February 23, 2013

Green Dragon Nest Guide

When Dragon Nest SEA first released the Green Dragon Nest, my Barbarian wasn't quite ready yet to face the latest beast. I had to get decent equipment first.

Well, that plan didn't work.

Due to the hard time I've been having with the Green Dragon, I have managed to scour the world wide web with a decent guide on how to defeat the menacing monster.

February 19, 2013

Softnyx Releases Smartphone Game Another Dragon

"Belronia where magic and dragons exist. Magician Beuripa killed a King of Belronia to be the king. However, he was deported after holy Dragon Knight's identity is revealed. Beuripa revived as a king of darkness with wicked power and attacked the land of human & elf with Orc troops and dark Dragon… Belronia in danger needs your help. Could you lead Dragon Knight for the peace of Belronia?

Thanks to you, Belronia defeated Orc troops, and the rest ran away to Northern island afar. Nobody knows what danger will come again, but Orc troops will be dark forever as long as you lead the holy Dragon Knight."

February 14, 2013

WolfTeam Reawakens

The long wait is finally over for Wolfteam gamers. A new mode has awakened as Werewolves are fused with much power that humans cannot even control. New weapons are made to protect the wielder and fight back against these wolves. And to make you stay in top shape, Softnyx brings you more events for Wolfteam that you could possibly imagine.

February 2, 2013

Rakion PH February Events and Updates

Rakion PH welcomes February with so much love for the players with all these events that they have prepared for this month. Featuring new items in their Shop and a Valentine's Day event that is sure to make every fan swoon, Rakion Online is surely the game to play!

February 1, 2013

TERA F2P Coming February 5

Tera's free-to-play relaunch as Tera: Rising will come on February 5, both En Masse (NA) and Gameforge (EU) has confirmed the magic date. Just in time for the launch, new in-game content will be made available. This includes a wave-based dungeon called the Crucible of Flame as well as a PvP arena offering experienced adventurers numerous new challenges and rewards.