June 22, 2013

Dragon Nest 2.0: A Welcome Change

Eyedentity Games is still working hard on Dragon Nest despite recently releasing Dungeon Striker and also unofficially announcing Dragon Nest 2. Dragon Nest 2.0′s core content now will be the increment of the level cap to 70.

Some features are going to be deleted in the new update, such as Hidden Potential and Suffix. This is done to simplify the whole game. Gears with such upgrades will not see any bonuses deleted, but the newer items will need to use Dragon Jade to upgrade (read further below).

This was recently implemented in the Korean Server last June 13 and was well-received by the player population.

I personally can't wait to have this update on the SEA Server!

Some new features include 5 abyss dungeons, new EX and support skills, level 70 runes. While the level 60 ones are focused on attack, the level 70 ones will focused on health and defense.

There is a new upgrade catalyst called the Dragon Jade. There are 2 kinds, 1 for strengthening while the other type contains special skills. The Dragon Jades can be switched anytime according to each boss fight.

According to Eyedentity, S-class level 60 items will have almost similar stats as A-class level 70 items. This is to facilitate veterans to explore the new level 70 dungeons.

Saint’s Haven will see a new layout as well, with the castle moving further north, while courtyard will be moved to the middle. There will space added for players to chill and chat as well.

Story wise, the “ultimate evil” will appear, while heroes such as Gerrant will make his return. The storyline will also move towards the destruction of Saint’s Haven, along with its eventual rebuilding. Dragon Nest will welcome a brand new story next year.

The new Assassin class is confirmed as a male, while the combat style is melee-oriented. There is currently no news of his release date. Still on the topic of new content, the development team is planning to introduce more mini and social game modes to Dragon Nest.

While players were lamenting Kali’s storyline, the developers apologized for the weird ending. Unable to make any changes thus far, the Assassin is promised to have a better and more complete storyline.

While it will be too tedious to translate the whole thing, there is a change which caught my eyes. Abyss modes will now scale according to how many players are entering, meaning less stamina deductions and easier monsters when players are solo-ing. This also means lesser drop chances, of course…

Credits: MMO Culture
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