March 20, 2014

Assassin Arrives as Dragon Nest's 7th Class

The 7th and newest class for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Dragon Nest, was released for South-East Asian servers last Tuesday, March 18. Cherry Credits proudly announced that the Assassin will be made available on the SEA servers together with the Guardian Nest in Solo and Normal mode.

The most notable change in the Dragon Nest patch is introduction of the Assassin to players. A class based on Strength and Agility, the Assassin conceals himself within the shadows to take his enemies’ lives unnoticed, using a scimitar or crook.

In Korea, the launch of the highly anticipated Assassin class doubled the game’s active player base, due to the character class’s unique design. Each skill has been carefully planned and implemented, so players can explore a whole new battle experience with crisp clear skill graphics. Assassin’s arrival has also brought about a more elaborate storyline which lore-loving players can find out more about through the updated main quests. Along with the Assassin, the release also introduces the first upgrade path of the Assassin, the Chaser. Having inherited assassination techniques from ancient times, Chasers use concealed shadow weapons to pursue and silently take down enemies. Chasers can go through a second class upgrade to become either a Ripper who focuses on physical ninja skills, or a Raven that specializes in the use of hidden weapons to kill their enemies.

The Assassins are also the first class to introduce two new mechanics to the game: a stealth mechanism which allows players to attack while they are hidden from sight, and also a charging mechanism that allows skill cool-downs to be prolonged to provide greater damage the next time it is used. The game update also introduces a new dungeon, the Guardian’s Nest. Protected by the Fell Guardian, Guardian of the Forest of New Moon, the nest is located at the 8-o’clock direction of the Garden of Time and Space, and is accessible to players of level 70 and above. Players who complete the Guardian’s Nest are expected to get rare materials to craft the epic “Full Moon/New Moon” weapon and armor set. Only the Normal and Solo modes of the Nest will be released for this patch.

More information about this update, including the Assassin class and Guardian’s Nest, can be found at

On a personal note, I was successful in creating an Assassin in my own DN SEA account. However, I still haven't been able to play it myself since I kept getting disconnected from the game. This proves just how much the DN players anticipated the coming of this new class.

Whoever said DN is dying better go check the game again.

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