November 6, 2013

Cabal II SEA Coming to the Philippines in 2014

Heads up, Pinoy Cabal fans! Your prayers have been answered!

ESTsoft and Asiasoft, the Cabal II SEA publisher, has recently decided to expand and include the Philippines, giving us Filipinos the chance to go head to head against the Malaysians, Singaporeans and Thais.

The two aforementioned companies did not mention anything about having a PH-dedicated server. The announcement only mentioned an amendment of the contract for an expansion of the SEA server. This therefore means that us Filipinos will be spared from whatever trouble a local distributor could possibly give.

There is no news of an exact launch date, but reports claim that the Southeast Asia and North America English versions will go live next year. It has been some time since the game launched in South Korea, and any massive delay will be a pity for this CryEngine 3-crafted title.

Credits: MMOsite

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