March 15, 2012

Cabal Third Awakening: Achievement System

The latest Cabal patch, Episode 8: Third Awakening, is Cabal's biggest update so far. Included here is another means for us players to brag our way through the game, the Achievement System.

The brand new Achievement System tracks your feats and spoils in Cabal. Not only that, it has replaced the current title system with a much more robust interface that allows for a more streamlined and flexible title selection.


The List tab is a broad overview of your progress towards completing each category of Achievements, and displays your most recent achievements. This is a great place to check out how close you are to the coveted 100% mark and get a general idea of where most of your achievement points are from.


The Achievements tab gives you a more in depth look at each specific category, including details on how to complete achievements you have not yet finished. Details on how to complete hidden achievements will slowly reveal themselves as you spend time adventuring throughout Cabal.

Achievement Categories

Achievement List


The Title tab is very straight forward. You can now set a title to be displayed to the Navareth community, while at the same time benefiting from a title that is more stat oriented!

Title List

What do new titles give?

So what now if you get all those titles? Of course, ESTsoft won't let you go through all those difficulties for nothing.

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  1. Cabal online is one of the MMORPG that I played because of its stunning skill effects. Do you have any update regarding cabal 2?