June 25, 2013

Wolfteam Assembles and Rises for July

No matter who you are, whether a user who never has met the werewolves or someone who quit battling the swarm of wolves, Wolfteam is ready to meet and greet all of you! From the very 1st day of July, a total of four big events with the slogan, “WE WANT YOU FOR WOLFTEAM” with various contents will be started and updated for you.

Among the four events, “Welcome Back, Wolves!” is something for those who left Wolfteam for quite some time. If a user who didn’t login since June 1st logs in during the event period, he/she will get various items such as weapon, character, and other freebies.

The next two events will motivate the wolves more. First one is “Wolves, be Ambitious!” If a user got promoted to 5 of designated ranks; Top SSG, Top SFC, Top MSG, Top 2LT, and Top 1LT, he/she will get the items as a prize for promotion. Various items from box items to special characters will be provided. The other event is “Attack on Wolf”. For the wolves with the highest ranks; from Brigadier General to General of the Army, this event will motivate and make them struggle to keep or change their rank. And when the event is over, rewards will be given to them.

And lastly, “Be the Wolf!” is prepared for the newcomers to Wolfteam. If a user creates the new account and joins in, then he/she will receive items such as weapons, EX-item, and so on. With these items, even the user who is not familiar with Wolfteam, could adapt to Wolfteam easily.

In addition to these events, new contents for motivating wolves’ curiosity and satisfying their need are ready to be updated.

Among the new contents, the most special equipment is Hologram bomb. This is a type of grenade that shows the appearance of thrower when it explodes. By using this, users can make their enemies feel confused with illusion.

Last but not the least, new sets of tattoos which improve the stats of wolf, new weapons, new costumes for characters, and more contents are ready to meet users and help their play.

For more details, you may log on to Wolfteam’s official site http://wolfteam.softnyx.net/.

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