April 28, 2012

Soccer Viva Online Open Beta On May 8

Today GameCyber announces that the unveiling version of “Soccer Viva Online”, a soccer simulation on-line game, will launch on May 8, 2012. “Soccer Viva Online”keeps developing with a sense of enthusiasm and ideals to provide players the most realistic and entertaining game. It is easy to start this game as you can play it anytime without wasting time downloading.

More importantly, created with an aggressive, passionate and competitive atmosphere, 《Soccer Viva Online》is way more interesting than the other soccer web game in terms of its novel features.

Besides, we stress the interaction among players as of great importance. Not only can you meet  other players in the match or during chat box, but players have the opportunity to cooperate with each other in competition through different ways we provided.

Soccer Carnival

Be ready to face new challenges and explore new soccer players as you compete with other teams from all parts of the world. The Soccer Carnival system and more upcoming exciting events will be the essential features in your adventures in “Soccer Viva Online”. Stay with us for further updated information.

We invite you to join “Soccer Viva Online” and help us create a wonderful in-game atmosphere for all players. Furthermore, we have prepared some helpful events, in order for players to easily get started right from the beginning of the game!
We are pleased to announce that the Open Bate of “Soccer Viva Online” will be able to release on May 08, 2012!
*The exact time of launching will be announced next week
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If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.
《Soccer Viva Online》reloadable visa mycard
《Soccer Viva Online》Online Report page: http://en.web.gamecyber.net/gcFaq/svo/contact.htm
《Soccer Viva Online》 Official home page: http://svo.gamecyber.net/
《Soccer Viva Online》 Facebook fan group: http://www.facebook.com/gc.svo

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