April 28, 2012

Aika Online Releases Four Updates

Aika Online's "four surprise updates" bring in the game some new contents including hellish challenge mode for Lost Mines dungeon, new Archeology quest series and two events.

The Lost Mines have been revamped with special hellish encounters guaranteed to bring the most veteran Aitan to their knees when faced with new monsters and vicious bosses. Elite players who clear the new East Hell Mode will win the materials to craft four new powerful accessory sets that boost your stats and illustrates your glorious victory.

Explore Lakia's mysterious past and find the keys to open treasures and recover powerful historical relics. A new archaeology quest series offers Aitan of all levels the ability to recover pieces of powerful ancient gear sets and other extraordinary items spread across the land. Combine your findings into Ancient Aitan Commander Gear, find a rare Relic Box, and prove you're the most powerful Aitan ever!

Players will need all these upgrades and more when they begin competing today for the title of greatest Dungeon Delver! The party that clears Lost Mine's East Hell Mode in the shortest time will win a reward for each party member. If any party manages to get the best time and clear the dungeon without a single death, each party member will get 5x the reward! The race begins today and final times will be judged on May 2, so find a party now and dive into the terrifying mines.

Aitan may also choose to roam the land and spread fear in the hearts of their opponents to become The Deadliest Aitan. Whoever slays the most individual opponents in PvP by April 29 will be the proud owner of a complete Shooting Star Armor Set. Cleric versus cleric and warrior versus warrior, this event is bracketed by class to give everyone a chance to win.

Credits: MMOsite
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