March 23, 2013

Dragon Nest SEA To Release Playable Goblin Class on April 2

Addison Kang, the producer of online game phenomenon Dragon Nest SEA, has just announced via Facebook that they will implement a new patch on April 2, coinciding with a worldwide release.

This update features the new Goblin Class. To promote this new class, Cherry Credits has included a free transfer service which will enable players to change one of their pre-existing characters into a goblin.

I know, I know, it sounds like a joke (considering it will be released on April Fools) but hey, there's no harm in having fun, right?

The Goblin Hero

The name of the legendary hero Gosuk spread far and wide, across the borders of Saint Haven and throughout the entire Altea continent. The goblins in hiding re-established Gobland and with the hero Gosuk as their new leader, created a peaceful new home for goblins.

One day, a group of goblins set out in their search for Gobland. Their only possessions were the flimsy loincloths draped around their tiny waists. As they entered the Sleeper’s Temple, they were attacked by the ferocious Minotaur Umnod who wanted to enslave them. In the chaos, the group got separated and a young goblin was captured by the heretic Orc warriors. Luckily for the young one, help soon arrived and it was none other than great hero Gosuk.

“I will teach you what real strength is *gobble*, said Gosuk. “We goblins are not weak *gobble*. The weak ones are those who run away without trying *gobble*.”
Disciple Of The Great Hero

Gosuk saved the young goblin and brought his young charge to Gobland. For years, the young goblin trained under Gosuk and soon emerged strong and skilled. Together, these two goblins faced off various enemies, like the Red Army who tried to raid Gobland. The peace Gobland enjoyed for many years was mainly due to the master-disciple duo.

As the years passed, the young goblin grew into adulthood. He then decided it was time to leave Gobland in search of his lost parents, who were separated from him so long ago in the attack of Minotaur Umnod.

Main Skills

  • Mouth Battle

    Specialized for PVP. Constantly nags at nearby allies to increase allies’ irritation to the max which will in turn increase the latter’s attack power by 100%. This skill has a downside however, as he may get beaten up as a side effect.
  • Teasing

    Teases enemies within 100m about their ugly looks to agitate and lure them into a fight.
    (The Chaser’s defense power becomes 0 at the same time.)
  • Hound Breath

    The summoned Hound opens its mouth and breathes a poisonous air of bad breath.
    Enemies are immediately stunned and immobilized for 1 minute.
  • Hound Boom

    When Hounds are summoned, they charge towards enemies and poop at their feet.
    The enemies slip on the poop and crashes onto the ground. Their attack power also increases by 50%.

Credits: Dragon Nest SEA
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