April 3, 2013

Dragon Nest Kali Blade Dancer Skill Build

After posting the skill build for the now released Kali, some players are asking me for another option. Is there any other skill build for the Kali?

Of course there is!

Introducing the Blade Dancer Skill Build!

As I have posted before, the Dancer is a non-elemental character with a unique buff system. This build focuses more on damage, increasing it by 60% at max level.

·The board damage is generelly higher than Spirit Dancer, but the cooldown is generally longer.
·Melee class, can cancel skill in casting, very agile in battle
·Sword Dance has a buff which increases crit rate of sword dance skills by 30%, duration 5sec (CD 10sec).
· Has many invincible skills.
· The EX version of skills has 30% attack speed increase.
· Skills in general have longer casting time; higher difficulty to play successfully.

Kali Tree

Dancer Tree

Blade Dancer Tree

Squall Flaker
Effect: Evade enemy attack and counter attack. Press "normal attack" during counter attack to spin enemies to the air. Grant 0.5sec of invincible frame. This skill can be triggered anytime during skill casting by pressing "Jump". Deal extra damage under "Strengthen Blade" status.
Lv1: Counter attack 233%+3645; Subsequent attack 233%+3645; CD 20sec
Lv6: Counter attack 287%+7837; Subsequent attack 287%+7837; CD 18sec
· 1 hit of counter attack, and 6 hits of spinning hits.
· In short, this is the equivalent of Evasion Slash for Gladiator.
· Take note that only the 1st counter attack give 0.5sec of i-frame, the subsequent spinning attack has neither i-frame nor superarmor.

Gust Demensia
Effect: Roll and knock enemies into the air, damaging them. Deal extra damage under "Strengthen Blade" status.
CD: 32sec
Lv1: 2095%+37496
Lv4: 2231%+49911
Lv5 (Technique): 2277%+54200
· Total 20 hits. Full damage = 100% board damage.
· High superarmor while casting, and possess high superarmor break.
· Weakness: Limited AOE and long casting time.

Graze Dance EX
Effect: Increase the attack speed of this skill by 30%. The spinning chakram generates a condensed Blade Ball. Deal additional damage to surrounding enemies for 2sec. The ball deals additional 30% damage.
· First 2 hits 20% x 2 + last hit 30% + ball 5% * 12 = 130%.
· The ball has larger AOE and makes this skill very good in both PVE and PVP.

Sweet Circle EX
Effect: Increase the attack speed of this skill by 30%. When the chakrams come back, press "Normal Attack" to throw it once more for additional damage. Increase 50% dmg. Comment:
· Additional 2 hits 25% * 2 = 50% of board damage.
· The speed-up cast animation helps the 40% hit to land but the additional 2 hits (50%) from EX normally is lost when you interrupt this skill for evasion purpose.

Twinkle Spin EX
Effect: Increase the attack speed of this skill by 30%. While spinning in the air, press "Normal Attack" to knock enemy to the ground. Increase 30% dmg.
Comment: The casting motion of the additional hit is quite slow and not used often.

Credits: MMOsite
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