May 29, 2013

Rakion PH June 2013 Events

The month of June means it's back to school time for most kids here in the Philippines.

But school doesn't mean it's the end of Rakion's action-packed fun! Softnyx Philippines continues to spread Rakion's awesome gaming through the events they have prepared for all the game's fans for the month of June.

Tutorial Quest

Everyone must start from somewhere.
As a beginner, there are so many things new to try. But fear not! Because with the new Tutorial Quest,  all you need to know about Rakion is here. From leveling up, Cell summoning, enchanting, questing, stages, battle, and so on.

Puss in Boots Costume

With stylish moves and adorable meekness (which was  a clever fa├žade for a surprise attack); Suit up as the charming hero from a foreign country!!  En Garde!!

Attain Target Level Challenge

Challenge yourself during the event period and win free items!!

Only newly created characters during the event can join and only one character per account. While on a challenge, you can’t change the character and all prizes can’t be sent to another user.

Catch the Lucky Timing!!

For three times a day, all users who were login on a specific time will receive item Capsules. However there’s no clue when the Lucky Timing is. So don’t expect that the Lucky Timing will be the same every day.

Sign up Super package

Win a Super Package!! For new players starting out in Rakion, a Super Package is immediately available in your inventory for your first character.
A Super Package contains 10 additional stats for that character, 400% More EXP, a Dragon Scale set item with 30 days duration, and 3 Nak Cells to summon.

Gem/Dye Discount

The Shop and the refinery have given a gold/cash discount to all Gem materials and dyes during the event period..  So don’t miss this rare chance to customize your character.

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