May 24, 2012

Eligium: The Chosen One Is Coming!

Eligium - The Chosen One is coming to the Philippines! During Domination 6 (April 21, 2012), the mmorpg from Shanda Games (the same guys who brought you Dragon Nest), has been revealed.

Level Up! by Playweb Games together with Shanda Games and Goldcool Games will bring the massive PVP fantasy game locally. Like what I've said before, one of the greatest features of this game is its unique pet & mount system wherein players will have to take care of their pet eggs in order to have a good mount (ala tamagotchi). Another feature that everyone should look out is its guild vs guild and faction vs faction where 200 players can wage war (rumored).

May 9, 2012

Port MALAYA Brings Pinoy Theme in Ragnarok Online

Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) goes local this summer as Level Up! unveils the most awaited patch since the game was introduced to Filipinos almost nine years ago. The patch, called Port Malaya, is the first Philippine-themed RO game map featuring myths, legends, places and situations that are all uniquely Pinoy. The patch is already available today, May 9, and will be rolled out globally within the next three months.

I heard about this new expansion the world of Ragnarok a couple of months ago. I'm always excited and happy to find out whenever I hear that creatures from Philippine myth are being used in stories, shows, games that are made by foreign companies; like the time a suspect in CSI was said to be an aswang and those episodes when Blade came over to the Philippines and fought a giant manananggal.

So, it's great to see how players here and around the world will learn more about our myth and folklore. Check out the Malaya map of Ragnarok, that's filled with tikbalang, mananaggal, bangungot and a bakunawa.

Dragonica SEA Closing Down Soon

Dragonica SEA publisher IAH Games announced that they will end the game's service and close Singapore and Malaysia Server on May 30, 2012. The closure of the game is due to the licensing contract with Gravity is about to expire, said IAH Games.

Level Up and E-Games: Merged to Expand Market

Two of the Philippines' leading online game companies - Level Up! Inc. (LUI) and IP E-Game Ventures Inc. (E-Games), have formally merged their respective online gaming businesses on May 8, 2012. As the most dominant publisher in the Philippines - Playweb Games Inc. (PWG), the union of the two now establishes LUI's associated game publishing company, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the Philippine online games market with 41 million registered users and 3 million active users. The online game business of them is expected to double the distribution capacity after merging.

May 1, 2012

Dragon Nest Engineer Skill Build

The Academic is the latest character on Dragon Nest Sea, this lively youngster, Academic has way in to the most cutting-edge future tech weaponry, giving her devastating weapons. At level 15, she can decide to develop her skills and specializing on her 2nd job which is either to become an Engineer or an Alchemist.

This post is dedicated to those who want to choose the path of an Engineer. The Engineer is a range battle type class that uses her weaponry to crush her enemies with mechanical constructs and raw explosive power. Summoning mechanical robots Alfredo and Mechaducks to dish out independent attacks are her abilities.