOBA title.

The game, developed by Neoact and published by Asiasoft, is one of the the most popular competitive MOBA games from South Korea. The official launch event took place in Club Esplanade in Bangkok, Thailand.

AsiaSoft's partnership with South Korean developer, NeoAct (who gained popularity by creating maps for DotA) is their first step into the vastly competitve Esports foray. With several appealing announcements such as a total of USD$14,000 in cash prizes up for grabs in monthly competitions and the chance to compete with some of Asia Pacific's most experience Esports teams, its seems pretty clear that this free-to-play MOBA game is looking to be a strong title.

Avatar Star: Too Cute To Be A Shooting Game

From the people who brought us Dragon Nest comes an epic 3D shooting game that is amusing in all proportions.

Avatar Star is a MMO shooter that makes me melt into a puddle of goo squealing “sooooo cuuuuute!”

Avatar Star was playable for the first time ever at the recent Licence2Play gaming expo in Singapore. Published by Shanda Games International, this overwhelmingly-cute shooter’s hands-on demo already has me squirming in my seat for its launch

May 29, 2013

Rakion PH June 2013 Events

The month of June means it's back to school time for most kids here in the Philippines.

But school doesn't mean it's the end of Rakion's action-packed fun! Softnyx Philippines continues to spread Rakion's awesome gaming through the events they have prepared for all the game's fans for the month of June.

May 21, 2013

Dragon Nest: 60 Levels of Epic Battles

There's just no stopping Shanda Games in making Dragon Nest the MMO to beat. Dragon Nest SEA has recently raised its level cap to 60 last May 13, 2013, jampacked with new updates. Players can now embark on the next chapter of their adventures in Lagendia which include 2 powerful Nest bosses, an additional passive skills system, new learnable skills as well as 5 new stages in Lotus Marsh.

The introduction of new skills is also one of the key highlights of this major update. The Combined Skills System allows a new set of passive skills to be learnt by adding up the total levels of the player’s characters. Players can also learn new EX skills during levels 55 and 60, giving them a more powerful boost in the battlefield.

May 4, 2013

Rakion PH Rocks with May 2013 Events!

Beginning on Monday, May 6, 2013, Rakion PH delivers another explosive month filled with action-packed events that will keep all Rakion players' adrenaline pumping!

Click on the link below to know what Softnyx prepared for you this month!

April 26, 2013

Massive Gaming Rescues WarRock PH

When Amped PH announced that they will be closing down their servers, a lot of the WarRock players got so devastated they would've probably started a riot.

Fret no more, WarRock fans! Massive Gaming, the country's publisher for Mercenary Online, has just announced that they will take the helm in publishing WarRock here in the Philippines!

April 25, 2013

Game Designer Reveals Plans For Cabal Online: New Battle Style on the Works

GM VIral of Cabal EU has recently posted an interview he had with Cabal Online's head game designer Cooper, and posted it in the Cabal EU forum.

In the said interview, Cooper talks about the changes the team wants to have for the game, including plans about Mission War, dungeons, a Cross Server Matching system, and a new battle style character.

Read on and enjoy!

April 24, 2013

Razer Comms Goes Open Beta

Razer has rolled out an open beta of its Razer Comms service, something it says is a one-stop-shop sort of communications solution for gamers around the world. Razer Comms initially started off as a closed beta, which supplied the company with feedback from those who were part of the program. Using that information, changes were made to the program, and now everyone can check them out.

Razer Comms is a free all-in-one communications solution for gamers, offering crystal clear VoIP and versatile instant messaging with group chat capabilities. Built with advanced in-game overlay functionality and cross-game chat support, Razer Comms allows you to get in touch with your friends without compromising your gameplay. This is how gamers were meant to communicate.

Einherjar Releases Sacred Orb Quest

Recently Appirits, the Japanese publisher of the turn-based browser game Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood has announced some brand new quests and changes for Einherjar players since 24 April 2013 GMT+8.

Sacred Orb Quest in Einherjar

After the said date, 4 new correlated quests will be available for players at the bar in Hedeby City. They need to complete the first quest to receive a Sacred Orb then use it for next quests in order to receive valuable God Blood Crystals. Blood Crystals are very rare items that can boost certain stats of an Einherjar warrior. Odin, Thor and Freya Crystals are stronger than Valkyrie Crystals so those updated quests are certainly beneficial for players.

Moreover, there will be no time limit for the 4 new quests so players can go for them anytime they want.

In addition, the game publisher has decided to reduce constructing and upgrading time for in-game buildings by 75% to help boosting players’ progress in developing and expanding lands. Otherwise, players still can use Power to boost the time of activity to quickly gain the levels of their wish.

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April 3, 2013

Dragon Nest Kali Blade Dancer Skill Build

After posting the skill build for the now released Kali, some players are asking me for another option. Is there any other skill build for the Kali?

Of course there is!

Introducing the Blade Dancer Skill Build!

As I have posted before, the Dancer is a non-elemental character with a unique buff system. This build focuses more on damage, increasing it by 60% at max level.

·The board damage is generelly higher than Spirit Dancer, but the cooldown is generally longer.
·Melee class, can cancel skill in casting, very agile in battle
·Sword Dance has a buff which increases crit rate of sword dance skills by 30%, duration 5sec (CD 10sec).
· Has many invincible skills.
· The EX version of skills has 30% attack speed increase.
· Skills in general have longer casting time; higher difficulty to play successfully.

Amped No More by May 31, 2013

Farewell, Amped PH.

Amped PH, famous locally for releasing online games such as Tantra, Warrock, and Shaiya Online, has finally succumbed to the pressures of business and stiff local gaming competition.

Pointing "unfavorable business conditions" as the main reason, the company will cease operation on May 31, 2013. However, it seems that this sad event does not faze their personnel as they promise to continue to hold game events for the players.

Coincidentally, a lot of the players think that this is some sort of April Fools joke. Unfortunately, it isn't.

Below is Amped PH's statement:

March 28, 2013

Eiherjar Celebrates Easter with Egg Drops!

Appirits, a new online game developer and publisher in Japan today launches a brand new Easter Egg Drop event for their turn-based browser game, Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood from 27 March to 10 April 2013 (GMT+8). Based on famous tales of Vikings, Einherjar takes place in a fantasy Norse world, with players taking on the role of Viking Leaders adventuring and fighting against numerous enemies. And players should come to the game’s main site and join the latest Easter event to receive valuable in-game items.

March 26, 2013

Dragon Nest Kali Spirit Dancer Skill Build

Dragon Nest SEA will be releasing the much-awaited new class, the Kali, this April 2, 2013, as already announced by Addison Kang, producer for the game, during the Cherry Convention.

The Kali is the sixth class to be introduced in Dragon Nest. Like the elves of Anu Arendel, Kalis boast impressive flexibility and nimbleness in combat. However, compared to Archers who use bows and arrows to strike down their foes, Kalis use melee combat mixed with abilities to manipulate spirits empowering allies or debilitating foes.

March 23, 2013

Dragon Nest SEA To Release Playable Goblin Class on April 2

Addison Kang, the producer of online game phenomenon Dragon Nest SEA, has just announced via Facebook that they will implement a new patch on April 2, coinciding with a worldwide release.

This update features the new Goblin Class. To promote this new class, Cherry Credits has included a free transfer service which will enable players to change one of their pre-existing characters into a goblin.

I know, I know, it sounds like a joke (considering it will be released on April Fools) but hey, there's no harm in having fun, right?

Cabal Episode 10 Rising Force Manual Patch and Password

Cabal Episode 10 Rising Force is already live and waiting for all eager Cabal enthusiasts to explore and conquer!

Download Link: LU FTP Site

The patch file password for our manual patch is also available.
Patch Password: opforce2013

The option for auto-patching your game clients is now live. Just launch your working game clients and let it download the update_219.dat file.

To read the patch notes: Cabal Rising Force Official Patch Notes

You may visit the Rising Force micro-site for the details of the new patch.

Credits: Cabal PH
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March 11, 2013

Cabal Rising Force Official Patch Notes

After deciphering the mystery surrounding the Arcane Trace, get ready as another riveting chapter unfolds in the unforgiving lands of Nevareth!

The latest patch bring forth the FROZEN COLOSSEUM, a new inter-server player versus player (PVP) arena wherein top CABAL players can test each others strength and skills in order to settle a score or find out who is the mightiest of them all.

In addition, a new dungeon opens in the Tower of the Undead. Conquer the dangers that lurk inside in order to obtain rare items and complete the Archridium Set- the most powerful item set discovered so far.
The action is definitely heating up as the saga continues in CABAL Online.

Check out the complete update notes below and see how can you let your legend rise starting March 21, 2013!

February 23, 2013

Green Dragon Nest Guide

When Dragon Nest SEA first released the Green Dragon Nest, my Barbarian wasn't quite ready yet to face the latest beast. I had to get decent equipment first.

Well, that plan didn't work.

Due to the hard time I've been having with the Green Dragon, I have managed to scour the world wide web with a decent guide on how to defeat the menacing monster.

February 19, 2013

Softnyx Releases Smartphone Game Another Dragon

"Belronia where magic and dragons exist. Magician Beuripa killed a King of Belronia to be the king. However, he was deported after holy Dragon Knight's identity is revealed. Beuripa revived as a king of darkness with wicked power and attacked the land of human & elf with Orc troops and dark Dragon… Belronia in danger needs your help. Could you lead Dragon Knight for the peace of Belronia?

Thanks to you, Belronia defeated Orc troops, and the rest ran away to Northern island afar. Nobody knows what danger will come again, but Orc troops will be dark forever as long as you lead the holy Dragon Knight."

February 14, 2013

WolfTeam Reawakens

The long wait is finally over for Wolfteam gamers. A new mode has awakened as Werewolves are fused with much power that humans cannot even control. New weapons are made to protect the wielder and fight back against these wolves. And to make you stay in top shape, Softnyx brings you more events for Wolfteam that you could possibly imagine.

February 2, 2013

Rakion PH February Events and Updates

Rakion PH welcomes February with so much love for the players with all these events that they have prepared for this month. Featuring new items in their Shop and a Valentine's Day event that is sure to make every fan swoon, Rakion Online is surely the game to play!

February 1, 2013

TERA F2P Coming February 5

Tera's free-to-play relaunch as Tera: Rising will come on February 5, both En Masse (NA) and Gameforge (EU) has confirmed the magic date. Just in time for the launch, new in-game content will be made available. This includes a wave-based dungeon called the Crucible of Flame as well as a PvP arena offering experienced adventurers numerous new challenges and rewards.

January 23, 2013

Cabal Online Episode 10 Rising Force Part III: Evolution Patch Notes

ESTsoft has finally unveiled the last part of the latest patch for their hit online game, Cabal Online. Entitled Part III: Evolution, the game with the tagline Revolution of Action will indeed revolutionize not only Cabal but the entire way we all see online games.

The interesting part about this part of the patch is the addition of Synergy, which would enhance a character's BM3 with additional stat attributes when activated. This also features the addition of items that will enable players to unbind the Prideus Bracelet and Drosnin Earrings.

As of the moment, there's still no news about when this patch will be released but we can safely assume that this will come around March or April.

Read on for more information.

January 18, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Philippines: Coming Soon!

When Ragnarok Online 2 was first announced, you can imagine how excited everyone was, especially the Filipino RO players who hold a special place in their hearts for the said game, it being the first MMORPG in the country.

When Ragnarok Online 2 announced that it IP-banned the Philippines from accessing the game, you can also imagine the disappointment the Pinoy fans felt, to the point that their desperation led them to look for various ways just so they'd be able to play.

Fret no more, Pinoys! Ragnarok Online 2 is soon coming our way!

January 15, 2013

Razer Edge: The Tablet For All Your Gaming Needs

Simply put, the Razer Edge is a pure gaming tablet. But it’s not that simple. With the right accessories, the Edge transforms from a tablet to a gaming machine to a desktop. Picture the Microsoft Surface Pro but instead of being designed for productivity, it’s a portable gaming rig.

Razer introduced its gaming tablet concept at CES 2012. Called Project Fiona then, the company turned to its millions of fans on social networks and used the last year to essentially crowd-design the final project. It’s not a stretch to say the Razer Edge was built by gamers for gamers.

January 14, 2013

Dragon Nest SEA 450.Mark Patch Notes and Manual Patch Download

Cherry Credits, the publisher of the South-East Asian server of the Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) – Dragon Nest, celebrates the 450th day of the game’s service in the SEA region on a very large patch dubbed as the 450.MARK

The patch includes surprises like updates, fixes, and changes in the game. On that day, they’ll also be giving away free Skill Initialization Scrolls (available only for 7 days) to all DN SEA players.