May 9, 2012

Port MALAYA Brings Pinoy Theme in Ragnarok Online

Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) goes local this summer as Level Up! unveils the most awaited patch since the game was introduced to Filipinos almost nine years ago. The patch, called Port Malaya, is the first Philippine-themed RO game map featuring myths, legends, places and situations that are all uniquely Pinoy. The patch is already available today, May 9, and will be rolled out globally within the next three months.

I heard about this new expansion the world of Ragnarok a couple of months ago. I'm always excited and happy to find out whenever I hear that creatures from Philippine myth are being used in stories, shows, games that are made by foreign companies; like the time a suspect in CSI was said to be an aswang and those episodes when Blade came over to the Philippines and fought a giant manananggal.

So, it's great to see how players here and around the world will learn more about our myth and folklore. Check out the Malaya map of Ragnarok, that's filled with tikbalang, mananaggal, bangungot and a bakunawa.

There is a place of legend, where the spirits of nature mingle with the stuff of fairy tales. The people of Port Malaya have lived in peace for a long time, but a dark force is slowly creeping in, corrupting everything and turning once harmless spirits into fearful monsters!

The citizens of Port Malaya need courageous new heroes to combat this threat and rid their once-peaceful land of evil once and for all. Will you answer the call?

Get ready to go on an adventure closer to home as Philippine Ragnarok Online prepares to launch its most anticipated update, Episode 25: Port Malaya! Explore a whole new world and battle monsters based on our own Philippine folklore and legend!

“Port Malaya brings a new world for gamers to explore,” says Roy Inciong, Playweb Games Inc. Brand Group Head and RO1 Senior Brand Manager. “We’re keeping the fun of the game alive in RO and we hope to stoke gamer interest by infusing characters and scenarios that show all these interesting aspects of Philippine culture and beliefs. Something that all pRO players will be familiar with.”

Imagine playing RO and entering a haunted hospital where rest will not come easy unless you defeat the dream monster, “Bangungot.” Expect the fierce-looking but benevolent horse of Filipino folklore, the Tikbalang, to make an appearance and play tricks on those that pass its way. Then there’s the gigantic bat-like creature feared by children in Cebu called “Wak Wak.” According to old folks, the “Wak Wak” has long sharp claws and a pair of wings that make noisy flapping sounds when it flies, hence its name. When one hears the “Wak Wak” loudly, it means it is far. But when it is near, you will hardly hear a sound especially when it is about to attack, using its claws to slash its prey across the chest area to feed on the victim’s heart.

Port Malaya has contemporary characters like the imp called Bungisngis or the playful and sometimes annoying “Jejelings,” inspired by the “Jejemon phenomenon.” There are also references to popular spots in the Philippines like Pagsanjan Falls and Luneta, the new Prontera, where one will meet the amiable Rodel, who drives a jeepney.

Inciong says Level Up! has high hopes for Port Malaya in terms of encouraging more RO players to play the game and attracting new players. “Over the years, RO has been able to keep fresh with regular content updates and strong gamer community involvement. It’s unique because it has managed to retain a solid gamer base in the Philippines ,” he says. “The community has grown so much as well.”

A very scary looking bakunawa

The Bakunawa trying to be cute

A very kawaii bangungot

a jejeling ... probably the scariest monster from Philippine myth

the manananggal that's also a nurse

this tikbalang looks tough

psycho tiyanak

Credits: TreseKomix, Codamon
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  2. Good idea of creating a Philippine concept area in Ragnarok PH, enemies are Philippine mythology too ^_^