March 26, 2013

Dragon Nest Kali Spirit Dancer Skill Build

Dragon Nest SEA will be releasing the much-awaited new class, the Kali, this April 2, 2013, as already announced by Addison Kang, producer for the game, during the Cherry Convention.

The Kali is the sixth class to be introduced in Dragon Nest. Like the elves of Anu Arendel, Kalis boast impressive flexibility and nimbleness in combat. However, compared to Archers who use bows and arrows to strike down their foes, Kalis use melee combat mixed with abilities to manipulate spirits empowering allies or debilitating foes.

At level 15 all classes have the possibility of specializing in the abilities they desire, later powering them up further as they level up. The following are the specializations available for the Kali class.


Relies on magical attack using the Dark attribute with fans as main weapon.

At level 45 a Screamer can choose to become a Dark Summoner or a Soul Eater. The Dark Summoner and Soul Eater gets Phantom Claw EX and Spirit Paper EX respectively.


Relies on physical attack using chakrams as main weapon. Dancer has a skill called "Ecstatic Dance" which split into 2 parts, each can be triggered using left clik or right click, summoning a variety of monsters which gives buffs or debuffs.

At level 45 a Dancer can choose to become a Blade Dancer or a Spirit Dancer.

Blade Dancer EX skills:

Lv 48: Breezecall Dance EX
Lv 55: Sweet Circle EX
Lv 60: Twinkle Spin EX

Spirit Dancer EX skills:

Lv 48: Stalker EX
Lv 55: Dusk Hunter EX
Lv 60: Abolisher EX

Based on the stuff I've read, I already prefer the Dancer, particularly the Spirit Dancer because of its hybrid build. Below is what I think is the best Spirit Dancer skill build out there, which I am sharing with you guys.

Kali Tree

Dancer Build 1 - Full Level Dusk Hunter

Dancer Build 2 - Full Level Abolisher

Spirit Dancer Tree

1. Spirit Dancer pvp and pve hybrid build for better PvP combo and not be monotonous in PvE

2. Lvl 10 Illusion Dance increases spirit dance skills 45% final damage and decreases 20% damage, duration 10 secs. Share cd will Breeze Call Dance.

3. Stalker is not easy for combo, just add lvl 6 for Stalker EX.

4. Ecstatic Dance P3. Do not learn or MAX. Clear buff function may not last for long time and this skill is mainly used for party members hp recovery.

5. Abolisher and Dusk Hunter. Dusk Hunter is higher when only look at the panel. But Abolisher cd is 3 secs shorter than Dusk Hunnter, though it doesn't matter much. The most important is that, Abolisher can hit surrouding enemies to air in PvP (Dusk Hunter EX can also float enemies but it is ranged skill).

6. Sufi Dancer 32 hits. First 2 hits and then summon 4 sufi dancers with 30 hits in total and disappear immediately when reach 32 hits.

7. General Dawn Blade, 3 hits general and 5 hits when the enemy is nearby. MAX.

8. Sinia Turn. Max level 11.5 secs is nice for PvP. For PvE, it is mainly for running and evading skills.

9. Elegance Storm, hard straight and resistance is pretty good in PvP. Damage -30% at max level. For PvE, cast time is too long so I don't consider it.

10. Blade Dance skills can not speed up spirit cast time so you don't have to consider its damage. It is mainly used for combo and evading.

11. Storm of Ewinia. Transform into Ewinia. The storm float and damage surrounding enemies. Invincible while casting. Rly op skill for Spirit Dancer as well as Blade Dancer. Thought to be nerfed in the future.

12. About invincible skills. Refreshing Screw is not invincible during cast time but flying distant is far and it is good for running. For PvP, this skill can use with Breeze Call Dancer and pull enemy nearby for better combo. Twinkle Spin, while casting Twinkle Spin, the skill is not invincible and it can be break easily.

13. Inner Fire. Invincible while dancing. Also can break invincible targets.

Credits: MMOsite
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  1. IN the first build you get innerfire or the tempest?