May 31, 2009

Blade and Soul: Will It Reach Philippine Shores?

Many people have been requesting for Blade and Soul. Players are practically begging gaming managements to acquire this highly anticipated MMORPG.

Considering that it is still under development, it sure is making so much noise in the online gaming scene.

Blade and Soul is under development by NCSoft, and the characters in this oriental style MMORPG are designed by the well-known illustrator Hyung Tae Kim. It is set in an oriental fantasy world and will use Unreal Engine 3.

The game also features a Flying Skill

The game will officially be announced on the 13th of July this year and is expected to begin Close Beta Testing on the 4th Quarter of this year, while the official launch will be on 2010.


There will be three races for players to choose from but only two have been officially revealed, namely Jin and Gon. The third race, with fox-like features, will be implemented, possibly for higher level characters.

Jin - Visually similar to humans, Jin specialize in sword-based combat.

Gon - Physically stronger and larger than Jin, Gon specialize in hand-to-hand combat.

Unnamed Fox-like Race - Small and petite characters with fox-like tails and ears, they seem to specialize in speed-based combat. There is speculation that they can transform into a fox-like were-form as seen in the trailer.

Video Secrets:

If you run the video slowly, you will be able to identify an undisclosed class and see arrows and cones which serves unknown purposes.

1. The 3rd Race

The small character who appeared in the video to be one of the undisclosed race.

Its weapons and special characteristics are still unknown, but the video showed us this new race

Also, Gon’s ability to grow horns is one of its race-specific skill, probably could result in a different number of race-specific skill to each race.

2. The Mysterious Pointer

If you watch the video frame by frame, you will be able to see the mysterious pointer/arrow.

In the video, the arrow appears 3 times and colored differently. We have no clue what it does. Since it shows up near mobs, we think it indicates certain skills are usable.

3. Cone indicator

We were also able to locate couple cone-shaed-pointers. The cone–which appears a total of 4 times–indicates places where the characters land from jumps or the “swift jump” skill.

In the video, we noticed that characters always landed on the spot indicated by the cone after running along a wall. This appears twice in the video.

4. Transformation?

The video also includes scene where a wolf-like character running. It’s little odd that a mob is running at full speed for no reason. Also, the camera was fixed to the character, so we concluded that it’s a user-controlled character.

6. The Clan System

We were also able to spot a group of characters from one clan. Clan is indicated as [Clan Name].

7. Races


The first class revealed was Jin who uses sword. Jin has slashing, piercing, throwing, and rushing skills. Also, there is a skill that attacks multiple opponents simultaneously and that summons swords which appears to be a race-specific skill.

There also seems to be a skill that attacks all the enemies behind the primary target. You can see the above same damage effect of 291 on two characters.

This is the most flashy attacking skill seen in the video. Apparently, the character was beaten to death by the mobs soon after using the skill. It’s supposed to be a finishing skill.

Jin can also rush with a sword in hand.

There is a sword throwing skill. The sword returns after giving damaging to the opponent.

Jin’s race-specific skill which summons multiple swords. Although it is possible that they are merely spirits of the sword.


The 2nd class revealed was Gon. Gon uniqueness comes from its glove-like weapons. There is a blocking, moving [behind the opponent], massive pounding, and mid-air combo skills. There is a race-specific skill which grows horns from their back. Despite its colorful effect, its purpose is unknown.

Gon blocks the enemy attack. With a sound effect, the attacker is momentarily stunned.

This character carves a Chinese character on the ground by stomping. It is supposed to attack enemies in front.

The female Gon pushes back the opponent with her back. It has a stunning visual effect.

The famous pounding scene. The skill includes face-punching, two-hand smash, and arm-breaking which casts like a combo. It also includes a head-butt.

A move skill that allows you to move behind or to a side an enemy. It does not do any damage, but you can quickly shift your position.

The race-skill that grows horns. It casts with a fantastic visual effect, but its uses is unknown.

Filipino Gaming?

My insiders have informed me that Level Up Games is keen on acquiring Blade and Soul - they already have their eye on it since late December of this year. Allegedly, they have been talking to the bosses of NCSoft to gear for a simultaneous CBT with Korea. This means that the Filipino gamers might be given the chance to be among the world's first to have the look and feel of how awesome this game actually is.

No confirmation has been made yet regarding this information, but whether or not Filipinos get to be among the international beta testers does not matter much as long as any local gaming company actually wants to welcome Blade and Soul into our local scene.

Credit: MMOSite, BasCentral, BnS and NCSoft

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May 28, 2009

Aztec360: The Forum For Real Pinoy Gamers

Are you a Pinoy gamer?

Are you a Pinoy gamer who plays multiple titles?

Are you a Pinoy gamer who plays multiple titles from different gaming companies?

Are you a Pinoy multi-title gamer who loves to interact with fellow gamers through a forum?

Online gaming, console, LAN, or simply a techie, Aztec360 is the forum for you!

Aztec360 is a new online gaming community made for all kinds of gamers. They cover every online game in the Philippine gaming scene, rants and raves about consoles and their respective games from Sony Playstation to Nintendo Wii and everything in between, and check out the coolest PC hardware and software for you.

When you're already weary from all the playing, check out the Hang Out section wherein members can talk about anything under the sun and discuss non-gaming topics.

Go to Aztec360 and experience the ultimate Pinoy gaming high.

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May 27, 2009

Cabal Episode 3: Soul and Siena Minor Changes

This is taken from GM Viral's Developer's Notes as posted on the Cabal Online Blog of Cabal EU.

These are minor changes that will make a big, but good, difference in the world of Cabal.

The first one is the simple addition of giving you the option to enable and disable the auto-attack function by simply pressing ‘ctrl+A’. There is a system message that pops up.

The blur is just there to highlight the important parts, nothing more

There is no other indication as to what the status of the auto-attack function is, so you cannot see if it is on or off, but at the same time playing on a Blader, Force Blader or Force Archer, it makes a pleasant change from going into the Options Menu to set auto-attack On or Off every time you want to change. If you have never played one of these three classes you might not understand what the big deal is, but anyone who likes using the second Battle Mode should be happy enough by this admittedly minor change.

Mission War Rewards

From the patch notes:

1. Added item - Buff Capsule Cube
A. Gain items – ‘Hardness Capsule (LV 1)’ ~ ‘Hardness Capsule (LV 8)’ by mouse right clicking buff capsule
B. Item property: able to sell NPC shop / unable to do personal trade

A. Change
- Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube to each character which scored 30 and above by the end of mission war
(1) Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube(Low) to level 52 ~ 94 characters
(2) Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube(Medium) to level 95 ~ 149 characters
(3) Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube(High) to level 150 ~ 170 characters
- Reward winning nation for war cost and winning share by Alz

You get a Buff Capsule Cube at the end of the Mission War. In this cube you get a potion, which can be used like any other potion – you right click on it to activate, then you get some added defense for 180 seconds. These potions cannot be dropped, and cannot be traded. However, using them might be the last thing you want to do.

Buff Capsule Selling Price:

Level 52-94
Potion (low) – 100 000 (one hundred thousand)
Potion (medium) - 1 000 000 (one million)
Potion (high) – 10 000 000 (ten million)

Level 95-149
Potion (low) – 300 000 (three hundred thousand)
Potion (medium) – 500 000 (five hundred thousand)
Potion (high) – 5 000 000 (five million)
Potion (excellent) – 50 000 000 (fifty million)

Level 150-170
Potion (low) – 500 000 (five hundred thousand)
Potion (medium) – 1 000 000 (one million)
Potion (high) – 10 000 000 (ten million)
Potion (excellent) – 100 000 000 (one hundred million)

Those figures are the prices that the NPC will give for those potions, should you choose to sell them for some reason. Of course, before the inevitable flood of cries in the line of ‘That’s not fair! Great, more money to those with luck! Etc, etc.’ we should consider the following. Firstly, GM Viral is going to go out on a limb and suggest that the highest level potions will be much rarer than the more common ones (call it an educated guess, made by looking at the information we received), and secondly due to the current deflation any surge of money coming into the system will be a good thing. Sure, it might not be you getting that 100 million, but 100 million more into the system might just mean that you manage to sell some of your own items.

Now for something a bit more interesting, at least to those who use costumes as well as weapons skins. This screenshot was taken immediately after logging in.

The outlined costume and weapon skin were both applied at the same time, on login. Unfortunately this character is a Shielder, so it seems only one costume and one skin gets applied – going by the same rule as we already got used to, the first one in the inventory. So, Force Shielders and Force Bladers wanting to use a skin for both Blade/Katana and Orb/Crystal will still have to manually activate one of the two. This is another small change, just like the one giving you the option to enable/disable the auto-attack function merely by pressing Ctrl+A – and yet it is a very good one.

Another very minor change is that the honour points you gain from mobs are now displayed at once. In the past if you killed two mobs at once on a war map you would see the status message ‘…increased by 2’ (or however much you receive for one kill) repeated twice, whereas after this update you will see only one message if you have two kills with one skill. So, from ‘…increased by 2’ repeated twice you will now see ‘…increased by 4’ only once.

Security System

The short version:

--You will be able to set a password (4-digit number) on your character selection screen, inventory and warehouse.

--You will be able to assign this number yourself

--You will be able to assign an answer to one of a set of pre-defined questions, in order to help you recover the password should you forget it. The questions are pre-defined, and you can type the answer with the normal keyboard.

--Setting these passwords is optional. You do not have to apply them if you don't want to.

What is good is that you can set different passwords for every instance – you can have a different password for your Equipment and your Warehouse. And, it must be noted, the Inventory password might as well be called the equipment password, since once you have locked it you can still move items out of your inventory – only items that are equipped on your character cannot be accessed in any way.

The password for the warehouse is simpler – if it is locked you can see everything in the warehouse, but you cannot move any items in or out of it – it is very much like a real-life lock.

If you do lock your warehouse/equipment they will remain locked until you enter the 4-digit number to unlock them. The passwords will also be the same for all characters on the account, so you only have to set it on one character to have it applied to all.

Now, let’s take a quick look at what will probably prove to be the more controversial lock: the one on your character selection screen. From the patch notes:

Sub Password Mechanics

--When logged in with the same IP as before during the configured time frame, the password check will not appear.

--Sub Password check will appear when logged in with different IP during configured time frame.

--Checks Sub Password if configured time is passed regardless of login IP.

This check is only valid on the character screen (we have yet to confirm the IP check on the warehouse/equipment locks) but what this means is as you enter the password – if you have set one, of course, you do not have to set a password if you do not want to – you get to choose a timeframe, either one, two or three hours. If you then relog during this time you will not have to enter the password again if you login with the same IP number as before. If you set the password time for 3 hours, and log out, and then log in again 5 hours later you will have to enter the password again, regardless of the IP associated with the login.

Think of this as a key to a house. You already have a lock on the door – your first password. Now you have another lock installed on that door as well, but it is up to you if you want to use it or not. No one will force you to use the second lock, even though turning the key to open it only takes a second or two of your time, and it will lock by itself. It just gives you that added bit of security, so even if someone gains access to your account they cannot login to the game with your characters, and then even if they do manage to login they will be unable to access your warehouse or the equipment that you are wearing at the time.

GM Viral has tried it during all the time that he has been testing the new update, and stresses that it really takes very little time to set up the password, and entering it every time takes a second or two. Added security is a good thing, and not as inconvenient as it might seem at first glance.

Credits: PM Jay of Cabal Online PH for the banner and GM Viral of Cabal Online Forum EU for the images and articles.

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May 21, 2009

Cabal SigMetal Armor Stats

More SigMetal Equipment images to heighten up your excitement!

SigMetal Armor Set:

SigMetal Martial Set:

SigMetal Battle Set:

Is your character fit to be equipped with such awesome gear? Let's find out.

SigMetal Gear Stats and Requirement:

SigMetal Epaulets Stats and Requirements:

Cabal Episode 3 Soul and Siena will be invading your Cabal world this June!

Credits: Cabal KR and Cabal Online Forum for the images.

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May 20, 2009

Cabal Episode 3: Soul and Siena Coming Soon to the Philippines

Here are the Developer's Notes posted last May 12, 2009:

CABAL Online
“Soul & Siena”

[New Content]

1. Altar of Siena B1F (New Dungeon)

(1) Entry Requirement
- Character Level 135 or above, Battle Style Level of 11 or above

(2) Entry Item
- Siena’s Crest B1F
- Drops in the Lake Side and higher level maps

(3) Dungeon Location
- Mutant Forest (X: 123, Y: 97)
- The Warp Point will be available to the winning side of the Mission War.

2. Intro Quest to “Altar of Siena B1F”

(1) Quest from Strange Merchant
- Quest can be earned from Strange Merchant of Mutant Forest

3. “Soul Ability” System

(1) Soul Ability System is?
- Ability EXP known as AXP can be earned along with EXPs. AXPs is converted to AP, and these points can be used to learn passive skills.
- AXP is a sort of EXP that will support the game play to be more exciting as character levels up. Earning AXPs is same as earning of EXPs. If 10K EXPs were earned from the mobs then AXP can be gained around 10K. However, different from EXP, AXP has a different conversion rate by levels.

(2) AXP is?
- New Ability EXP that can be gained just as the EXP.
- Not that AXPs can be gained instead of EXPs, it is an additional point system that is gained separately with EXP or Skill EXP. However, there is a minimum level requirement for it.
A. Minimum AXP Earning Requirement: Level 120
- From the fields, dungeons, and Mission Wars.
A. AXP from fields and dungeons
 Based by the calculation of EXP earning when attacking the mobs, AXP earnings are calculated.
 AXP Bonus is also valid with Premium Services. (AXP Bonus 25%)
AXP Bonus with
Platinum Service
Blessing Bead - Plus
 Earning AXP(EXP to AXP) conversion rate is different by levels.

Level Tiers Conversion Rate
120 or lower 0%
120 ~ 129 75%
130 ~ 139 80%
140 ~ 149 85%
150 ~ 159 90%
160 ~ 169 95%
170 100%

B. AXP by Mission Wars
 It is calculated by personal scores.
(Destroying Structures, Guardians, Building Force Towers are not calculated separately to AXP for they are applied to the personal scores)
 1 Personal Score equals to 100,000 AXP
(If personal score is 100, then you are earned with 10,000,000 AXPs or 1 AP.
 It is calculated at the end of the Mission War. If character is not there at the time of the calculation, AXPs are not applied.
 WExp cannot be used to earn AXPs nor it cannot be earned with the WExp to EXP conversion.
- AXP Limitation

A. AXP cannot be earned if character AP exceeds 500.
- Note that EXP is something that is gained from attacking mobs and which is used to calculate the level up point. The higher levels the characters get, the total amount of EXP to level up increases which makes harder for characters to level up.
AXP is something that is earned as same amount as EXP but its total amount of AXP for AP conversion stays the same, but the conversion rate from EXP to AXP or the rate that characters earn from attacking mobs changes as the levels gets higher.

(3) AP is?
- The point that is converted from AXP when a certain amount AXP accumulates. It is a unit that is required for Soul Ability System.

- AP Conversion Details
A. 10,000,000 AXP equals to 1 AP. AXP returns back to 0 when converted to AP.

- AP Limitation
A. Up to 500 AP can be accumulated. (Expansion of its limit is planned in the future)

- AP already consumed to learn skills cannot be returned.

(4) Essence Rune is?
- Items used to learn passive skills or upgrade skills using AP and upgrade items such as cores.
- There are total of 26 Runes available. You can only equip or learn maximum of 13 Essence Runes or skills.
- Essence Runes are tradable items and already equipped or learned Runes can be removed.(Once the Rune is removed, it has to be learned again from LV. 1)
A. Ability Types and AP costs

B. Essence Rune Equip Level and required Item

(5) Additional Information
1) Icon at the bottom of the screen and short cut key “U” added for Soul Ability System

2) Soul Ability UI window added

3) AXP Gauge Bar Added

4. SIGMetal Set / SIGMetal Epaulet
(1) Drop Place
- Altar of Siena B1F
(2) Requirement

A. Defensive Sets

B. Epaulet

5. Sub Password System

(1) Sub Password
- Safety measure for account theft

(2) Details
A. Sub Password Mechanics
 When logged in with the same IP as before during the configured time frame, the password check will not appear.
 Sub Password check will appear when logged in with different IP during configured time frame.
 Checks Sub Password if configured time is passed regardless of login IP.

B. Sub Password Lock on
Character, Equipment slots, Warehouse

C. Sub Password Configuration
Create Sub Password button to create (set) password
 If password is already set, the Create Password button will not be active (Gray colored, non-clickable)
 Sub Password is to be combination of 4 numbers from 0 to 9. (Using same numbers are not possible)
Ex.) 1111, 0000 are not possible.

D. Sub Password Icon Location
 Character: Character selection window
 Warehouse/Equipment: “Lock” icon on the top right corner of the UI

E. Sub Password
 When opening up a Sub Password UI, numbers from 0 to 9 are arranged randomly
 Unable to input using keyboard when Sub Password UI is up
 Input numbers will show as * (Asterisk Mark)
 Clicking on ‘←’ button will act as like a back space
 Message will show upon failure
 Client is forced to end the session upon failure of 5 counts
 Success of the correct password will reset the count. Every success input will reset the count
 Failure counts will be accumulated until you get correct input even if you log out

G. Time Configuration
 Character: 1 Hour to 3 Hours
 Equipment / Warehouse: None


1. Auto Attack Short Cut Key
A. Key: CTRL + A or Shift + A
B. Option – Check/Cancel auto attack mode

2. Added holding juke box window option
A. Added check box in sound tab of juke box as juke box short cut icon is deleted

3. Added warp of “Altar of Siena B1F” for national mission war reward

4. Added event notice icon
A. Show below the new quest notice

5. Added notice message for item sold on agent shop

6. Added search grade for agent shop


1. Changed quest reward of ‘The Prisoner's Grudge’ in Frozen tower of undead B1F
A. Current: 6,000 Alz
B. Change: Honour point 100

2. Changed EXP reward for quests of from level 42 to 64

3. Changed reward of Helper’s T quest from Upgrade Core(High) to 500,000 Alz for level 81 and above

4. Increased drop rate of Message from Helper T

5. Changed calculation function for damage according to level difference with opponent in mission war/PK/PvP
- If the opponent has lower level, damage gained will decrease 1 ~ 20%
- If level difference is 20 and above, damage gained will be maximum 20% only

6. Changed calculation of minimum damage option

7. Decrease respawn time of monsters in Pontus Ferrum

8. Changed juke box icon to soul ability icon

9. Changed attack damage of Queen Calamity in Forbidden Island

10. Changed flee rate of Queen Calamity in Forbidden Island
A. Queen Calamity cancels the targeting and warp in short distance

11. Changed the name of legacy box to Legendary Box getting from killing final boss monster in Frozen Tower of Undead B1F and above

12. Changed applying weapon/character avatar according to its priority when character enters the world
A. In current, the weapon/character avatar that placed at first slot of inventory was applied to character. It is changed to apply higher priority weapon/character avatar according to its category
(Notice that helm avatar is exclusive in this rule)

13. Changed tips for extract icon tool of inventory

14. Changed registration period of item on agent shop

15. Changed registration quantity of item on agent shop

16. Changed system message for on going event

17. Changed war point spot of national mission war reward in Mutant Forest

18. Changed coordination of warp for moving world after fail/complete mission dungeon

19. Changed message font color to yellow for items on sale if there are other items which are not on sale

20. Removed system message for apply/cancel titles


1. Corrected error of showing wrong message for craft succeed in certain situation
2. Corrected error that was not able to register ‘Concentration(LV 2) potion’ on agent shop
3. Corrected error of combo miss when Force Archer is in multi shooter mode
4. Corrected error of abnormal bersert in Forbidden Island
5. Corrected error of showing wrong text message for dungeon complete in Forbidden Island

[Mission War]

1. Added item - Buff Capsule Cube
A. Gain items – ‘Hardness Capsule (LV 1)’ ~ ‘Hardness Capsule (LV 8)’ by mouse right clicking buff capsule
B. Item property: able to sell NPC shop / unable to do personal trade

2. Changed mission war reward according to level
A. Current
- Reward 1 Core Cube to each character which scored 30 and above by the end of mission war
- Reward Alz after calculating spend/earning and Core Cube
B. Change
- Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube to each character which scored 30 and above by the end of mission war
(3) Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube(Low) to level 52 ~ 94 characters
(4) Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube(Medium) to level 95 ~ 149 characters
(5) Reward 1 Buff Capsule Cube(High) to level 150 ~ 170 characters
- Reward winning nation for war cost and winning share by Alz

The Altar of Siena B1F Dungeon Instance

Requirement: Level 135, Battle Style level 11 or above
Entry Item: Siena’s Crest B1F

Testing a new dungeon is always fun, at least for the very first couple of runs through it. This one has a starter location bang in the middle of the Entrita infestation. I really hope they have added a safe zone around the starting spot, otherwise getting your whole party there without any Death Penalties would be… interesting. It’s not a problem on ITS, but on the live server I suspect it might be a bit more challenging. The winning nation bonus will include a premium warp point to the entrance as well, which will save you a long, horrible walk to get there.

You see, we get no notes on exactly what is waiting in the dungeon. The first time we enter it’s completely blind, with no idea of what is coming. Of course, the testing team is quite experienced and we work together really well, but there is still that sense of anticipation and exploration as it starts.

The Soul Ability system

The Soul Ability will offer some interesting builds for characters above level 120. Soul Ability Experience (called Ability Experience, or AXP) can be earned by just killing mobs, or fighting in TG. The AXP you receive in TG will be calculated according to your personal score in there.

AXP will then be converted to Ability Points, and Ability Points can then be used to equip items that are called Essence Runes. Interestingly enough, while the notes on AXP and AP are quite extensive, the actual information of where to find Essence Runes is not included. No doubt we will find out – here are the notes on Essence Runes:

Essence Rune is?
• Items used to learn passive skills or upgrade skills using AP and upgrade items such as cores.
• There are total of 26 Runes available. You can only equip or learn maximum of 13 Essence Runes or skills.
• Essence Runes are tradable items and already equipped or learned Runes can be removed.(Once the Rune is removed, it has to be learned again from LV. 1)

Information such as droprate, or exactly how they are used on cores are still missing.

Here's a look into Altar of Siena B1F as attempted by a Korean Cabalist in the test server. Don't mind the cheesy background music:

Credits: CabalOnline Forum Developer's notes and Cabal Online Forum Tester's notes for the details, MMOSite for the video and PM Jay of E-Games for the image.

May 19, 2009

Cabal Online Mobile Phone Theme Stash

These are the Cabal Phone Themes I made for today. They are all commissioned and I don't want to put them in separate posts this time.

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here Note that the colors for the font in this version has been edited.

The requests keep coming so I think I will be a very busy skinner.

More skins, less news, I suppose. But I promise gaming updates.








please refer to my previous post regarding the Cabal Wizard theme. I used the same images, only changed the colors.

May 18, 2009

Cabal Online Mobile Phone Theme: Wizard

Another phone theme. Sorry guys, the requests keep coming.

Download version 1 here.

Download version 2 here.

There's hardly any difference with the 2 themes. These are only for phone compatibility reasons.

Credits: peeknokboorapa-go-it and nielso of DeviantArt, and Zedge

May 17, 2009

Cabal Online Mobile Phone Theme: Warrior

I made another cabal-inspired theme. Again, this is a commissioned work so pardon me for not being able to give you guys gaming updates.

Are you a cabal Warrior? Did you like this theme? Download here.

I will put up game updates as soon as I get hold of them. But for now, please let me entertain you with these phone themes.

Credits: Images are from ElderW, Online-Games and Google.

May 16, 2009

Cabal Online Mobile Phone Theme: Blader

As requested by VanitySaints of the E-Games Cabal forum, I made another theme with customized icons and analog clock.

This theme is for all my fellow Cabal Bladers out there who can't seem to part with the game and would want to show their fascination with a mobile theme.

You can download the theme here.

I accept requests so you guys can just leave a comment here and I will do my best to create them. Please indicate your phone's brand and model.

Credits: Images are from Artzonexp of Deviantart, Breakerhh of Deviantart, Zedge, and Google.

Cabal Online Mobile Phone Theme: Force Archer

Due to a request by a friend on Plurk, I made another phone theme for all Cabalists to enjoy.

Because all other job classes would just fall flat on the floor if they run out of HP Potions, this is a tribute to all Force Archers who never fail to be ready with their very reliable healing ability.

Download the theme here on

Download FA version 2 here.

Credits: Images from Diogosaito, ex8ros, yojinbo, and tino-arts of, Zedge and Google.

May 15, 2009

Cabal Online Mobile Phone Theme: Force Blader

Because the previous theme I made was quite satisfactory for a couple of people, I made a new one tonight. It is still for Cabal players, but this time, it is dedicated for all the wicked Force Bladers out there.

Let's just say I'm on a roll.

Liked it? Download the theme here.

'Til next time!

Credits: Zedge for the images.

Cabal Online Mobile Phone Theme

Let's take a break from the gaming, shall we?

For those gamers bored with staring at their lifeless phones, I have made a mobile phone theme inspired by my favorite online game, Cabal.

To download, please go to

It is my first time to create a theme so I wouldn't mind any bashing with this one. I'll try to make more game-inspired themes, improve with the images and designs, and post them here as soon as I'm done.

Enjoy your gaming!

Credits: Images courtesy of MyAngelNoli of Deviantart, PM Jay of E-Games and Zedge

May 8, 2009

Cabal Episode 3: Soul and Siena Updates

I have finally found a more elaborate source for Cabal's latest installment.

These are quite a handful but they just might be more than enough to push CabalPH and bring the old players back. Reading the patch notes is already exciting, what more when you experience it first-hand?

Changes, Bug fixes and Additions:

■ Fixes

* Fix some content being displayed wrong
* Fix registered "Concentration Potion lv 2" in AH
* Fix miss the combo when enabled by Multi-Shooter Force Archer
* Fix bugs related to Forbidden Island
* Fix some content related to Forbidden Island
* Fix some error in Altar of Sienna where Jeh-alu doesn't use instant movement

■ Changes

* Quest hide in Frozen Tower B1F add 100 points to award honor (plus Alz 6000) ( which you've to kill some stone golem)
* Chain Quest level 42-64 in the Main Scenario Quest Group rewards changed
* Damage in Mission War / PK / PVP is calculated based on the level and how
* If the level of damage receiver is lower than attacker, a damage reduction in range of 1% - 20% is reduced, if the diff is greater than 20 level, only reduced to 20% damage limited.
* Min damage calculation formula changed
* Time between each spawn of monster in the Pontus Ferrum is adjusted
* Replace Jukebox icon by Soul Ability
* Change damage, the ability to debuff for Forbidden Island's monsters

■ Additions

* Notice when selling item
o When a sale item, a message will prompt
* The system password protection
o Add new system to protect character, inventory and the warehouse via password
o Add new icons lock to protect the entire inventory and the item in warehouse
o Allow entered the wrong password a maximum of 5 times

* Mission dungeon new Altar Sienna B1F
position to: Mutant Forest (X: 123, Y: 97)
o Requirements: Level 135, Battle Style 11
o Drop: Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum
o Notice when Boss using special attack

* Add system Ability Soul
o Hot key: U
o The objects from the 120 level and above may receive AXP (Ability Experience Point) through physical attacks
o At Lv120, Ability Experience can be accumulated via hunting mobs and nation war
o You can get Ability Point by earning Ability Experience.
o You can use Ability Point to upgrade ability Item stat/level
o Point AP (Ability Point) increase based on AXP.

* Add new item rune system
o Rune essence, including 26 different kinds of rune.
o Rune essence used with AP to enhance Soul Ability
o Rune essence dropped in Lakeside map up in dungeon B1F Frozen Tower up

* The SIG Metal defenses stuff and epaulette
o The item may effuse in dungeon Altar Sienna

Armor Set:

Battle Set:

Martial Set:


* Add shortcut to disable, enable the automatic attack
o Ctrl + A: Enable
o Shift + A: Disable

* Add points for Warp National Winning Bonus earned to the Altar of Sienna : Mutant Forest (X: 123, Y: 97)
* Altar of Sienna Boss alarm message added
* When Altar of Sienna monsters use patternal attacks or chatting message, you will be notified

■ Mission War

* Change the rewards of War Mission
o A. Previously
+ If enough 30 points, the individual will receive the award Alz and Core Cube
o B. Change
+ If enough 30 points, the individual will receive a bonus Capsule Cube
* Capsule Cube Types
o War for people from 52 to 94 will be rewarded Capsule Cube (C): Open to get buff Potion Level 1
o War for people from 95 to 149 will be rewarded Capsule Cube (B): Open to get buff Potion Level 2
o War for people from 150 to 170 will be rewarded Capsule Cube (A): Open to get buff Potion Level 3
* When opening, Buff Capsule will be produced a random Capsule a with level from 1-8, Capsule buff but can not trade but it might be sell via Personal Shop or through the system Agent Shop

Altar of Sienna B1F

* Lvl 135
* Class Rank 11

Entry Item:
* Sienna Document (B1F)
* Drop Location: Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum

In my previous post, I included a screenshot of the launcher/updater. Apparently, the launcher is for the Dark Style Server only.

This one is for the Cabal Episode 3 Launcher. Still stylish, and a breath of fresh air for us Cabalists.

I will keep updating this blog as I continue to look for more news regarding the Episode 3.

For now, let's all try to calm ourselves down as we await the official announcement from E-Games on when they will release the patch.

Credits: OG Planet Forum, Cabal Online forum

Cabal Episode 3: Soul and Siena

The much-awaited Cabal patch is finally about to hit the Philippine gaming shore!

Cabal's Episode 3 entitled "Soul and Siena" is due for release soon. This has already been announced by E-Games Cabal Product Manager Jay via Plurk.

Here are a few of the upgrades for the upcoming patch:

1. Battle Mode 3 (Takes up 25000 SP-full 5 segments of SP)
2. New Skill Ranks
3. New Attacks during Trans
4. Bladers and FBs will be equal
5. Mana Freeze is now dodgable
6. Shadowshield was untouched as of now
7. Procyon and Capella suits can now be worn outside of war
8. New sets of armor/weps depending on your Nation

There are speculations about a new server called Dark Style but this update is based on CabalEU and CabalKR so I am not sure whether CabalPH will follow suit. If this change will be implemented in the country, it will have a launcher of its own.

It is more stylish compared to the ordinary launcher but keep in mind that it is for a new server after all.

It has also been said that heightened anti-bot security will be implemented with the new patch. Think of this as an early warning for avid 3PPers (3rd Party Program Users or bots).

As a teaser, I leave you with a trailer of Cabal Episode 3: Soul and Siena.

Excited already? Watch out for it! It's coming!

Credits: E-Games' PM Jay for the Cabal banner, Elite PVPers for the upgrade list, client updater image, and other info, and MMO Site for the preview video.