March 8, 2014

Dragon Nest SEA: The Assassin's Here!

Dragon Nest SEA producer, Addison Kang, has just given the best announcement yet for the world's number 1 action MMO.

He himself cannot contain his excitement, changing his Facebook profile's cover photo with the wallpaper of the silhouette of the much awaited new Assassin class last February 20, 2014.

Finally, Mr. Kang broke his silence yesterday, March 7, 2014, by formally announcing that the Assassin will be released on the upcoming game patch. However, the new class' 2nd Job Specialization will be only be limited to that of the Chaser, which has the Ripper and Raven jobs.

To further hype up this update, Dragon Nest SEA has launched an event, encouraging players to create Assassin memes. Winners of the contest will be rewarded with a Nyan Nyan gesture for their Assassin character upon its release. Visit the Dragon Nest SEA Facebook page for more details.

So I'll be off now, finally get my Warrior to Level 70, and prepare for the coming of my favorite class in any game I've ever played, the Assassin!

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