June 6, 2013

Granada Espada Adds More Femme Fatales

This June, Redbana will be releasing three of Granado Espada Online’s Femme Fatales, such as the beautiful and dangerous Valeria Vendetta and the chance to get another Sharon and Grandies.

When the harsh light of truth shines upon her past, the castaway princess Valeria sheds her naïveté and innocence to fulfill a new goal: revenge. Valeria Vendetta enters the stage of Granado Espada’s colorful story with a single-minded determination to defy her birth family’s plans for her.

This incarnation of Valeria is more dangerous and even more alluring than before, and it shows. Valeria gives up her ability to heal with her Innocentio Stance for the destructive Vendetta Stance, which holds nothing sacred, not even its user. Combined with her personal skill Awakening, Valeria increases her speed and attack to formidable, intimidating levels.

The ladies Eva Sharon and Grandies follow in the wake of Valeria Vendetta, but will never be overshadowed by her. Both beautiful and difficult to recruit, both women can now be acquired easily through perseverance for June.

Eva Sharon and Grandies are acquirable this month through Playtime Event, while Valeria Vendetta comes to the Lyndon Box. For more information on the game and these events, visit the Granado Espada website at www.T3fun.com.

Credits: MMOsite
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