May 9, 2012

Dragonica SEA Closing Down Soon

Dragonica SEA publisher IAH Games announced that they will end the game's service and close Singapore and Malaysia Server on May 30, 2012. The closure of the game is due to the licensing contract with Gravity is about to expire, said IAH Games.

It is with deep regret to announce that your IAH family and Gravity Games come to a mutual agreement not to renew the licenses of two regions - Dragonica Singapore and Malaysia Server. All services for Dragonica Singapore and Malaysia will be ceased on 30th May 2012.

Dragonica SEA started open beta in May 2009 and then released several updates including Chapter 2: Revenge of Paris, Chapter 3: Reign of Frost and Chapter 4: Elga Unleashed. The game is available in English and Chinese language.

IAH Games will host series of events (see below) to show their appreciation to the gamers. Besides, Dragonica players can leave their messages here to share their thoughts and bid farewell to their friends.

5th May 2012 13:00 (GMT+8)
- All items in the Cash Shop will be reduced to 1 Cash Points.

23th May 2012 15:00 (GMT+8)
- Dragonica gamers who have remaining Cash Points in their account will be able to get exclusive starter package to 3 games of IAHGames. (Fifa Online 2, Granado Espada and Counter Strike Online). Codes will be distributed via eDM (To registered email from IAHGames passport)

25th May 2012 12:00 (GMT+8)
- For gamers who top up from 28th of April 12:00hrs to 5th of May, 12:00hrs, the amount will be returned and credited to iWallet on 25th May 2012

9th -29th May2012
- Online Events (Crazy Hour Exp Boost, Upgrading / Item Enhancement Event)

30th May 2012 12:00 (GMT+8)
- Countdown to the final hour of Dragonica
- End of online service.

Credits: MMOsite
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