June 1, 2013

Chaos Online Opens Its Doors To South East Asia

Heads up, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) fans! Chaos Online has recently opened its SEA server last May 29, 2013. This now allows players from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar to battle it out against the South Koreans in this free-to-play MOBA title.

The game, developed by Neoact and published by Asiasoft, is one of the the most popular competitive MOBA games from South Korea. The official launch event took place in Club Esplanade in Bangkok, Thailand.

AsiaSoft's partnership with South Korean developer, NeoAct (who gained popularity by creating maps for DotA) is their first step into the vastly competitve Esports foray. With several appealing announcements such as a total of USD$14,000 in cash prizes up for grabs in monthly competitions and the chance to compete with some of Asia Pacific's most experience Esports teams, its seems pretty clear that this free-to-play MOBA game is looking to be a strong title.

Chaos Online is a free-to-pay MOBA title featuring 80 heroes split between two factions, set in a fantasy world where two factions are at odds with each other in the realm of the Ramian Kingdom. The Divine Union led by Eldin and the Immortal Legion heralded by Leonic. Both are in constant conflict to gain dominance in an infected land, plagued by an unknown epidemic that threatens to completely eradicate all form of life.

Each faction has a large roster of heroes that players can choose from, each one with skills and strategies that are tailored to a role such as the Carry, Disabler, Gank, Nuker, Pusher, Support and Tank. What seperates Chaos Online from other well known MOBA's is the much more free flow allowance to purchase items anywhere on the map at anytime and as well as the ability to destroy parts of the environments such as bridges and rock blockades, creating alternative escape routes or bottle necking their opponents.

Unlike other MOBAs, players can buy items during fights and destroy part of the environment to create alternate routes.

Players are encouraged to get into the game and learn of its mechanics and characters early on, and this is shown with a few additional elements such as a 'recommended purchase' option on the upper right hand corner of the screen, allowing newcomers to ease into their characters quicker. And the sooner you learn the better as their very first SEA Online Championship will be taking place in July 2013 with a monthly cash prize of USD$ 10,000.

Credits: IGN.com, Gamespot.com
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