March 30, 2014

Kingdom Under Fire II Gets a Philippine Server

Kingdom Under Fire II Philippines, the newest online video game, is set to launch on April 2014 by Leadhope Digital Inc., a local subsidiary of Leadhope with headquarters in Hong Kong. The launch will start with an Elite Close Beta Test with only a handful of special guests invited, then followed by the Open Beta where everyone who registers for an account can play. Finally the Commercial Launch which features the opening of the Cash Shop where players can buy virtual items for real cash.

March 20, 2014

Assassin Arrives as Dragon Nest's 7th Class

The 7th and newest class for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Dragon Nest, was released for South-East Asian servers last Tuesday, March 18. Cherry Credits proudly announced that the Assassin will be made available on the SEA servers together with the Guardian Nest in Solo and Normal mode.

The most notable change in the Dragon Nest patch is introduction of the Assassin to players. A class based on Strength and Agility, the Assassin conceals himself within the shadows to take his enemies’ lives unnoticed, using a scimitar or crook.

March 14, 2014

Dragon Nest Assassin Ripper Skill Build

As promised, here's a pretty good build for the Assassin's 2nd job, the Ripper.

Compared to the Raven type, the Ripper is a fire elemental. It is a melee type with high speed combos and short skill cool down. However, fire elemental is relatively harder to stack. Nevertheless, fire resist monster are less encountered, and he has built-in fire buff (almost permanent). The Ripper's elemental aura is easily available as compared to the much rarer dark attack buff percentage from Raven. Furthermore, since you can equip high level accessories without the need to use low level tough accessories, Ripper has much higher raw stats than Raven. On the contrary, the skill damage of Ripper tend to be lower than Raven.

For those who like fast combo, you should pick Ripper. Attack speed 50% increase is available for most Ripper main skills; along with the +30% attack speed increase from Cripple Punisher, the attack speed of the Ripper is very fast.

Again, feedback is very much welcome.

Let's proceed to the skill build!

Dragon Nest Assassin Raven Skill Build

In celebration of the coming of the Assassin to Dragon Nest SEA, I now present to you guys what I believe is the best PVE and PVP skill build in the entire worldwide web.

Okay, perhaps that last part isn't exactly true, though I hope some would agree with me eventually, and I'd definitely appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Now, what I have here is for the Raven type, one of the second job changes for the Assassin. Although the Raven and the Ripper (which is the other 2nd job change, which I'll also be posting a skill guide for in just a little while) are both elemental based, the Raven is more of a dark elemental type, with mid-range attacks and high burst, high skill damage. However, the disadvantages are the abundance of dark resist mobs and the low level of tough accessories (which gives high dark attack percentage). To make up for that, Raven has very high skill board damage (in fact, it's the highest among all elemental classes).

For those who prefer mid-range and burst damage, you should consider picking Raven. Raven has very fast casting and burst DPS skills.

Enough chatter. On to the skill builds!

March 8, 2014

Dragon Nest SEA: The Assassin's Here!

Dragon Nest SEA producer, Addison Kang, has just given the best announcement yet for the world's number 1 action MMO.

He himself cannot contain his excitement, changing his Facebook profile's cover photo with the wallpaper of the silhouette of the much awaited new Assassin class last February 20, 2014.

Finally, Mr. Kang broke his silence yesterday, March 7, 2014, by formally announcing that the Assassin will be released on the upcoming game patch. However, the new class' 2nd Job Specialization will be only be limited to that of the Chaser, which has the Ripper and Raven jobs.

To further hype up this update, Dragon Nest SEA has launched an event, encouraging players to create Assassin memes. Winners of the contest will be rewarded with a Nyan Nyan gesture for their Assassin character upon its release. Visit the Dragon Nest SEA Facebook page for more details.

So I'll be off now, finally get my Warrior to Level 70, and prepare for the coming of my favorite class in any game I've ever played, the Assassin!

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