May 24, 2012

Eligium: The Chosen One Is Coming!

Eligium - The Chosen One is coming to the Philippines! During Domination 6 (April 21, 2012), the mmorpg from Shanda Games (the same guys who brought you Dragon Nest), has been revealed.

Level Up! by Playweb Games together with Shanda Games and Goldcool Games will bring the massive PVP fantasy game locally. Like what I've said before, one of the greatest features of this game is its unique pet & mount system wherein players will have to take care of their pet eggs in order to have a good mount (ala tamagotchi). Another feature that everyone should look out is its guild vs guild and faction vs faction where 200 players can wage war (rumored).

Eligium: The Chosen One is an MMORPG with very unique elements and guarantees several hours of enjoyable gameplay. Its massive Guild vs. Guild and Faction vs. Faction PvP battles, enormous world map to explore, several instances and a large amount of quests make Eligium a game which will keep you absorbed and entertained on your path to become “The Chosen One”.

Behind Eligium’s average looking graphics and generic combat are some truly interesting and unique features to be found in the game. A few of the aforementioned features include: a unique mount- and pet-system which lets you raise your mounts and pets from infancy, after hatching them from their eggs, a skill mastery system which makes your skills stronger every time you use them, several class advancements (called class tiers in the game) and large Guild vs. Guild or Faction vs. Faction PvP battles.

Download the Eligium PH CBT Client today via the link below courtesy of Level Up! and Playweb Games:
Eligium Philippines Closed Beta Test Client Link:

Note: Wait for further announcements about the CBT date. Gamers are advised NOT to install the game client until CBT date is announced. Stay tuned for more updates!

Download and get your beta accounts soon here

Credits: Samhok, Codamon, MMOhuts
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