March 29, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA New ABP/FTG System Updates

The new FTG or ABP system, (whichever you prefer to refer to it as), is a major improvement from the Hybrid FTG System introduced in the recent Game Patch.

We have been taking all of your feedback and ideas into careful consideration and have revised the Hybrid FTG System over the course of our week-long assessment. The new and improved FTG/ABP System would be fair, balanced, and in accordance to the player's best interests as a whole.

March 22, 2012

Weapons of War: Black Dragon and Dragon Panda Lotto

This summer as it heats up the year of the dragon, Weapons of War also adds the new Black Dragon Lotto to its item mall. Players now have the rare chance to grab the latest Black Dragon Mount which gives them additional 40% move speed! But the fun doesn’t stop there, along with the new Black Dragon Lotto comes the Dragon Panda Lotto!

iDate Graduation Patch

March is the most exciting month for students - end of classes and start of their much awaited summer vacation! For the graduating students, this is where they determine the fruits of their labor if they will step into the next chapter of their life. Graduation marks one of the biggest milestones in a student’s life. It is a great achievement once you accomplished the required number of years that determines the success of each person’s career path. Students study hard but should party harder! How can we forget our famous grad ball? This is the biggest celebration where all your batch mates dress-up, date, party and dance the night away.

Genghis Khan March Patch Notes

It’s finally here, Patch Day for GK! And yes they have listened, the guys (and girls) behind Genghis Khan Online are rolling out a new patch this coming March! And it looks like there will be a lot of changes.

Right of the bat, EXP! They are adjusting the experience rate for mid-level players , you won’t be stuck grinding forever trying to reach that elusive level to finally get your hands dirty and bash in some skulls in PvP! Oh, don’t worry about those guys that are way above your level, they have promised everything would be nice and balanced, with cherry on top.

Dragona PH: Level Cap 50 on March 29

The update will raise the level cap to 50 and new a dungeon, map and town will be added. Also, players who reach level 40 before the cap increase will receive a unique permanent unique set of accessories which will help them as they embark in a new journey in the Continent of Bartan – Land of Orpheus.

CrossFire Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for the newest game mode in Crossfire Philippines?

Gear up, and team with the best mercenaries in Crossfire for Zombie Apocalypse (AI Mode) is finally here! The game focuses on cooperative team play (maximum of 4 players). Prove yourselves worthy and survive until the end by defending yourselves from apocalyptic wave of zombies. There are new zombie characters with skills that will surprise you as they go through your way: Fast Nanos (Sprinter), Ghost Assassins (Semi-invisible while moving), Reapers, Hulks (Movement speed dramatically increases for a limited time), Boomers (Suicide Explosion) and Ink Nano (Releases black smoke for a limited time). Rewards for this mode may vary based on the score of a mercenary.

Are you up to the challenge? Then what are you waiting for?

March 18, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA 150 Mark Patch

Because Dragon Nest SEA has already reached its 150th day in service, they are so overwhelmed with the support they've been getting from the players that they will release a 300MB patch called the 150 Mark patch that they promise will significantly enhance the gaming experience.

Looking at what has been revealed so far, it is indeed promising.

Diablo 3 set to lauch this May

Get ready to abandon your real life this May!

After over four years of waiting, the most awaited game in the world Diablo 3, finally has a release date. Blizzard has it official that 15.05.2012 will be the day we’ll get our hands on the hack-and-slash sequel.

The game had undergone a total of 15 patches from its beta phase last September which included changes in the gameplay system, UI, various balance, statistics, and some scrapped elements.

March 15, 2012

Cabal Third Awakening: Achievement System

The latest Cabal patch, Episode 8: Third Awakening, is Cabal's biggest update so far. Included here is another means for us players to brag our way through the game, the Achievement System.

The brand new Achievement System tracks your feats and spoils in Cabal. Not only that, it has replaced the current title system with a much more robust interface that allows for a more streamlined and flexible title selection.

March 10, 2012

Soccer Viva Online: Learning of Player Will

The Willpowers system is base on card collecting system. It can upgrade your team’s abilities. There are advance will and basic will. You can only equip 5 advance will at the same time.

Basic willpower will start effect after you switch them on. Partner system will raise specific players’ abilities. Both of the specific players should in the ground, and the will only affect specific players, not whole team.

Once you own a player card which can cast will, you can check the requirements to unlock them. When you meet the requirements, you can unlock will. You can only equip 5 initiative skills at the same time.

March 9, 2012

New iPad Unveiled: Next Mainstream Gaming Platform?

Better hardware and a Retina Display superior than PC, this means the games for new iPad could be more impressive in the future. Now it has raised the bar and will be 4G LTE compatible, handled by AT&T and Verizon. Will it update our gaming experience - let people multiplay with each other online?

Apple has realsed thier third generation tablet - the 'new ipad' including 4 features, a Retina Display boasting a 2045x1536 resolution, sporting 4G LTE, a dual-core A5X CPU along with a quad-core GPU and a 5Mp sensor for shooting and 1080p video recording.

March 4, 2012

Soccer Viva Online: The New Star Manager Event

Soccer Viva Online will launch “The New Star Manager Event” to show appreciation and thanks to all of the players who supported it so much. Let’s upgraded your own formation to face the harder incoming challenges! Whoever joins our event in “Soccer Viva Online” facebook fans page will be entitled to get a soccer card randomly. Grap the opportunity and start your glorious career right now!

Event Period : Start From 2012.03.01 ( This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts. )