March 22, 2012

Weapons of War: Black Dragon and Dragon Panda Lotto

This summer as it heats up the year of the dragon, Weapons of War also adds the new Black Dragon Lotto to its item mall. Players now have the rare chance to grab the latest Black Dragon Mount which gives them additional 40% move speed! But the fun doesn’t stop there, along with the new Black Dragon Lotto comes the Dragon Panda Lotto!

The Dragon Panda Lotto can be obtained by acquiring Dragon Panda Beads and then exchanging it from the Dragon Panda Bead Collector at certain towns. It contains a wide variety of rare items from upgrading, buffs, mount and the new Dragon Panda Pet! The Dragon Panda pet is not your ordinary cute sidekick that accompany you on your day to day adventure, it also gives a 5% additional Elemental damage to your character giving you an extra edge in battle!

Also this month, starts the Blood Palace Championship which is a part of the War for Supremacy Tournament. Participants are now required to participate in the Blood Palace War every Saturday in order to gain points. By the end of the elimination round, points will be tallied and only the top 8 guilds will be part of the next leg of the tournament.

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  1. Weapons of War isa sa mga pinagpipilian ko dati laruin. Sa panahon ngayon dapat pumili ng game na maayos para hindi masayang time kung palipat-lipat ng lalaruin.