March 14, 2014

Dragon Nest Assassin Ripper Skill Build

As promised, here's a pretty good build for the Assassin's 2nd job, the Ripper.

Compared to the Raven type, the Ripper is a fire elemental. It is a melee type with high speed combos and short skill cool down. However, fire elemental is relatively harder to stack. Nevertheless, fire resist monster are less encountered, and he has built-in fire buff (almost permanent). The Ripper's elemental aura is easily available as compared to the much rarer dark attack buff percentage from Raven. Furthermore, since you can equip high level accessories without the need to use low level tough accessories, Ripper has much higher raw stats than Raven. On the contrary, the skill damage of Ripper tend to be lower than Raven.

For those who like fast combo, you should pick Ripper. Attack speed 50% increase is available for most Ripper main skills; along with the +30% attack speed increase from Cripple Punisher, the attack speed of the Ripper is very fast.

Again, feedback is very much welcome.

Let's proceed to the skill build!

For more information about this skill build, you may check out this discussion.

Credits: MMOsite
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