November 4, 2013

Level 70 Cap Coming Soon to Dragon Nest SEA

As we know that DNSEA has been constantly updating the content every single month which was a big difference from the 50 cap in which we only had major content added to our server every few months. That whole content took 1 year to be implemented before we went on to the 60 cap. As the 60 cap took about one year to be implemented into CDN and KDN loads of stuff were removed and they had also took the time to update.

Once in the 70 cap it was different ever since the release in June we have been seeing almost 5 months worth of continuous update that is implemented in the 70 cap. DNsea could be taking the route of this since maybe they found a better translator and developers to make our version of DNsea even better and faster. Judging by the amount of content we left to level 70 its just about 2-3 months away.

Loads of people in the forums have said and this is roughly the timeline that will be for the remaining content.

November: DDN memorial + Alteria exploration part 1
December: DDN HC + Alteria exploration part 2
January: Jasmine Base Nest + Talismans
February: Level 70 cap
March: Assassin with both sub class.

Jasmine Base Nest should be released together with the talismans content similar to what CDN had received as the last level 60 cap content. Meaning the level 70 cap could actually be pushed back a month since with the talisman and the nest itself can at least serve as a month’s worth of content.

I can see that loads of people do not know about Jasmin Base Nest since it also does not have much popularity in CDN and KDN that usually people will leave it out but CC could even make it extend by a month by allowing the Nest to be in January pushing the level 70 cap by a month.

Also note that it’s quite impossible to even release Assassin early since his skill damage and stuff should be only calculated based on the Dragon Jades and not suffix or potentials. I doubt developers will also recalculate them using suffix or potentials. But also due to the worthlessness of all this pots and materials coming to an end it’s best to quickly sell off materials soon.

Saw this in the forums but the link was taken down after it was posted. Doing this kind of confirmation is detrimental to DN’s economy since people will stop farming and prices in the DN economy will have a potential to crash. So it’s no surprise that the link would be removed ASAP.

Credits: dntoplay
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