June 28, 2013

How to Top-up Your Dragon Nest Account If You're in the Philippines

We all know that we lost a little (perhaps a lot to others) convenience when LC never renewed their whatzits galore with our beloved Cherry Credits. This, however, is not the end of Lagendia!

They offered other channels wherein we could still enjoy those plump maraschino cherries for our Cash Shop needs, such as 7-Eleven and AllServe. Other than that, I do not recommend using Level Up Cards. Aside from the fact the LU is unreliable, players who have once played an LU game knows that the company is messed up.

By the way, I would like to concentrate on 7-Eleven electronic reloading process since it is accessible to some, if not most, people as well as it's a familiar sight in most populated areas. Some stores don't carry Physical Scratch Cards as of the moment so this is your last resort if you happen to be inside the said convenience store and got no other place to grab those cherries.

Warning though, some of the shop staff might not know that they could sell the cherries that we all want to purchase any time so here's what I did.
Step 1: Approach the counter. (You might be queuing for some time if there are a lot of customers like you. Lol.)

Step 2: Ask for an ECPay transaction. This is the tricky part. Most of the time (which kinda happened to me until just this late afternoon) they would be all (oo) at you and would probably cause you to be bothered and be irate at some point, but chill! Fret not... You've still got another shot!

If they don't seem to comprehend what you've been talking about, try asking TxtAPin for Cherry Credits. Most likely they will understand it as soon as they've heard it, since it's used often for reselling other cards (like prepaid cable TV credits or mobile phone load).

In case they still can't cater to your Cherry craving, proceed to the Ultimate step.

Step 3: They will then punch in the denomination you want (100, 350, or 1050 Php) and you will see the transaction details on the small monitor at the counter. Have your phone ready! Since it's an ECPay transaction, they will send the ePIN directly to a designated mobile number (yours most of the time).

Step 4: Confirm by checking your mobile's inbox for a two-part SMS from the sender ECPay with the CC Serial Number and PIN as well as the transaction information.

Step 5: Proceed with the checkout process. Pay using cash or a card and walk away from the counter with your Cherry Credits reload info tucked in your inbox. And don't forget the receipt just in case you would have trouble pumping it to your account!

ULTIMATE STEP: In case you ended just 'til Step 2, don't hesitate to ask for a store manager or a supervisor. They will be more than willing to assist you, since it's the part of your right as a customer. Be sure to ask nicely and you will be rewarded accordingly. (:])

I've got some issues regarding this in the past, and today, I'm quite happy that they were able to address my concern well despite the lengthy explanation jazz I had with another store.

On the other hand, let's talk about AllServe. It's actually like LoadCentral, however they are actually akin to a credit converter; you load AllServe credits to your account (if you have one) using a proprietary card, then you convert it to a Cherry Credits ePIN or some other PIN that you might need. Or, you might just go ahead and visit a retailer in your area and ask for a CC PIN and pay it outright.

I tried to ask them where can I get AllServe credits since I've got an account set up and I'm surprised that it's not readily available in some areas yet, though the future seems bright for this reloading channel.

They have a Facebook page if you find their website a little confusing, and they are quite helpful, not to mention they respond quickly during office hours. Just message them or try commenting on their post regarding Cherry Credits at www.facebook.com/pages/AllServe. They even called me up to help me look for a nearby retailer of AllServe credits, and all I can say is wow. Despite my provincial location (I'm in Laguna, by the way), they found one near me that was a jeepney ride away (and the fare just costs 16 Php, back and forth, so more savings for me) and provided me with details and the exact address too. Two thumbs up.

Finally, there are ECPay Merchants scattered in the Philippines, such as pawnshops and other establishments. I haven't tried one yet, but I'll see if I could get my CC there soon since it can be one of our viable options in case the nearest 7-Eleven would be, say, 10 miles away. After checking the merchant list, it seems that there are A LOT of options there waiting to be exploited by hungry gamers. I'll be updating this as soon as I can find other merchants that could provide CC aside from the two stated above.

It's quite sad to have the ease of LC reloading taken away from us, but hey, let's just broaden our field of vision (literally speaking) and who knows, your personal Cherry Credits orchard might just be around the corner.

Credits: Cherrykuns of DN SEA forum
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