March 22, 2012

Dragona PH: Level Cap 50 on March 29

The update will raise the level cap to 50 and new a dungeon, map and town will be added. Also, players who reach level 40 before the cap increase will receive a unique permanent unique set of accessories which will help them as they embark in a new journey in the Continent of Bartan – Land of Orpheus.

The Desert Frontier of Orpheus  - Unlock the Mysteries Beneath the Sand

The secret land of Orpheus was buried under the ruins of the desert. As years passed, the once lifeless land eventually became an oasis. This oasis became the habitat of numerous monsters that roam freely around the land of Orpheus. The Rune that crashed in the middle of the desert during the Dragon Wars 1000 years ago was actually the lost town of Nilvan and the traces of it still remain intact. Monsters found in this map are from level 41-50.

The Lost Rune Arc of Nilvan – Ancient Knowledge in the New World

The original rune arc that crashed hundreds of years ago became the lost town of Nilvan. This arc was actually the main control tower that controls the essence of the mystical magic of the Purian race. Unfortunately, the once proud arc crashed down in the land of Orpheus. Players may teleport to this town through the Portal Stone.

Hatchling Paradise Dungeon – Into the Garden of Beasts 

The level of Difficulty of this Dungeon is from level 40-45, where you can enter through the NPC located in the Orpheus map.

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