March 22, 2012

CrossFire Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for the newest game mode in Crossfire Philippines?

Gear up, and team with the best mercenaries in Crossfire for Zombie Apocalypse (AI Mode) is finally here! The game focuses on cooperative team play (maximum of 4 players). Prove yourselves worthy and survive until the end by defending yourselves from apocalyptic wave of zombies. There are new zombie characters with skills that will surprise you as they go through your way: Fast Nanos (Sprinter), Ghost Assassins (Semi-invisible while moving), Reapers, Hulks (Movement speed dramatically increases for a limited time), Boomers (Suicide Explosion) and Ink Nano (Releases black smoke for a limited time). Rewards for this mode may vary based on the score of a mercenary.

Are you up to the challenge? Then what are you waiting for?

What to expect:

Players can choose between 2 maps:
1.       BL CAMP
·         Mercenaries consistently stay on same area however the level of difficulty increases.
·         An expedition battle map where in players should finish each level wave so they could move forward to the next battle ground.

Level of Difficulty
1.       EASY
·         20 massive waves of zombies to finish
2.       MEDIUM
·         30 massive waves of zombies to finish

In addition to this new content you can acquire new items which can only obtain from ZA mode:
·         Primary Weapon:             FNF2000
·         Primary Weapon:             FN M249 MINIMI-GOLD
·         Secondary Weapon:       DUAL DESERT EAGLE
·         Melee Weapon:               CHAOS HOOK
·         Throwing Weapon:         IRON MACE
·         Character Items:              HERCULES CANTEEN
·         Character Items:              HERCULES BEENIE
·         Character Items:              CHAOS GOGGLES
·         Character Items:              CHAOS WINGBAG

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