March 10, 2012

Soccer Viva Online: Learning of Player Will

The Willpowers system is base on card collecting system. It can upgrade your team’s abilities. There are advance will and basic will. You can only equip 5 advance will at the same time.

Basic willpower will start effect after you switch them on. Partner system will raise specific players’ abilities. Both of the specific players should in the ground, and the will only affect specific players, not whole team.

Once you own a player card which can cast will, you can check the requirements to unlock them. When you meet the requirements, you can unlock will. You can only equip 5 initiative skills at the same time.

Video tutorial

Basic Willpowers

Once basic willpowers were activated, it will increase all players’ status.

How to identify passive and initiative skills

Skills will list up at the willpower column on the left. It will label passive skills.
If you don’t found the word “passive” at the skill column, that’s mean that is a initiative skill.

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