January 18, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Philippines: Coming Soon!

When Ragnarok Online 2 was first announced, you can imagine how excited everyone was, especially the Filipino RO players who hold a special place in their hearts for the said game, it being the first MMORPG in the country.

When Ragnarok Online 2 announced that it IP-banned the Philippines from accessing the game, you can also imagine the disappointment the Pinoy fans felt, to the point that their desperation led them to look for various ways just so they'd be able to play.

Fret no more, Pinoys! Ragnarok Online 2 is soon coming our way!

The 1st RO2 English server was handled by Asiasoft Online based in Singapore. While it was believed to be the 1st English server, it will only cater gamers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. This is due to the license agreement of Asiasoft Online and Gravity Co.
…it’s with our deepest apologies that we announce we will not be able to provide the RO2 game service to players outside of our optimised countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – due to our licence agreement with the game’s developer, Gravity Co., Ltd.
Source: http://goo.gl/WTQCn
The IP ban caused some great disappointment for most players who were able to play the game during its Closed Beta testing as they expect that they can play the game. Some even created an online petition, which now gathered 4,399 signatures as of this writing.
Gravity Interactive, Inc
Provide those left behind on Ragnarok Online II SEA: LotS with a server to call our home.
[Your name]
Source: http://goo.gl/YEXcn
The good news is, more RO2 English servers will be coming out in the first half of 2013. GlobeNewswire posted the Gravity Business Report and Updates and below is some excerpt:
Ragnarok Online II to be launched in two more markets in the first half of 2013
Gravity is planning to release Ragnarok Online II in North America and the Philippines in the first half of 2013 after its launch in Singapore and Malaysia in December 2012.
Source: http://goo.gl/TZua7
Additionally, “Level Up! MAY be handling RO2 here in the Philippines”, but there’s no official announcement from Playweb yet . If we try to go back a few years back, around 2006, Inquirer.net posted the following:
LEVEL Up! Inc. is preparing to introduce Ragnarok Online 2 soon as the makers finish conducting an open beta in South Korea, an official told INQ7.net on Friday.
Source: http://goo.gl/UhExR
Having said that, I am more than excited to play the game. I was able to play kRO2 way back March 2012 and from my experience, it was still a great game. Moreover, you’ll definitely have that nostalgic feeling, especially when you will hear some of the game soundtracks we used to hear before.

Credits: http://holy-order.org
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