March 22, 2012

Genghis Khan March Patch Notes

It’s finally here, Patch Day for GK! And yes they have listened, the guys (and girls) behind Genghis Khan Online are rolling out a new patch this coming March! And it looks like there will be a lot of changes.

Right of the bat, EXP! They are adjusting the experience rate for mid-level players , you won’t be stuck grinding forever trying to reach that elusive level to finally get your hands dirty and bash in some skulls in PvP! Oh, don’t worry about those guys that are way above your level, they have promised everything would be nice and balanced, with cherry on top.

My friends inside Gameclub told me that the cool down on skills, well let’s just say won’t be as abusive as before, you can finally put up a good fight against keyboard warriors that just constantly spam skills. Some of the skills would be tweak and adjusted as to balance the gameplay. But don’t shoot me if you don’t like it (I’m just the messenger) as this won’t be permanent. They want your feedback, so if you like it or don’t like it, just drop a message at their forums.

Offline “Actplay” or in simple terms, leveling up while logged out, this feature will no longer cost you an arm and leg (and kidney). It is finally affordable!

So, you wanted to try out your counterpart class? Or tired of your current class? No worries as you can finally change your class!

And for the players that spend, there will be more items to buy at your nearest one stop bazaar shop. And oh, they have adjusted some item pricing too!

The future of Genghis Khan is looking bright, with all these new patches rolling out; implementing suggestions made by gamers and with constant content coming out, this game is starting to look even better.

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