April 28, 2012

Soccer Viva Online Open Beta On May 8

Today GameCyber announces that the unveiling version of “Soccer Viva Online”, a soccer simulation on-line game, will launch on May 8, 2012. “Soccer Viva Online”keeps developing with a sense of enthusiasm and ideals to provide players the most realistic and entertaining game. It is easy to start this game as you can play it anytime without wasting time downloading.

More importantly, created with an aggressive, passionate and competitive atmosphere, 《Soccer Viva Online》is way more interesting than the other soccer web game in terms of its novel features.

Aika Online Releases Four Updates

Aika Online's "four surprise updates" bring in the game some new contents including hellish challenge mode for Lost Mines dungeon, new Archeology quest series and two events.

The Lost Mines have been revamped with special hellish encounters guaranteed to bring the most veteran Aitan to their knees when faced with new monsters and vicious bosses. Elite players who clear the new East Hell Mode will win the materials to craft four new powerful accessory sets that boost your stats and illustrates your glorious victory.

April 26, 2012

Cabal Expansion Part VI: Arcane Trace

Here are the Korean Server's patch notes to Cabal Online's next release, Arcane Trance. Enjoy the awesomeness!

For the earlier patch notes, please check the following:
Cabal Episode 9 put to the test
Cabal Episode 9 already in the works

Cross Fire Philippine Team is now searching for its representatives for 2012!

After the Pride of Champions League (PCL) which happened from August 19, 2011 to September 18, 2011 nationwide, top 8 teams emerged. Team MOTV from Cebu won the grand title while Cristal (formerly AZK) and Saintz from Manila raced runners up accordingly. Gameclub sent the one and only Crossfire Philippine Team who proudly represented the Philippines at the most highly anticipated e-sports gaming festival---World Cyber Games last December 8-11, 2011, in Busan, Korea.
This May 2012, Crossfire will once again invade the regions from Luzon to Mindanao holding onsite tournaments and finals like never seen before. The best team might get a good chance to represent the country in the prestigious World Cyber Games 2012 in China happening late this year.

April 15, 2012

Cabal Episode 9 Put To The Test

ESTsoft's follow-up to the yet unreleased Episode 8 is currently in the Korean Test Servers and has been going pretty well. With a new accessory, dance, and tweaked crafting system, we can expect Cabal to be better than ever when this patch gets implemented.

For now, we just have to wait a little while longer since Episode 8 is still nowhere in sight to going live.

I have decided to create a separate post for the Test Server Patch Notes for easy updating.

April 6, 2012

Cabal Episode 9 Already in The Works

Cabal Episode 8 has not even been implemented in the Philippines yet but ESTsoft already has a follow up to it!

They are currently testing it, and of course, is subject to a lot of changes and additions, depending on how they would all fare during the test.

Read on for more details!